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[UPDATE] Mushking Pre-Season Known Issues


  • CylilCylil
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    edited 1:07AM August 28, 2018
    There's nothing I can say that hasn't already been brought up, but...
    Damn. I don't know how such an exploit/bug has managed to persist for soo long.

    I'm with the sam mindset as Evermind in that I don't really mind what the solution is, so long as this bug is fixed asap.
    Atm, (based on what I'm seeing), seems Mushking Royale is loosing majority of the players trying to play this gamemode legitimately, and is slowly starting to focus into groups of people who only use this bug exclusively. (reminds me of my days having to compete with bots for grinding mobs in a zone in MS1)

    I personally am just here to casually rack up as much cosmetic rewards as I can (I don't expect to get any of the packs), so I can't even begin to imagine what it feels like to those that are trying hard to compete against the exploiters (or those maybe having to cope with using the exploit itself to stay in the game).

    I don't envy you guys..
  • ArjuneArjune
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    Catalyst wrote: »
    I'm not sure if this has been brought up yet or if this is a bug, but when you use a fire bomb in the royale, enemies will not see the visual effect of the bomb's aoe. Because of this, it is possible to create invisible areas of aoe damage that only the thrower of the bomb can see (while the damage fields don't even last longer than a minute, it persists long enough that some players may be confused when they are moving and take damage out of nowhere). This may also apply to teammates, but i have not played squad mode recently enough to test this.

    On a similar note, i believe the same fire aoe caused by the bomb also deals friendly fire damage in squad mode (will have to double check on this to make sure). Is this intended?

    definitely applies to teammates. I was in a discord call and my friend was laughing at me because I kept running through his fire "like an idiot" during a squad match but I had to tell him I couldn't even see it D:
  • ZeusanZeusan
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    This is getting absurd. Look, I completely understand a team taking a while to deal with a bug especially on their extra game mode for a game that's just about to come out. As much as I prefer for the bug to not exist at all, because its unhealthy to combat, that's not even the biggest issue at this point. It's the fact that half the player base is abusing those who believe its wrong and dont do it. There's so many people doing it now it's really not even punishable so whatever, don't punish, just do something. Say its aloud, fix it, or remove orb or block and soon. Please.
  • CubeNoobCubeNoob
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    From Orb/Block glitch to pacifist royale.

    I got ganked in solo queue just because I didn't want to play pacifist.
  • DownplayDownplay
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    Yep, Now on my server the game has evolved into organized cheating. Groups of 15-20 players are teaming up and not killing anyone or anything. If they come across a player trying to play the game or glitching the kill that player. Now 15 people are making it to the final circle. So please Nexon figure out something. Its getting worse and worse. If you arent going to do anything let us know so those of us who paid for this ridiculous game mode, can contact their bank and get their money back. Alot of people paid 8$ for a mode they will never finish now, brcause of individual bug users, or an organized group of cheaters.
  • SubglaciousSubglacious
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    Catalyst wrote: »
    On a similar note, i believe the same fire aoe caused by the bomb also deals friendly fire damage in squad mode (will have to double check on this to make sure). Is this intended?

    It seems intended because you take damage even from your own fire bombs right?
  • MakerMaker
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    Mouse point to click is awful. Makes stopping your character dead in its tracks impossible. Should be hold mouse1 to move, and ontop of that possibly a button to have the character just face a direction. I wish all binds were possible, for the keyboard as well as controller. Example for keyboard that im missing, ctrl + 1, ctrl + 2 etc.

    Authentication error. Very annoying!

    And a reset of the ranks because of cheating. I think rewarding cheating would be... bad.
  • BashnirBashnir
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    They won't be punished watch.

    Maplestory's own fault for not catching this beforehand, when you reward the top 200 and there is a "exploit" to get them there. Can you blame the players for using it? Especially when the consequences of not using it is incredible frustration.

    Please delete the orb. Royale is unplayable at the moment.

    I would have reported it but finding out CBT 2 testers dont get the CBT hat, what was the point of testing and giving back feed back. Plenty of other stuff i am sure that will make it in game. I guess they should have said CBT 2 players where getting the hat as well.

  • BashnirBashnir
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    If ranks get reset i'll be pretty upset.. I have been grinding all this time to be top 10 and gain a good lead. Do not want to lose this.

    I am high in rankings as well, but i do hope they reset it. and just make a bonus XP this coming weekend or something. The people that only used the exploit will still not lvl up b/c they didn't take this time to learn how to play.

    I vote for reset and just give bonus XP this weekend or for X amount of days.
  • MakerMaker
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    The AOE effect is still invisible and broken. Make the skills possible to pull off from different heights and do something about the lag?
  • Darkpixie99Darkpixie99
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    Can we add in that Merit Profit from the Cash Shop continuously says a 7 day wait period, and doesn't indicate the specific wait time for your items at all?

    and here I am. Where my only issues are with Meret purchases. Bought merets worth of 30 euros via XSolla (Due to ideal) And.... 30 minutes later I still havent received them. However my money is gone c:
    Have you checked your mail? You get a consumable item sent to your inventory as well, before it's actually added into your account.
    (Direct Purchases established years ago Nexon, what is your problem with that?)

    Will people abusing the Arcane Orb glitch be penalized?
    My Magic Eight Ball says, "Unlikely."
    Knowing Nexon's running habits, I think it's safe to say they'll sweep this under the rug as just another bug test with the cheesy motivation to get anyone to participate in.

    Emanu wrote: »
    Another issue related to "deleting character" is that the deleted character will stay in the leaderboards and he gets score as you do games with your new character. The only problem is: If i manage to get founder pack on top 200 will it be bound to a character name already deleted or to your account? As far as i know pretty much everything is character bound .-.
    The binding of Founder's Packs will begin at official launch with the first character you login as.
    We get nothing for MS2 Fotnite edition, but the freebies we get to take with us.