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Thief awakening

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Do you guys think that the Thief Awakening skill tree 1 or 2 is more viable?
I'm guessing 2 because you get a ranged ability. But 1 seems pretty deadly too, more poisons
and savage blow.

Anyways, question is what route do you plan on going?
  1. What route will you go?22 votes
    1. 1
       64% (14 votes)
    2. 2
       36% (8 votes)


  • imprdlimprdl
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    I like Thief poison build. I guess might go for the first tree.
  • drizzteldrizztel
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    To be honest, I tend to choose skill tree 2, but I have to choose skill tree 1. In the awakened version, skill tree 2 damage bonus is much higher than skill tree 1,but skill tree 1 is used more smoothly,.
  • ZyconZycon
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    Tested both. 1 is better.
  • NightThiefNightThief
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    2 looks and feels better imho