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[WINNERS] Design a New Class Contest


  • SrslyrlySrslyrly
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    Great entries so far! Just a reminder that there are only a few weeks left until the submission period ends.

    Looking forward to seeing more!
  • MintyliciousMintylicious
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    CelestineV wrote: »
    Class: Croupier


    A DPS based class with some functionality skills for mobbing. Their main stat is Luck. The Croupier are gifted in that they have the ability to control objects with their mind and foresee an opponent's next movement, allowing them to control their cards with preciseness. Their preferred weapon of choice are Zen-R Cards, specially made for users of psychic abilities. A Croupier wears an earpiece that cancels out any telepathic noise, which helps them fine-tune their mental energy onto specified targets.

    Residents of Queenstown, the Croupier work at the casino as overseers to catch cheaters in the act by reading minds or seeing through cards. They love attention so many of their skills are flashy and attract mobs. The Croupier also have expensive tastes, so being able to deal damage without lifting a finger or ruining their clothes is perfect.

    • House of Cards - Build a house to protect yourself and allies. Ranged users can shoot projectiles through it
    • Shuffle - Rearrange your deck to regain SP. The top card will be burned and you receive a random buff depending on which type of card is burned.
    • Dice Roll - Throw out 6 dice that bounce off enemies, doing chain damage. Depending on which number was rolled first (1-6) you will receive a damage multiplier or extra chain hit.
    • Chip Rake - Summon a giant rake to draw in enemies and group them in front of you. Has a chance to also gather some mesos or potions.

    I'd play this class in a heartbeat. Awesome!!!
  • StabStab
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    Reserved ! I would like to join~
  • DuuDuu
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    Fluffernut wrote: »

    The humble Beekeeper plays as a multi-role supportive DPS class. Whether it be utilizing their bee house to provide honey for healing allies and slowing enemies, or unleashing a swarm of killer bees to chase down their enemies and inflict widespread Damage over Time abilities, you won't want to miss having a Beekeeper in your party!

    The Beekeeper has the ability to place down beehives, offering buffs or sustain for allies, or creating an area swarming with vicious bees, dangerous for enemies to tread. The Beekeeper is played as a mid-long range class, topping up the health of their allies, and creating slowing fields for peel, while also being able to whittle down at the enemy's health bar, potentially causing a devastating amount of damage if they find themselves out of position.

    Instead of Mana, your bees generate Honey over time, used to heal allies, slow enemies, and power up your bee-based attacks.

    So what are you waiting for? Save the bees, save the planet, and most importantly: save your teammates before they kick you and replace you with another healer!

    Key attributes-
    Primary attribute: DEX (Dexterity)
    Primary weapon: Honey dipper
    Hitpoints/Mana: Medium/Medium
    Special: Beekeeper uses Honey instead of Mana
    Difficulty: 4/5

    All artwork by me! https://www.deviantart.com/fluffans

    This is super cute. I've always been a huge fan of DoTs and off-healers, as well as bees so this would be the perfect class for me!
  • SrslyrlySrslyrly
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    1 week remaining!

    Just a friendly reminder to submit your final entry by 11:59 PM PDT on September 30th!
  • MisterrMisterr
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    Ahoy, me hearties! If yer lookin’ to sail the seas in search of booty; then board the Corsair, hoist the flags, batten down the hatches, and prepare for for some piracy... or else ye may have to walk the plank!! Pirates reside at Nautilus Harbor, where they sail on the Nautilus. A truly mighty vessel that sails across all of Maple Island; on grand voyages, conquering the greatest of challenges, and acquiring the wealthiest of loot!

    Pirates are versatile high-dps melee fighters, utilizing the element of the Sea; Water! They slash with their cutlass, infusing water in their attacks. Pirates are adaptable to preferred play styles, with two separate- yet interwoven skill trees, with different corresponding attributes; and combining those for flashy fast, and hard hitting combos.

    Primary Weapon: CUTLASS
    Primary Attribute: DEXTERITY [DEX]
    Properties: PHYSICAL/WATER
    Hit Points/Mana Points: MEDIUM/HIGH
    Difficulty: 4/5

    Lacerate: Swiftly slash in a large cone twice, dealing X% damage 2 times to 5 enemies up to 4m in front of you. [Base Skill]
    Lay the’ Anchor: Drop an anchor 5m in front of you, splashing down, dealing X% damage to enemies within 3.5m and stunning them for 1 second. [Level 22]
    Shark Bait: Cast forward a wave of water in the form of a Great Shark! Deals X% damage to enemies 4m in front of you, knocking them back to a set distance of 5m away from your position. [Level 19]
    Powder Monkey: Summon a rapid fire-turret with a monkey companion on deck! For 10s, rapid shots of X% damage are directed at the strongest enemy in a 5m radius. [Level 13]
    Sea Legs (Passive): Your voyage at sea has made you a swashbuckler with quick reflexes! Taking damage regenerates your SP faster by X%. Can stack up to 5 times. [Base Passive]

    Thanks for reading! :)
    Server: NA East
    IGN: Waltz
    Discord: Morgan#9698

    Credits to my friend Philip for the drawing! (I have virtually no drawing talent)
    P.S. The pistol was not mentioned in the skill set but after seeing it in the drawing I'm sure it would work very nicely in the kit!
  • NibboNibbo
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    Will we be disqualified if we post more than 1 image? I feel like it would be difficult to include Main body, potential skills and weapon (would be fun to include image of potential town too) all in 1 image :( Unless I can put all of it together in 1 image?
  • SrslyrlySrslyrly
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    Hi @Nibbo! For the visual, just combine them into one image if possible.
  • PastaPasta
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    Lancer Class
    Weapon: 2 Handed Lance/Spear
    Elemental Affinity: Lightning
    Main Stat: STR
    Main Attributes: Piercing

    Lancer excels in dealing high burst damage while providing a unique party buff that increases piercing. By focusing on the Breaking Point mechanic, Lancer can pinpoint the weakness in enemy defenses and deal massive damage.

    Lancer has trained at the Warrior's Academy of Tria alongside Knight. Lancer and Knight has become best friends but also rivals due to training together to become the best in their class. As Knight becomes the best defense, Lancer strives to becomes the best in offense. After years of hard work and dedication, the two best friends graduate from the Warrior's Academy with honors. Captain Allon promotes Lancer to join the Vanguard unit while Knight is promoted to be station in Tria to protect Queen Evere as a Royal Guard alongside Captain Frey.

    In the Vanguard Unit, Lancer meets Joddy, a low ranking cadet who wishes to be hero and join the ranks of Lancer in the Vanguard unit one day. Lancer admires Joddy's passion as Lancer was once a beginner in training who dreams to be the best. It was not long until Joddy was reassign to another position in Lith Harbor as a Guardsman. Before the two depart, Lancer gave Joddy Lancer's training Spear to form a bond and as a good luck token between the two friends.

    Lancer's first big mission was about to start as the Vanguard Unit discovers Magnus causing chaos in Karkar island. It is time for Lancer to show the Maple world and lead the Vanguard Unit into battle!!

    Starting Skills:
    Stab Slash: Deals light damage with a quick stab and ending with a slash attack.
    Thrust Dash: Dashing forward with your lance in front dealing light damage to incoming enemies. (cost 2 stamina bars)
    Breaking Point: After dealing 3 successful attack skills on an enemy, Lancer discovers the enemy weakness point. Lancer receives a small piercing buff increase for 3 seconds. While in Breaking Point mode, Lancer's next skill attack will be an enhance version.

    1st Skill Branch:
    Triple Strike: Deals medium physical damage with 3 quick strikes. (This skill will deal 4 quick strikes in Breaking Point.)
    Crescent Sweep: Deals heavy physical damage with 2 full circular spins that knocks enemies away. (This skill will have longer range in Breaking Point.)
    Drive Edge: Deals heavy damage dashing forward and striking the enemy after holding down the attack skill button for 2 seconds. (This skill will stun the enemy for 1.5 seconds in Breaking Point. Has Cooldown)
    Duelist Mastery: Increase the damage of your physical skills. (Passive)

    2nd Skill Branch
    Spark Infusion: When you are in Breaking Point, your Thrust Dash and Drive Edge deals more damage, has longer dash range, and has lightning affinity.(Passive)
    Lightning Edge: Deals heavy lightning damage to enemies in front of you with a strong stab. You may hold down the skill button to deal more damage.Lowers enemy defense for 4 seconds in Breaking Point.)
    Thunderclap: Deals heavy lightning damage with a circular AOE radius by jumping up forward and stabbing the ground. (This skill has a wider radius and slows enemies in Breaking Point. Has cooldown.)
    Lightning Mastery: Increase the damage of your lightning skills. (Passive)

    3rd Skill Branch
    Skewer: Deals medium physical damage by throwing your lance at the enemies. (Skewer critical chance is increase in Breaking Point.)
    Thunderspark: Deals Heavy AOE DOTs lightning damage in a Z-shape by jumping up and throwing your lance on the ground. (Each DOT damage deals more damage in Breaking Point. Has Cooldown.)
    Hyper Body: After rigorous training with Knight, Lancer has improve endurance by increasing the Health and Defense stat. (Passive)

    4th Skill Branch
    Lance Mastery: Increase your damage on skills with a Lance equipment. (Passive)
    Fighting Spirit: An active solo buff that increases your attack range on melee attacks and attack speed for a duration.
    Armor Piercer: An active party buff that your party's piercing for a duration.

    IGN: SuA
    Server: NA WEST

    I thought I would add in the spearman-like class from ms1 since it's not in ms2 yet. I decide to change Special Starting skill from an active into a passive. It is now similar to how thief's cunning works. What do you guys think?
  • KargoKargo
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    Conqueror is a DPS class, which mainly focuses on melee combat and has a combo system. To make the combo system rewarding and not unnecessary, he will have a system where he stacks combo's. When he performs a combo, he will get an aura around him where the damage and movement speed of party members get increased, as long as they are standing in range. The higher the combo stacks, the more bonuses he and the party members get. 1 stack can be achieved by chaining atleast 3 or more skills together.

    Conqueror has the choice between 2 weapons, a 1 handed hammer or a flail (a ball connected to a chain). The hammer gives higher damage, but lower attack speed and the flail gives faster attack speed, but less damage. Both can be usefull in certain situations, for example: The hammer could be used when doing dungeons solo, where damage benifits you more, than a party boost and the flail when you want to get your combo stacks up as fast as possible for party play.

    Main stat

    I made this simple attribute chart to give you an idea.

    Conqueror uses warrior style armour, with high defence on.


    Starting Skills:
    Hammer Slash: Slash your hammer to deal moderate damage to the enemy.
    Hammer Blow: Swing your hammer on the ground to make a small earthquake, damaging monsters around you.
    Inspiring Aura: By completing a combo, you will summon an aura around you, boosting damage and movement speed for you and party members.

    1st Branch
    Bouncing Throw : Throw your hammer, has a big chance of bouncing off to another enemy
    Hammer spin: Spin at high speed to create a tornado, depending on how long you spin, the more tornado's summon.
    Rush: Dash in to your enemy, dealing a small amount of damage.

    2nd Branch
    Fire Charge: Charge your hammer to deal fire damage.
    Electrical Charge: Charge your hammer to deal electric damage.
    Elemental Mastery: Boosts your elemental damage.

    3rd Branch
    Hammer Shield: Shield yourself by summoning floating hammers around your character, hitting enemies around you. If you get hit, 1 hammer will be destroyed.
    To Battle!: Your battle cry decreases the enemies defence.
    Guardian: Revives a party member instantly, also granting them with 10 seconds of invinsibility

    4th Branch
    Hammer Sweep: Sweep your hammer to pul enemies towards you, dealing high damage.
    Raging Blow: Slash your hammer to damage nearby enemies
    Crushing Hammer: Combine your elements to create huge hammer and crushing it to the ground to create a big shockwave hitting all enemies in front of you.

    Starting Skills:
    Flail Slash: Slash your flail to do moderate damage to your enemy
    Flail Uppercut: Swing your flail upward to throw your enemies in the air and stun them
    Inspiring Aura: By completing a combo, you will summon an aura around you, boosting damage and movement speed for you and party members.

    1st Branch
    Bouncing Throw: Throw your flail, has a big chance of bouncing off to another enemy
    Flail Sping: Spin at high speed to create a tornado, depending on how long you spin, the more tornado's summon
    Rush: Rush towards your enemy, while swinging your flail, dealing a small amount of damage

    2nd Branch:
    Fire Charge: Charge your flail to deal fire damage.
    Electrical Charge: Charge your flail to deal electric damage.
    Elemental Mastery: Boosts your elemental damage.

    3rd Branch
    Flail Protector: Summon a big flail around your, creating a circle. Hits nearby enemies.
    To Battle!: Your battle cry decreases the enemies defence.
    Guardian: Revives a party member instantly, also granting them with 10 seconds of invinsibility

    4th Branch
    Flail Sweep: Sweep your flail to pul enemies towards you, dealing high damage.
    Flail Fighter: Slash your hammer 3 times to damage nearby enemies
    Crushing Ball: Combine your elements to create a huge flail and crushing it to the ground to create a big shockwave hitting all enemies in front of you.

  • NilremNilrem
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    Maple Guide

    The oddball class: Merchant!

    The merchant is a class with an unusual playstyle, just about as unusual as it would be to sight him on the battlefield. Breaking the mold by wielding not a weapon, but a mysterious sack of items that monsters somehow have better versions of. Instead of fighting normally, the merchant has a variety of special passives that buff himself and his party, from movement speed to damage reduction. And even if the merchant is required to fight, he can summon forth temporary weapons and skills of other classes, since he sells them of course! A jack of all trades, master of none, the merchant can bring forth great fortune to those he allies with.

    The merchant's weapon: A mysterious sack?!

    Nobody knows where this merchant got such an interesting magical sack such as this, which only adds to the unusual nature of this madman! Using his item sack, the merchant can be either a supportive or offensive class, or a mix of both. Contained within are a variety of magical potions, strange devices, and even weapons of the original 8 classes! This merchant is prepared to make profit wherever he goes, even if he must set up shop next to the black mage himself!

    A small example of this merchant's possible skills!

    Grab bag: Potions!
    A support skill that brings out one of 5 potions to buff the party, with a reasonable cooldown.
    The following buffs can be applied:
    Damage up
    Movement speed up
    Spirit usage reduction
    Minor HP regeneration
    Damage reduction

    Grab bag: Doodads!

    An offensive skill that becomes one of 4 skills for 3 minutes upon use. These skills are altered versions of various mushking items, refit for use in the PvE setting. Most are made faster or stronger to compensate. The possible items are:
    Lock on Rocket
    Magic arrow
    M Bomb

    Grab bag: Weapons!

    An offensive skill that visually brings out a wooden mimic weapon of one of the 8 original classes, allowing use of a normal attack like that class.
    This skill also replaces the 3 buff skills of the merchant with attacks related to that class. All copied skills are weaker than their normal counterparts, and the weapons themselves only last for 2 minutes, with a 5 minute cooldown. You also cannot choose which weapon you get, so the merchant must be familiar with multiple playstyles!

    Do you have what it takes to be a successful merchant?
  • hankiepixhankiepix
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    Class: Signaller

    Weapon: Flags
    Armour: Visibility outfit, Traffic cone Hat or Traffic Cone Armour
    Difficulty: ★★★★☆
    Defence: ★★★☆☆
    Attack: ★★★★☆
    Mobility: ★★★☆☆
    Range: ★★★★★
    HP: ★☆☆☆☆
    Main Attribute: DEX

    Mods of the streets, sea and the sky, signallers now can use their powers to control vehicles to summon them and direct traffic into enemies!
    While their skills and range leave them high in defence, their lack of HP can leave them incredibly squishy if they don't use them properly.

    Noticeable Skills:
    • Green Light Rumble
      A skill that requires little spirit and has 0.1 sec cooldown, this summons a 3 lanes of cars that shoot forward 8m. When the attack is critical, the cars are gold.
    • Submarine Dive
      This move is how they dodge, it summons a submarine with which they can dive underground for 4 seconds, while controlling the submarine (though not invisible and when attacked the move will cancel)
    • Flash Fury
      Jump into a lighthouse and blind any enemies for an amount of time. (This has a chance of also working on bosses)
    • Bombardier
      A circle of planes over a 10m radius and spray bombs for a few seconds before crashing into the centre, spraying even more damage.
    • Pedestrian Pivot
      Deflect attacks until spirit runs out, higher cooldown.

  • AxisAxis
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    Class: Alchemist
    Weapon: Extractor Gauntlet and Flask
    Main Stats: INT
    Combining science and magic, alchemists apply their understanding of the world around them to manipulate their environment in the pursuit of more knowledge. Armed with a modified Herbal Extractor and a myriad of concoctions, they aim to debilitate their foes and keep their allies healthy.
    Neutral | Extractor | Chemist | Apothecary

    Essence Sap - With the extractor, absorb the life energy from your target to restore your own HP.

    Synthesis - Prepare your next concoction and regain SP.

    Wind Burst - Launch yourself in a direction by throwing a flask of expanding air beneath you, granting you and nearby allies a momentary burst of speed afterwards.

    Elixir Stash - Generate a potion for yourself to regain HP. At higher ranks, you may produce additional healing potions that allies may pick up.

    Exothermic Vent - Release excess heat generated from your extractor and spew flames at your enemies.

    Essence Eruption - Break a concentrated flask of life essence to heal allies in a radius around you and damage to enemies.

    Essence Link - Essence Sap can link to multiple enemies with reduced damage and cost

    Philosopher's Stone - Improve your extractor abilities.

    Acid Rain - Transmute the clouds to shower down an erosive liquid in an area in front of you. Enemies have reduced physical and magical defenses while dealing poison damage over time.

    Thorn Growth - Throw a fertilizing flask in an area in front of you to generate impaling thorns that briefly entangle and deal poison damage to enemies over time.

    Toxic Mist - Throw a volatile concoction in an area in front of you to which evaporates into a deadly plume dealing poison damage to enemies over time and reducing their accuracy.

    Toxicology - Increased damage to your poison abilities and reduce duration of debuffs to yourself.

    Hyper Mind - Release a potion to briefly increase yours and allies' magical attack, magical defenses, and critical rate.

    Stone Skin - Release a potion to briefly increase yours and allies' physical attack, physical defenses, and critical resistance.

    Cleansing Remedy - Release a potion to clear status ailments to yourself and allies around you.

    Bioeffiency - All healing sources have improved healing potential for yourself, restoring an additional amount of HP. Improves buffs you provide to yourself.

    Overflow - After an ability is used, grants a chance for the ability to have reduced cooldown and SP cost. Cannot activate on an ability already affected by Overflow.
  • FlutteringFluttering
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    Spirit Guardian

    "I can bring fantasy into this world, but I cannot turn the reality into fantasy. I long for a peaceful world that does not need God."

    Spirit Guardian, unlike other classes that use SP, uses SPIRIT absorbed by saving corrupt monsters of the maple world.
    Unlike normal classes, the class is auto-attack based. Once enough SPIRIT has been gained, Spirit Guardians can summon Sashin (Shishin), the Four Guardians: tortoise, tiger, bird, and dragon. Spirit Guardian is capable of casting spells with the aid of different Sashin to provide utility for the party, as well as bashing multiple enemies with powerful attacks.
    Tortoise - party defense buff / Tiger - party attack buff / Bird - ranged mobbing attack / Dragon - melee single-target attack

    Key Attributes
    -Primary Attribute: INT
    -Primary Weapon: traditional bell staff

    (I really wish I had more time to work on the art, but I unfortunately don't have any leisure to work on it any further...)
  • SrslyrlySrslyrly
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    Thank you for your participation in the Design a New Class Contest! And a special thanks to all the judges for helping out with this!

    Congratulations to the following winners!
    (the prizes have been distributed)
    We had a tie for 1st place, so each participant has received $35 in Karma Koins.

    Until next time! :)
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