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CBT2 50 Thief build

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I wrote a small guide about thief that I posted on my guild site:

The build should be relevant up until you get legendary weapons from Chaos Devorak, then a different build/rotation should be used. Unfortunately, I could not get the full set during CBT2, so I could not test for the next rotation.

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im using this for now


  • SmashSenpaiSmashSenpai
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    I used roughly the same build. The only change is -2 mesosguard plus and -1 mind breaker in exchange for +2 poison edge (prereq) and +1 poison vial.

    * Poison vial is extremely cost efficient for the point investment.
    * You just use it once every 9 seconds-ish and cancel the end lag with mind breaker.
    * As far as I can tell, the damage buff from EX mesosguard remains constant regardless of point investment.
    * Poison Edge is never used.
  • MareSEphemeralMareSEphemeral
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    Yeah, my build/rotation was pretty similar except I used vial/surprise attack, and didn't use mesoguard or haste.

    I can see why vial/surprise attack wouldn't be used in the rotation though since the huge investment that is needed in edge to unlock it, and since SP is so valuable to thief, no-vial might be a better option for level 50. I will have to try it out and see for myself once the game is released.

    As for haste, I mostly didn't use it because I was lazy and felt it was too situational so I decided to just run a universal build instead of multiple builds. I probably should have used haste for CDev though since it's really easy to hit that fat blob of HP.
  • FriendshipFriendship
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    build 's now irrelevant due to 60 cap haHAA
  • MooFasaMooFasa
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    Is there a new build you would suggest for level 60?
  • WolfshadowWolfshadow
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    Hello good sir, are you playing now in the global or staying on Korea? Btw can you suggest a build for lvl 50 for the global version farming dungeons and all that stuff?
  • FriendshipFriendship
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    i'm using this for now
  • NightThiefNightThief
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    Friendship wrote: »
    i'm using this for now

    Oh nice! Are you going awakening path 1 or 2 btw o.o