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Fluffans Art Shop! ☆*。☆゚

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♡ Hello there! ♡
Please call me Fluffans! I'm here offering some commissions!

Click here to reveal commission info!♡

For my fall batch, I am offering TWO types of commissions!
Detailed shading OR Cell shading

Full body

Detailed shading 35-40$USD

Cell shading 30-35$USD

Half body

Detailed shading 30$USD

Cell shading 25+$USD

Blinking half body/bust animation

38+$ USD!


25+$ USD!


Headshots, Colored sketches, etc!


If you have any questions about commission types or etc, feel free to ask!

I am willing to draw..
♡Any character/OC

♡ If you want more than one character in the picture, the price will go up depending on what you order!
I will add animated sparkles or visual novel text to your picture for +2$ on any commission type!
Please let me know if you want any other animation type added to your order, and I will let you know the charge!
Please specify the coloring style, shading style, and commission type you'd like to order when you pm me!

♡My commission wait times may vary from 2-4 weeks!
This may be subject to change, but keep in mind that the further down you are on the list the longer it may take!

♡Currently, I am accepting Paypal OR nexon credit! (kcoin, merits)
I require full payment before I start working on your commission!

♡Check here for a more detailed explanation of my commission info, as well as more artwork examples!


♡Slots!♡ (IG, waitlisted)

[Update!] I still may be doing a few more freebies here and there~ so i will @ or message you if i end up drawing your character!
My social media :
♥ Instagram ♥
♥ Deviant Art ♥
Feel free to add me on discord too! Its @Evie#3510
I play on NA East, my ign is Evie!~