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Aussie Band "X" make their debut (SERVER: Oceania)

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Hi everyone.

So CBT2 gave me and my friends a chance to properly experiment with music composition.
I figured I'd share the resulting video here, and props to everyone who stopped by after Dance Dance Stop to join us.

Not sure if this will be a regular thread we submit to, but just figured we'd share what we have.



  • DanDKDanDK
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    Great to see people making original songs already. Best of luck with your band!
  • YoungFoxMarieYoungFoxMarie
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    Honestly love the sound of it. :) It is really peacefull and soothing.
  • MaloyMaloy
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    Thanks guys.
    Oolan, Grey and I have more planned for Headstart and Public Release.
    I hope fellow Maplers get the chance to drop by the Oceania stage and come watch us play.

    Super bummed we weren't able to play on the last day of Head Start, but ideally we'll be performing on, like, Channel 12 weekly.

    We've got at least 8 songs in the works, all getting music videos, with a planned list of nearly 30 songs.

    That being said...