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Enerru - Mod Application

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Hi, my name is Sheldon :D

I'm quite new to the community so many of you don't know me but. I feel like the hardest part of life is to put yourself out of your comfort zone, because why change something if nothing is wrong to begin with? It's just about being open-minded, that's what i find myself to be. There is never a wrong answer but just a different perspective, but don't get me wrong there's always that fine line from whats wrong. I believe everyone's opinion matters no matter how dumb it may be. Overall I'm a pretty outgoing and energetic, I love interacting with people and especially meeting new people.

The thing I want to achieve the most about being a moderator here is to fill that gap that some communities fail at filling. It's the gap between the player and the staff. I don't want players to feel that a community they belong to feels so empty because they're feedback doesn't matter, lack of engagement and communication or just feeling alone in general. It's weird that you could feel so lonely when you're apart of such a big community, but its very common. This something I see everywhere, no matter if it's a twitch streamer or a game. I feel as if this is why things are good but are only good for so long. Anyway I feel like I'm all over the place with this LOL. If I were to become a GM, I just be this guy with a fancy yellow name. You are family to me, if it comes to questions about the game or concerns about other people, or if you just want someone to talk to .. whatever it may be, I'm here for you :)

LASTLY do I have experience? Yes I do I actually get paid to do it xD I'm a store manager at a popular drug store chain. I know its a little more different LOL but my staff loves me and I love them too :)
  1. Am I fit to be a Moderator for MapleStory 2?9 votes
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    2. NO :(
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