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Playing thief on live?

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Curious to all those people who played thief in the two CBTs if they plan on continuing thief as their main once the game is released?

I’ve read in many places that they are quite difficult to find groups and challenging to match dps of ranged dps classes so feeling a bit discouraged at the moment when it comes to continuing into live as a thief. :(


  • JuanSadutJuanSadut
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    If you played this class on cbt. You know you will be capping yourself if you play it on live. Unless you have friends that can carry you or you've somewhat mastered the class but even then you'd still get rekt in terms of dps.

    The only reason I would see this class on Live is either they never played the class or they like the challenge. Not discouraging anyone to play this class..i love thief they are very fun to play. But not a good starting champ.
  • MareSEphemeralMareSEphemeral
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    It's a class that seems cool to people that haven't actually play it, but many will quit on it.

    When I started this CBT, I noticed sooo many thieves. Every time I got a quest for a dungeon during the storyline, I would queue up and I remember seeing a thief like at least every other time. Even outside of dungeons, I saw a lot of them running around while I did my main storyline quests. It might have been influenced by all the talk about how thief was a "difficult" class that took "skill" and many people felt like they were up to the challenge.

    Then I got to the level 50 normal dungeons, and I still saw them but not as much. It was more balanced with the other classes I saw at that time.

    In Fire Dragon, they became a lot less common, but still there.

    Then came Balrog and... it was like the class didn't even exist anymore.
  • bolder_tastebolder_taste
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    MareSEphemeral! I saw your post on: the [GUIDE] Thief Class
    , and thought it was awesome!

    So revolving around this thread, if people create something like a Thieves-only guild (why for raids..?, but I'd laugh, love it, and would want to join!) for more achievements like an all-Thief Balrog run, I would want to be a part of it too!

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  • ShinynessShinyness
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    it isnt looking so good for thief on live from what i see.

    if you have friends that are willing to take you though some of the raids and hard dungeons then you should be better off.

    however its going to be rough trying to do that stuff with people you meet in party finder if they don't boot you on the spot due how bad thief is for end game content.

    everyone treats thief like trash and its kinda sad lol. just what iv seen playing CBT2.
  • SmashSenpaiSmashSenpai
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    It's fun and I enjoy the challenge, but I would never main it. Definitely a secondary. Even in KMS, Thief is still in a bad spot, so your future is pretty grim.
  • mmviimmvii
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    They are definitely the underdog class and I am considering them for that reason.

    So revolving around this thread, if people create something like a Thieves-only guild (why for raids..?, but I'd laugh, love it, and would want to join!) for more achievements like an all-Thief Balrog run, I would want to be a part of it too!

    Yeah that would be awesome to have an all thieves guild for partying with each other.
  • ZyconZycon
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    I’m a bit crazy but besides that, I’m in the position where I can p2w and make up for the class’ shortcomings. It won’t put me ahead but it will definitely equal me out with the average player.

    I also played thief awakening and it’s awful but it’s not like we’d get nerfed so it can’t get much worse. Also the other awakenings are kinda boring... >.>

    On a similar note, I will stray you away from the class unlike everyone else. It’s bad. In every way it’s bad. Your “skill” will never get you higher dps than someone of equal skill on a different class, regardless of the skill cieling. We can’t mob, we can’t boss, and the one thing we excel at is pvp. You better love this class or love pvp otherwise you’re going to hate yourself later on.
  • MareSEphemeralMareSEphemeral
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    Yeah, I've practiced a lot and have gotten better with thief compared to when I started in CBT1, but my opinion still hasn't changed that thief is just a terrible class. No matter how much effort I put in and how "skilled" I become, I will never be able to match DPS with people at similar skill level that play other classes, and especially not any ranged classes.

    I've seen a few people during the beta that went on about how thief was the greatest class ever that has always been ranked at the top. I don't know if they were trolling or just ignorant and only looked at PvP rankings. And it seemed like many of the top thieves in the beta were only in it for the PvP.

    I remember another guy that tried telling me that thief was broken after awakening. Something about having amazing damage, range, and buffs. Can't really say much about this since I have no experience with other versions of MS2 and only started during CBT1, but I have my doubts about these claims.

    Also, an all thief guild would either: die very quickly, or eventually turn into a PvP guild.
  • StarkusStarkus
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    I still plan to main Thief in opening of the game.
    I still play Thief even in KMS2 and I really appreciate the developers work with the awakening.
    The awakening for Thief, is like the icing on the cake, it is just the best one in my opinion, and offers Thief a new style of approaching.
    I even went toe-to-toe with Balrog with only me, myself, and I (and my Balrog pet).