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[Gameplay] Memory Leak in Trophies screen

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edited 4:26PM July 29, 2018 in Bug Reporting
I was trying to finish my "Wall Crawler" Trophy with the trophies screen opened at the side to watch my progress when I quickly noticed my framerate dropping considerably.
I closed the trophies screen and my frame rate quickly returned to normal, which makes me conclude that the trophies screen has a memory leak.

I recorded this happening too, so here you go:

Notice the frames being restored back to normal quite fast as soon as I close the screen.


  • DanDKDanDK
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    You might've wanted to include the FPS counter just to clarify, even though it's quite clear on the video that you're dropping.
    The game in general has a ton of memory leaks, and just playing it will gradually make it perform slower and slower over the course of several hours.
    Opening almost any window in-game makes it stutter and gradually perform worse.

    Hopefully they'll start putting some serious work into performance.