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[Discussion] Music Tempo

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Since we're in beta and nothing's set in stone, how does everyone feel about the tempo situation? Personally, coming from a music background and composing on Mabinogi, I like the global tempo that they provided, where one tempo would affect all tracks. Mind you, Mabinogi was limited to 3 tracks per score, so I can see the difference in having an infinite amount of harmony tracks. But it's still convenient, especially when the scores you want to bring in start looking like this:
the many tempo changes in Chopin's Op. 66

This makes it especially difficult for me because I then have to waste more note real estate by adding in the exact amount of rests I need to slip a tempo change in there without disturbing the music, which sometimes, will have to be on the odd 32nd or 64th beat of a specific bar. This can result in upwards of 10 wasted notes on rests in sequences like
on each harmony.

Then again, this could be just me nitpicking at the 1% use case b/c most tracks won't have insane tempo changes.

tl;dr Tempo should be global, change my mind.
  1. How do you like tempo?10 votes
    1. Individual, just the way it is currently!
       0% (0 votes)
    2. A tempo in one track should affect all tracks!
       100% (10 votes)


  • DanDKDanDK
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    The current system is just a sign of laziness on Nexon's part, nothing else.
    At the very least, they could allow individual tempos to override a global setting, but there is absolutely no practical region why a global default would not be supported other than laziness.
  • TheChaosLegendTheChaosLegend
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    Well since this got bumped up, support yasunokuns suggestion thread so we can get this implemented!
  • XxPoseidonxXXxPoseidonxX
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    This can really be a pain in the rear. Well, in some MIDI I like to set the tempo in the Melody & add my rests to change the tempo. For some songs this works (affects my harmonies). For other it does not. Then, I must adjust the tempo within all the individual harmonies.

    Another issue is I often use the maximum 1 Melody + 9 harmonies and I still need more tracks for my songs. This forces me to merge and/or remove tracks to compensate. It's really annoying because to me the beauty of MIDI music is my avi can play songs that aren't humanly possible to play... However with those types of limits, it's hard to do.