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Glitch in Tutorial

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edited 12:45PM July 24, 2018 in Heavy Gunner
I'm sorry if this has been addressed, but I can't find it anywhere in thread or Google. I just started a Heavy Gunner, and I'm in the very beginning of my tutorial, trying to do the Lvl 1 Slime Coolant quest. After I defeated the slimes, I needed to talk to Aisha. It even gives me the prompt to use my space bar to talk to her once I get near enough. (I've been talking to her all this time with absolutely no problems.) The problem is, it will no longer talk to her. Nothing I do has fixed it, and I can't even get out of the room. I seem to be stuck in my tutorial. It seems my only option is to quit the game and try to come back in. Did anyone else have this problem, and if so, did you successfully get out of it?