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[Resolved] Stinging Flurry VS. Typhoon Slash

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So now that I've realized there's an in-game total damage tracker, I've tried multiple builds trying out different combinations of Stinging Flurry and Typhoon Slash.

During The Fire Dragon dungeon, I dealt on average ~5 million damage with Stinging Flurry build without Iron Defense and I just dealt 6.2 million using Typhoon Slash and Iron Defense.

Hope this helps any other players trying to figure out an optimal play style that fits them and also dishes out the most damage!

Hi everyone,

I am heavily leaning towards maining a Knight and I've done a few runs of Fire Dragon with both the Stinging Flurry build and the Typhoon Slash build.

I was wondering if the Knight community has a hard say/preference on which is better? Or maybe it's more of a preference since the DPS difference is insignificant?

Stinging Flurry feels a but clunky and too static for me in my opinion, especially for a boss like Fire Dragon that is pretty mobile for a lot of the fight. It feels like half of the time I am just chasing the boss not doing damage and all I can do is apply the shield toss debuff.

Typhoon Slash feels more fluid and forgiving since it is a mobile skill but the spirit cost is very high (50, wish it was more like 30 TBH). I almost feel like it's mandatory to keep Iron Defense on if you are going this route because you get way more rotations compared to without Iron Defense.

Can I get some thoughts and/or tips/advice on what the veteran Knights of the community have found successful? Is there a build that is the BEST build? I am sure it may be situational based off of the content but let's stick with Fire Dragon for the sake of simplicity of this post.

Thanks for taking the time to read this!
  1. Stinging Flurry VS. Typhoon Slash69 votes
    1. Stinging Flurry
       16% (11 votes)
    2. Typhoon Slash w/o Iron Defense
       28% (19 votes)
    3. Typhoon Slash with Iron Defense
       57% (39 votes)


  • kawingshekkawingshek
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    i'd say different build, different skill usage for each dungeon and playstyle.

    Best recommendation would be stinging flurry if you're really lazy vs Pyros the fire dragon. Spam that in the holes and you'll be fine. (similar to Death spin for berserker)
    It's just a safe way to not take any damage, but you won't provide much for the party unless you had bulwark and defender to protect against laser.

    The battle can end faster obviously if you go for typhoon slash/shield toss for the party.
  • PeekiPeeki
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    For me ive tried typhoon without iron and stinging with. I find that they seem pretty much similar. Im bias towards stinging as its my first build. I do think typhoon does more and is more mobile. However with stinging i can use my shield skill alot easier. Shield skill increases perfect block which helps you keep up the dmg buff and take those small hits.

    Everywhere saids typhoons better dps wise though. But i find its hard to weave in other skills when ur spinning compares to jabbing.also if you get hit by charge/stun your spin stops. I guess it depends on your play style.