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GM Helping Clear Final Dungeon

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In NA West, everybody was trying really hard to reach 3.3K GS and try the chaos raid.
People started to reach that gear score with hard work of farming for several days.
However, the first day our team started to try the dungeon, we heard that somebody cleared the dungeon.
We could not believe it because the dungeon was meant to be challenging and need to be very experienced to clear it.
The fact is, everybody in the other party died, but GMSquops just one shot the boss to kill it.

The problem of this is...
1: The final content clear in just four days (while it could be cleared after hard work). GM could have waited until the last day to help if nobody helped.
2: Lots of people were aiming for the first clear of the raid, but GM just ruined it.
3: The people who got cleared got the rewards, thus got the legendary weapons that are overpowered.
4: Because of those weapon, PVP balance got ruined because the weapons are too good.
5: Why would GM only help their team? Then just make everybody get cleared and give everybody legendary weapons.

I submitted a support help and the response from the GM was:

"Our Game Team takes player feedback and suggestions seriously, rest assured that your effort will not be of waste as this will definitely reach them. The good news is, all data and rankings will be deleted as soon as the CBT ended."

This answer just seems to be making me more mad.
It kind of makes our testers work be gone.
Why play if it gets deleted?
Come on Maplestory2, fix this problem.



  • FishingslothFishingsloth
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    Here is the boss 3 minutes before the clear
  • CaoNiMaCaoNiMa
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    bunch of cheaters

    you don't deserve rank #1
  • losfoljulosfolju
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    CaoNiMa wrote: »
    bunch of cheaters

    you don't deserve rank #1

    they didnt cheat, but they definitely dont deserve it lol
  • Kier2Kier2
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    Here is the boss 3 minutes before the clear

    Even our party saw around 1.5mil hp on the boss.
  • MonogatariMonogatari
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    Yikes, who ratted on the GM tho?? :c
  • CaoNiMaCaoNiMa
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    west server no love from gm? or west server is just stronger?
  • MagicDoorsMagicDoors
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    it's a beta my dude, do it again when the expected goal of the game isn't purely testing
  • SixaxisSixaxis
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    There weren't any CBT -> Release rewards for defeating it, nor will the accomplishment matter in 9 days. The real challenge will be clearing it first once the game hits Release and the amount of hardcore guilds are increased, and we aren't given a free 14,000 Merets and Virtue Rune.

    And technically, the Rust guild was the first to clear it (Over on NA East, but a US Server is a US server) weren't they? You're still in the race.
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    This subject is already being investigated. I will be closing this thread. Please don't make any new threads about this, we will close/delete them.
  • NXACuddlesNXACuddles
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    Hi Maplers. Our team is looking into this. We do recognize that Maplers want to aim for World Firsts and this can impact rankings, therefore, GMs will not partake in any dungeon runs from now on. We apologize for the inconvenience and appreciate your patience.

    Please do not make any more threads discussing this subject.
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