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Closed Beta 2 Feedback Threads

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Hey Maplers. We value your feedback and your suggestions are extremely important for making improvements for the game. During Closed Beta 2, I highly recommend you leave your feedback in the designated Closed Beta 2 Feedback section on the forums.

If you feel that your feedback does not apply please place it in the appropriate category that your thread applies to. :-)

Leave your Closed Beta 2 feedback here >>

For class feedback please leave feedback in the appropriate category here >>

To report bugs that you see in-game, please report them here >>

If you feel that your feedback does not apply to these designated sections, please leave it under here >>


  • 3FeetOfFun3FeetOfFun
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    Nexon's feedback bin:


    Nexon Employee reading feedback:

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    Thanks for clarifying the appropriate feedback channels.
    3FeetOfFun wrote: »
    Nexon's feedback bin:


    Notice the three pieces that couldn't fit in the bin are the stuff they reluctantly change. Our opinions matter if only marginally.