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[Feedback] Questing and Achievements


  • xmyhaloxmyhalo
    Maplestory 2 Rep: 100
    Posts: 3
    The quests were good but the biggest problem i saw is the main storyline quest everyone knows that people will keep trying different classes to decied on a main but the way the storyline is it doesnt incourage that as it is all the exact same story once you go from lith harbor so id suggest changing the story according to the class big changes so then it will be more fun to create all classes to see how the story goes as the story is a must if we want ap and sp. There is also that the main story seems requiered as it gives the sp and ap but what about people who are just leveling up by the other fun things to do ? Like side quests and fishing and so on they cannot benefit from that sp and ap it would be better if that sp and ap are given at certain levels instead of questline
  • OneMapleLeafOneMapleLeaf
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    For questing, especially the main storyline, the animations of the characters during the cutscenes seem extremely slow and it takes forever to get through those parts without skipping it.
  • SubglaciousSubglacious
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    pholtos wrote: »
    Epic Quest - Shadow's Siege. You're supposed to protect children and keep them alive, so as a priest, should I not be able to heal them while fighting? :P

    I hate that last kid in the cage. She has a line at the end about healing her friends, while I literally just saved all of them and am an inch from death. Why don't you heal ME?!

    Clara wrote: »
    [Epic] Dominated by Fear quest takes way too long to complete in my opinion.
    The monsters have been spawning when I first accepted the quest. I had to log off before I could complete the whole quest in finding monster drops.
    When I logged back in, no Coal Demiporkers were spawning.
    I'm stuck trying to find spawns for Coal Demiporker in the Calamitysnare map. I've spent a good 30 minutes switch channels and waiting around to see if any will spawn. I've killed about 5 Coal Demiporkers when I first accepted the quest, but only 2 of them dropped the item that is needed.
    I also tried abandoning the quest and accepting it when I got back on again, but it didn't change the spawn time at all.

    I suggest either increasing the amount of monster spawns for Infernicorn, Oniorung, and Coal Demiporker, or making the monster item drop 100% chance.

    Kinda late to respond but for future reference, you have to kill other things on the map to free up spawn points.
  • AlzackAlzack
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    edited 2:13PM August 6, 2018
    Like I mentioned earlier inside feedback after CBT1, main storyline is linear to the core, straightforward and generic. It looks like a long, underwhelming prologue to introduce the first main settlements of Victoria Island as well as both sides of conflict to every new Mapler before the plot thickens into something much more valuable and entertaining in the future, or at least that's what I'd like to believe. Some points of plot twist are interesting but the final result doesn't make the story good as a whole. I expected more after such good opening movie, it ended rather with disappointment than enjoyment.
    Defense of Tria, Black Mage's meeting with Commanders, Operation "Black Mushroom", corruption of Einos and his struggle with Pathos to regain control over his body and mind, tidbits about Bella's and Lennon's background as well as genesis of Masked Army of Kerning Interchange revealed inside a book are really good piece of work.

    In regards to CBT1, nothing significant was done to make storyline a better experience (I don't mean experience rate here at all, it's very fast - too fast!) besides adjusting cutscenes a bit and adding few more template vouchers as reward. It's still feeling like mandatory chore to complete due to the amount of APs and SPs offered in the course of (distr)action. I'd like to build some relationship with memorable NPCs that I meet during adventure and get to know about their background, the ones put on my path seem to erase anything that players did for them and treat them like total strangers. It would also be great to observe consequences of my choices and have a feeling that my actions make any impact on surrounding environment. I'm utterly disappointed that events from class tutorial are forgotten the moment I reach Lith Harbor. It looks like the motives for personal development and purpose to even start a journey don't matter anymore. I really hope that player character gets back to previous goals someday and finds time for independent adventure besides main, utter-garbage storyline. While we're at class tutorial, I'd like to ask developers what they thought about when they decided to take Maple Island away from KR game? It felt like a good experience for new characters to spend some time together as beginners and join forces against common enemy. I'd love to have a chance to get to that place from level 1, meet other level 1 characters, learn about some basic in-game features and explore the island, it looks much more interesting to me than class tutorial locked within solo instance (which may serve as memory flashback from the time when Mapler went for individual training after leaving Maple Island). Both tutorials might had been connected to each other if you just paid more time to polish storyline. I encourage you kindly to try and bring back pre-restart zone and I'm convinced that it's still possible.

    Reference to Maple Island from pre-restart MS 2 KR, tutorial zone.

    Like other players already mentioned, in-game cutscenes require some serious optimisation and I think that issues, which they cause, are responsible at least partially for destroying any trace of atmosphere left for storyline. Stuttering animations and movement of NPCs, bad scrolling speed of text (once it moves too fast, the other time - too slow), battle of Henesys clones (when you have UGC Design System to make any player unique, shame on you!), loud sound effects, no possibility to read dialogue lines at own pace, sounds which are cut off during interaction causing cutscene to be silent, no voice acting, camera angle making chat bubbles impossible to read - that's what I noticed during my travels in CBT1 and bugs have still been there in CBT2. I'd like to scroll any text at my own pace and control transition between each portions of dialogue with specific hotkey (ie. space bar). Also, I don't like the fact that party members are able to skip my cutscenes against my own will.

    Experience rate of World Quests is fine the way it is, in my opinion. They're nice addition to the game and seem like constructed for natural progression in the sense of exploration, they just need slightly better rewards with funny immersive descriptions that will make them fit MS franchise. Also the new ones should have some different patterns than "killing XYZ monster(s)" and "getting XYZ item(s)", which I covered in other section already.
    Kind regards!
  • LoonaLoona
    Maplestory 2 Rep: 420
    Posts: 9
    I didn't know where to put this so i'll put it in with questing.

    Mobs/monsters are FAR too aggressive. I'll be walking to an area and i'd get attacked by so many monsters, they need to chill.
  • ShángSháng
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    Forum Moderator
    The dead ends of the Epic Questline should be nullified
    If not the World Quest's exp gain might need to be increased for them to be worth doing.

    Achievements provide a good long term goal for people that want to collect personal trophies to be on the leaderboard.
    The sense of accomplishment was there when I was doing them for skill points/stat points.

    - Shang
  • mezzofartemezzofarte
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    edited 2:15AM August 8, 2018
    I also had some concerns about the cutscenes. My personal issue was that they were too slow for my standards (while others thought them too fast), so if there could be a way that the player can control how fast the cutscenes play out (like in MS1, just clicking next after the character is done speaking), it would be nice. Also having the option of skipping the cutscene entirely could be helpful for those who've already seen the story before.
    Sometimes the cutscene would not be generally focused on the NPC at hand, and when that NPC is shown to have said something that isn't written in the normal cutscene dialogue, the players can hardly see it/miss it entirely. I'm not sure if this is an issue with my pc's resolution (I did try both fullscreen and windowed mode) or if it's with the cutscenes' camera angles.
  • Always_HidAlways_Hid
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    what i would really like, is a way to track achievements outside the achievement panels (like we can track quests). it would be helpful to be able to glance at our progress easily rather than hunting through the achievement thing. also i wish that and the quest tracker would be lockable, as there were a few times while using point and click controls i moved them unintentionally and it kinda messed up my rotation etc.
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