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[Feedback] Questing and Achievements


  • ByeBye
    Maplestory 2 Rep: 200
    Posts: 4
    The healing-with-potions and quality-of-potions is terrible as you advance further into the questline. I decided to play Berserker this time around and often found myself running around in circles, waiting for the cooldown on the potion so that I can heal myself a little bit before doing it again because of taking massive hits.
  • CubeNoobCubeNoob
    Maplestory 2 Rep: 2,060
    Posts: 142
    I guess some people played much further in the questline and noticed some errors which is great so you guys can see it and fix it!

    I think the skip cutscene add-on is helpful and convenient for those who have to rush by in their day. The EXP curve is at a good position.

    Achievements and side quests are golden. Achievements themselves don't get boring to complete.
  • CodehCodeh
    Maplestory 2 Rep: 885
    Posts: 8
    edited 4:36PM July 29, 2018
    The mini-game trophies are too hard. Play a mini-game 100,000 times and win 10,000 times for the final tier would take years. If you played 10 games a day it would take you 27 years to finish that trophy, and that's only for one mini-game! I think playing 1000 times and winning 100 times is much more realistic. While mini-games are fun the amount of time you would have to put into them right now would take away from the actual game too much.
  • MelanthrielMelanthriel
    Maplestory 2 Rep: 1,130
    Posts: 12
    Subtitles for audio-only things would be nice.
  • KewkkyKewkky
    Maplestory 2 Rep: 6,235
    Posts: 511
    World Quest experience is very low. I recommend making them either level-dependent or percentage-based rather than a flat number. Use the Epic Quests as a guideline.
  • WixusWixus
    Maplestory 2 Rep: 500
    Posts: 7
    Would it be possible to rewind or fast-forward cutscenes? I missed a few scenes here and there due to them flying too quickly or real life.

    Also, some of the portals that the NPCs place have tiny hitboxes. It has taken me up to a minute to finally teleport via portal instead of talk to the nearby NPC.
  • LovemeeeeLovemeeee
    Maplestory 2 Rep: 420
    Posts: 7
    Overall. Make AP and skillpoints easier to obtain. Side quests should be more rewarding as of exp or equips/items just coz the epic quests now wont get you straight to lv50 with some exp problem occuring along the way.
  • KuphkeykKuphkeyk
    Maplestory 2 Rep: 950
    Posts: 24
    This is my two cents from my BETA experience so far (what i comment on may or may not be in the official release):

    - There is a major issue I have which pertains to the Kokun fight from the quest "Joddy in Distress", there is a bug in which when you drag the boss a certain distance away from Ralph and Joddy and kill him, the quest completion trigger won't activate and you have to relog to start the quest over.
    - There is a similar issue i faced when doing the quest "Crisis in Henesys", there is another bug in which when you revive all of the rangers before killing the mobs from the first wave, the 2nd wave of mobs don't spawn and you have to relog to restart the quest.
    -It feels repetitive that you have to fight Kokun serveral times, perhaps change it to fight another mini-boss with different models/attacking patterns.

    - Allow for party members on the same quest to be able to play in the same instanced map such as the Kokun fight etc (perhaps scale the difficulty to the number of players on the map. Its annoying how I am unable to play through some of the quest with my friends.

    -Regarding achievements, I'm not really a collector so I don't really play attend to these unless they have some sort of reward I want such as the (Pure white dye). Overall impression is meh, its ok.
    -Regarding quests, the quest line seem pretty good. I found it enjoyable except having to fight Kokun over and over again.
  • SirBalatroSirBalatro
    Maplestory 2 Rep: 365
    Posts: 12
    - It's confusing to see which trophies count as global and which are bound to the character only. Maybe make some general rules that all trophies follow, maybe indicate the difference somehow or just make all trophies either character or account bound
    - Chapter-ending screens cannot be skipped, exited with a controller. Seems like the buttons in that window weren't linked to the default menu controls.
    - Too many quests are just talking with NPC without doing anything meaningful... Maybe link together quests so it feels like talking to someone is a minor objective, not the whole quest. (don't forget to add the rewards together as well :P)
  • ElectricEcstasyElectricEcstasy
    Maplestory 2 Rep: 300
    Posts: 7
    edited 7:33AM August 1, 2018
    The cut-scenes toward the end of the "epic story questline" (ie battle with Katvan when he just ate the shadow seed, etc.) wouldn't play properly on my comp for some reason at first, and needed me to exit Maplestory and then restart before they'd properly play. It definitely wasn't game-breaking for me, only a minor inconvenience. I didn't have any issues with cutscenes until the end of the story questline.

    I'm wondering if there's some way to decrease the quality of cut-scenes the way same way you can turn off effects in normal game-play to help those of us with peasant computers still get the story, but not crash :p Or maybe a text-only option for those cutscenes? Just throwing ideas out there. But I get that those fixes aren't necessarily minor.
  • MaiikalMaiikal
    Maplestory 2 Rep: 200
    Posts: 2
    My character experienced a glitch a couple of days ago that stuck throughout the rest of my CBT2. I was exploring and went to Kabrium Basin and opened a golden chest. I was trying to get the map-specific trophy for that chest, so I hopped a channel to find this other chest. No luck yet, so I opened another golden chest in the same location I found the one in the previous channel. Nothing counted towards my Treasure Hunter trophy count.

    I went to Revoldic Dam (a treasure chest mother lode) and opened all chests (wooden and golden). Nothing counted towards my Treasure Hunter trophy, nor my Gilded Globetrotter trophy. I shut down my client to restart it and my wooden chests were able to count towards Treasure Hunter again, but not my golden chests. Eventually, I went exploring more and golden chests in new areas started counting towards my Gilded Globetrotter trophy, but not my Treasure Hunter Trophy. Unfortunately, I could not test to see if my Level 50 Daily Missions requiring me to open a golden chest would count, since coincidentally after the incident, I had stopped receiving those missions specifically.
  • ReLieFlowerReLieFlower
    Maplestory 2 Rep: 200
    Post: 1
    It would not be bad also the potions of mana.
  • CattersCatters
    Maplestory 2 Rep: 1,245
    Posts: 13
    The epic quest, especially compared to Maplestory 1, is definitely underwhelming and feels all over the place. An example of this is that we learn of Katvan's betrayal at literally the 2nd quest we see him in yet it isn't addressed until far, far, later into the story; making it feels a bit pointless and having no real mystery to if Lennon was the villain or not. We already KNOW he's not because we saw Katvan frame him! Or how Ainos is "corrupted" but it's very quickly just brushed off while we go muck around in Perion only for Ainos to be totally fine and stuck on guard duty for the rest of his life.

    Most of the achievements are okay but some of them seem far too grindy for the sake of it...doing the Shepard Party Quest 100 times for a hat? Hitting enemies with 1000s of the pick upable props? It just seems a bit tedious and fillery for no real reason since unlike the "Jump X amount" or "Walk X amount" quests there's no real way to achieve them by just naturally playing. You have to go out of your way to do something boring and time gated by the props respawning for rewards.
  • Vanilla1210Vanilla1210
    Maplestory 2 Rep: 410
    Posts: 5
    The epic quest can make easy to level up and the world quest u can make it with achievements. This way make more people doing the world quest . and i want to on the map can search the world quest .
  • DLyonDLyon
    Maplestory 2 Rep: 340
    Posts: 7
    The main quest is enjoyable, once, maybe twice. That's it. Implement a way to skip it for alts. Jody from zero to hero and being the official errand boy of the realm gets pretty boring after a while. Plus, maybe a little bit less of unnecessary walking trough maps, specially the part from levels 45-50, all we do during the last few levels is traveling to talk to different NPCs, hardly a thing to do besides that. With a slow computer/internet, you spend most of that time just staring at a loading screen. Boring.

    Another feedback, make mandatory quest dungeons easier when solo. At first it's quite easy to do them cause you can queue and everybody and their mothers are doing them, after a while it's impossible to find a party. Some dungeons are quite hard to solo if you're not a Berserker/Knight, and very unforgiving should you die. I think this needs priority come official release.
  • ImutoneImutone
    Maplestory 2 Rep: 2,120
    Posts: 55
    Skipping cutscenes has improved but an automatic "Skip Dungeon/Raid Cutscenes" button in the options would do wonders. Twinkling Path feels sluggish compared to most other dungeons.
  • MelonCakeyMelonCakey
    Maplestory 2 Rep: 3,095
    Posts: 43
    Loved trophy hunting! Finished rank 7 in East Coast.

    But your trophy for all 50 taxi stops was not possible to actually obtain, despite looking everywhere in the game for the last stop and getting help searching. Also numerous instrument trophies for instruments not even in the game yet, so I hope we get those on release. It'd be nice if top collectors were rewarded as well for doing so much in the game.

    Another +1 to what people said about potions as well. Got red potions far too long into the questline, and by the time I started getting a decent amount of orange ones, they were as effective as red at healing [because I needed white more, by that time]. They should be a little cheaper.

    I loved getting the special hairstyle I wanted as well, but at 590 merets a try, I was lucky to get it second try. That needs to be cheaper for sure, considering you need so many vouchers to be able to manually pick what you want.
  • PixidosePixidose
    Maplestory 2 Rep: 645
    Posts: 14
    On main story quests when the portal appears near the npc it makes it difficult to select the portal, a slight movement and you would accidentally select the npc when pressing SPACE. If you guys could move the portals that appear randomly, away from interactive npcs or objects, I think that would make a difference. Or at less make it so you can't select the npcs after the portal appears in that time frame.

    Side quests should have trackers too, like the main quest does, since is hard to scale the distance between you and the quest you are trying to find. I do enjoy the world map's quest tracker though, is very useful.

    The accuracy between world map/ mini map and UI feels slightly off so it is a bit difficult to pin point the quests in the area. (at less for me) Maybe if you are a casual mapler you may get used to the system but for those who just started could be quite directionally challenged (possibly just me...).

    The field boss can be really glitchy or laggy. Every time I try to chase after the field boss it teleport all over the place and would disappear off the map and come back, this may just be my internet connection.

    Perhaps it should also be a good idea to change the rewards from Lv.20 - Lv.30 the amount of red potions we get from within this levels is very unnecessary as we out level our HP count. Same with Lv.30 - Lv.40 shouldn't be orange potion but white potions. It just feels like is not enough, specially when we have a cool down on potion use. Plus potions in the shops are over priced with how little we earn from doing quests and killing monsters.

    There is this one particular achievement I really don't like, and that's the standing on lava achievement in which will unlock a gesture. When you are standing in lava there is no indication you are doing it right or wrong, no indication what so ever if you are nearly finished or not, like at less you see your process when you are unlocking an achievement from wall spider. Also you die really fast in lava...
  • VPencilVPencil
    Maplestory 2 Rep: 670
    Posts: 25
    Overall, I didn't have much of a problem with the Epic questline. Yeah, it's tedious at times, but what can you do? Now, this might be too much to ask, but I would really like if each job had a different questline, even if there are overlaps. The main quest was fun the first time, but as I was playing around with my alts, I found the Lith Harbor and onward sequence disappointingly redundant. It honestly doesn't even make sense for some of the jobs, like the Thief and Gunner. However, I understand the time put into writing that would be great, but I think the player experience would be greatly enhanced. (Certain things could still coincide, like parts that include dungeons, so that it's still doable to co-op.) For instance, certain things are harder for certain jobs (i.e. Priests are not good at soloing things). Hence, personalized quest lines. (Examples I can think of could include more foraging in the Priest line, smithing in the Gunner's, more underworld type dealings for the Assassin and Theif jobs, more fighting in the Beserker's, and maybe even protection runs--like the Twinkling Path--for the Knight, just to list off some ideas.)

    At the very least, add some more mystery and flair to the story. We all know Lennon is innocent (which, by the way, that cutscene/mini-quest where you play as him needs better instructions) and nobody really cares about Nelph. Granted, I think the quest does get more interesting once the invasions start and the Shadow Gate mess starts with Einos. Even then, it's not the most engaging of stories.

    I do appreciate the side quests, because they do spice things up. Some of them could be harder, in my opinion, involving dungeons and better rewards. Hardest ones right now are the quests that make you fight the Divine Bosses, which really, really needs better XP and item gain, because those bosses are no joke, especially if you have no guild. I don't mind grinding through a hard side quest if I get a good item out of it, but those are SO rare and far in between right now; most only give you a pittance of XP that could probably be gained through basic hunting alone.

    As for the quest GUI, it gets cluttered easily. I saw someone else say this, but I'll reiterate that it would be nice if quests that involve the map you're currently in took precedence and moved to the first page, although the Epic quest can always stay in the front as well. It's simply annoying to flip through six pages of quests to find the one I need.
  • DrinkTeaDrinkTea
    Maplestory 2 Rep: 910
    Posts: 21
    I don't see much incentive in all of this.
    It also doesn't help that the main quest line gave a negative outlook on the side quests. Just made me want to avoid it entirely.
    I didn't go much into achievement hunting but at least 80 were behind interacting with house furnishings that (I THINK) cost merits, so, let's not.
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