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[Feedback] Questing and Achievements


  • xAngelBeatxAngelBeat
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    Verlo wrote: »
    Archima wrote: »
    I noticed that while doing the main quest line you won't get enough potions like in the other versions of the game.
    I continued getting those 200HP potions at until level 30(?) and they don't seem to be that helpful since the new mob scalling makes them very powerful so as an Assassin, It would be really tough to survive with them only.

    Agreed! I kept getting 100s of RED HP potions even at lv 40.... I barely got Orange Potions and where are the White Potions?? The potion drops and rewards need to scale with content and difficulty better.

    3rd this.
    Scale rewards if you’re going to increase difficulty and monster damage.
  • VerloVerlo
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    edited 4:53AM July 23, 2018
    Guild quests should be able to be completed remotely and contributed remotely by any guild member. it is a group task after all! Fair enough if some tasks need to be completed together in a party but there should be a mix that allows you to contribute SOLO. Maybe introduce a guild quest list in guild UI and a %progression so all member can see how we are going with the completion rate and distribute rewards via mail to all contribute once completed.

    Closers online has a really good system for guild questing!
  • CyberliskCyberlisk
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    Regarding Epic quest cut-scenes. These really need some tuning. As a Knight I like to fight with my Iron Defense buff on , but if the buff is on during a cut-scene it looks terrible. Uhm , My pet somehow traveled back in time and was in the same room when Lennon got accused of murder (flashback). As others have said , the text sometimes scrolls way too fast (noticeable during Ellinia story quests). And finally I almost died due to a cut-scene, not sure if I would have actually died or not but it happened while I was fighting the...uh what was his name. The Evil mage guy in Perion. Anyways I killed him just as he cast that multihit AoE purple stuff and I heard the hits hitting me while the cut-scene was starting , and after the cut-scene ended I was nearly dead.

    And finally in the cut-scene for the Last Vayar epic quest when Wolf Heart and the wolf are talking about their big sacrifice, the music is just the normal Perion theme (fairly happy and cheerful) , it ruined the scene for me haha.
  • ThemilkmanThemilkman
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    edited 7:34AM July 22, 2018
    I leveled as a priest to 50 through the main quest, so there probably was a lot of parts of the story that would be easier as a priest than other classes. There was one quest a specific boss enemy you fight for a quest i believe around 40 or so, and I found the fight to be relatively challenging even as a priest, I did not die however so I do not know if the bosses hp bar would reset or not if you were to die, but if it does/did then that boss could be a real hassle to some newer players, as I have said I do not remember the quest name or almost any specifics, just that is was around level 40 and part of the boss name was ancient, it was a rock maybe or something of the sort, would jump between 4 different arena, and any arena he was not on would have a tornado spawned, hopefully if others have had a problem with the fight they will make it known, other then that particular quest I feel like the story line was absolutely fantastic, I admittedly skipped through almost the first portion of cut scenes, but I stopped skipping on some because I was genuinely interested in what was happening between the characters, so as for the story I believe it was done well, scaling/difficulty along with the presentation of it. (Side-quests were also good, I read most dialogue to see what the character asks to make sure I understand what they want me to get before the quest helper tells me, so I believe they are done nicely as well)

    Overall, I believe if released right now the main story/side quests would be perfectly acceptable in my book, I thoroughly enjoyed my time running through the content, I did not get bored in my over 55 hours logged so far, great job and keep up the good work :D
  • AwooAwoo
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    edited 11:05PM July 22, 2018
    There are numerous trophies/achievements that do not trigger correctly. A notable one that's easy to test is the one for destroying items. Called "Lighten Your Load". Very frequently it will not count various different destroyed items towards the total for this, particularly if they are large stacks.

    On the topic of guild quests, a 24 hour buff to something small should be applied after completing them. This would GREATLY improve the uptake of guild members actually doing them without high pressure. Just something really minor like a 1-3 exp buff or defence buff would ensure that people do them daily. This is in practice in other games with guild daily quests such as Revelation Online.
  • solartech0solartech0
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    The epic quest line is awful. I don't even want to play it once. You should not make it so that people have to play it on every single character they play, *especially* if you want them to get to lvl 50 on multiple characters.

    Let me explain why the epic quest line is awful:

    1) You must complete it. If you do not, you will miss out on skill points and ability points that you cannot get any other way. This makes you do content [over 50 levels!] that you did not choose to do, that you did not decide that you wanted to do.

    2) The epic quest line is the same for each character. This is what I have heard. I could hardly sit through half of it the first time around -- and now I have to do it again?! (see point 1). I want to enjoy the gameplay of each of the different classes. I don't want to watch the same movie over and over and over again -- in fact, I don't want to watch any movie. I want to play the game! (but I understand that some people may want to watch the movie. That is fine.)

    My suggestion for points 1 and 2? Bundle up these 'bonus' sp/ap into a little package, and make it so that you can get them by doing *other* content as well. Imagine a little internal point system --- whenever you accrue x 'points', you get the next 'epic quest line sp/ap reward'. Then split up these points and rewards along the quest line, and give other activities in the game [or milestones] points. For example, reaching each of the lvls 1-50 could give a certain amount of points. Catching a new fish could give a certain amount of points. Getting a trophy. Getting a certain amount of prestige exp on a character. Completing a raid. Etc. The point is, there should be a (viable) option to avoid doing the epic quest line on a character, especially if you have already done it on the account. Alternatively, give out the SP once the player has hit a few levels over the level required to accept the epic quest that gives the sp.

    3) Loading screens. I hate them. I came to play a game, not to look at a loading screen. The epic quest line requires a LOT of map hopping, which means lots of little loading screens. The cutscenes are essentially this -- a long (ish) loading screen, half of which you can skip, that pops up between each instance of 'content' associated with the quest line. Want to actually watch one of the scenes? You have to wait through a bunch of character idle animations to just see one line of dialogue at a time. My suggestion here? Give the option (in settings) to have a non-cinematic version, where you just click through the text. If someone's enjoying the quest line and the cinematics? Great! If they're enjoying one but not the other? ... Try to let them dodge it.

    The actual content of the epic quests is, for the most part, fine. It's just...

    4) I logged on to Maplestory (2) to play an MMO -- to interact with friends. Why is it that my first 50 levels of the game are wrapped up in solo-player content that will leave me seriously behind (on the order of 10-20 level-equivalents, maybe more!!) if I skip it? Every time that a cutscene happens, every time a loading screen happens, every time .... I cannot speak with my friends -- my chat box goes away; I lose control of my unit; I can't do anything. Then I get it back. I might be in the middle of typing something and a cutscene occurs. I might want to do some fun quest or extra content, but it's gonna put me behind on my epic quest, which I will have to go back to, and finish. Why? It's not why I'm playing the game. I didn't install and launch left for dead or final fantasy XV or Atelier or any other single-player, story-driven game. This is an MMO. Why not tell the story differently? Or at least let me decide if I want to be one of a million other "heroes" who play through the exact same storyline?...

    Anywho. My pair of pair of cents.
  • HiyateHiyate
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    When the longest part of questing is sitting through loading screens, then you're doing something wrong. Just saying.
  • BonessyBonessy
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    The quest ''[Epic] Dominated By Fear - Misdirection'' has a bug where you have to relog to be able to speak with Evan.
  • ShinoZukaShinoZuka
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    Is it possible to abandon Maple guide quests if they do not get completed correctly? I do not see a way to abandon Forced Adoption quest. There should be a way to abandon and re aquire any quest.
  • MKInfiniteMKInfinite
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    edited 11:48AM July 24, 2018
    Bonessy wrote: »
    The quest ''[Epic] Dominated By Fear - Misdirection'' has a bug where you have to relog to be able to speak with Evan.

    Adding to this, I have tried logging out and in a couple of times to no avail. I'm not sure what happened.

    Edit 24/07/2018: After logging in, the quest finally activated.
  • FoldedCornerFoldedCorner
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    Explorations goals need to be party play. If a party members picks up a road sign and wacks someone with it, I should also get the exploration goal bonus. Otherwise we have to purposefully split up. That's a pretty anti-social mechanic if you ask me
  • HanZHanZ
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    Questing makes me feel like a racing pigeon. Go from A to B, sometimes really far distances where i have to take a taxi and spend 2k to get there, otherwise i had to walk half an hour.
    Definetly less walking stuff!
    You can skin through the main quest without reading it. Give us information we have to gather or some stuff that gets asked later on (but with the possibility to get the information even when forgotten).
    Theres not a lot of killing in the main story quests. Just the bosses, nothing else and dungeons.

    But in the end i would be happy if you just made me feel less like a racing pigeon. (Maybe more of these portals after a quest, but keep them away from NPC since they interact really weird sometimes)
  • ImpalaPUAImpalaPUA
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    Questing is my preferred method of getting max level, but with the experience being so bad, it's hard to actually finish the quest line.

    I would like to experience the story before jumping in an MMO, and by the experience being so low, a lot of people are going to miss out.
  • HatManHatMan
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    I really don't like the epic quest line. If it was entirely removed from the game, it would be better in my opinion. I would love to slowly level to 50 doing dungeons, world quests, exploring, etc. I think the epic quest line is not needed and is a burden.

    The trophies are great, keep those as they are. I only think the last trophy of "Time Among friends" is a bit insane. 24000h of play time is like almost 3 years online lol. Maybe lower it a little bit?
  • bluEv3bluEv3
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    edited 10:17PM August 1, 2018
    Been playing for a week now and the hype at the beginning of beta went downhill. Its nice to have interactive things to do in the game, but things get dull and repetitive. Quest wise, it felt like there were a lot of repetition, glitches, and ambiguous moments. Sometime the quest navigates you and later, at some point, we were left hanging to figure things out. For example, during the Henesys' outpost defense the front gate closes on you and you can't get out to defend the place. Leaving you with no navigation and after roaming around I jumped off the cliff in the back and it teleported me to the front to begin protecting the place. After awhile, it glitches and keeps teleporting me back to the bridge multiple time (every few sec). Very frustrating. Especially when soloing bosses; hp pot cool down and the long agony of trying to defeat certain bosses that seems impossible to beat. I suggest scaling the hp/level to fit players that solo.

    Maplestory 2 felt very different compared to the 1st Maplestory, in terms of mmorpg, you don't get to experience the grinding monster for experiences/items. The quest rewards are not very worth wild and it seems ap/sp are mainly from quests. The game doesn't let you enjoy the killing mobs and doing random quests at your own leisure (no flow); the whole experience felt more like a side-scrolling "mario" questline and once at the end there's a period or a dot dot dot continuation.
    Also, the game felt like its customized mainly around the questline (fastpace) and don't allow much PQ options with other players.

    Loading screen takes forever from each point, so gaming progress seems like its getting no where (I hate it). If only its like the other game (maplestory 1) where you blink once or twice and wah-la the next map. I guess the only thing worth wild are the tip boxes?!

    The cut scenes/dialogues for the quests are sometime too fast or somewhat slow (maybe change it to a comic/manga version where we can view each scene at our own pace) and the individual character chat bubbles are small to read (maybe a close-up on the characters when used)?!

    I haven't finish the whole game at the moment, due to a tight schedule, so I can't really pin point everything. I apologize for the blabbering or saying anything that is different from other's opinions. Hopefully, I can update on any new experiences.
  • BlooStoneBlooStone
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    I really think the story itself leaves much to be desired. I believe the quest line needs a little re-working or something like that. I really don't know if this is an option, but if it is, don't hold the game out longer just to work on the story line. Just release the game for everyone and update the story down the line if at all possible.

    Also, in addition to the EXTREMELY quick cutscenes, another issue I noticed is that sometimes the music that is playing during dialogue isn't really appropriate. I distinctly remember my character having a conversation about a dead character while happy music played in the background. This could be EASILLY fixed and would help a lot.
  • Mat2Mat2
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    edited 12:39AM July 27, 2018
    Either dungeons should be optional from the main story quests or there should be a way to queue for specific dungeons. Also queuing shouldn't finish at two players...

    Edit: Also add more pointless fights against Kokun please /sarcasam
  • Mat2Mat2
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    Alfani wrote: »
    I was doing the basic cut scenes for the assassin when I had to go into the bar and fight some guys off. Once they were all dead, nothing happened. I went downstairs and looked around but nothing. I was unable to leave or do anything else. I ended up changing characters, and when I logged back in the scene progressed as it should.
    Bonessy wrote: »
    The quest ''[Epic] Dominated By Fear - Misdirection'' has a bug where you have to relog to be able to speak with Evan.

    Yea seems like this happens occasionally in quests in general, a goal or a NPC will get bugged and all you can do is relog. Typical beta stuff, I expect it to be fixed by launch.
  • ExigaExiga
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    Trophies are really fun. I especially love the hidden trophies that give you extra skill points and attribute points, and enjoyed exploring and completing them. I would love to see more of these hidden detective trophies that give actual rewards.
  • LilKayLilKay
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    Just encountered a bug where the exploration goal wasn't completed when I opened the golden chest between the fortress columns in the map Percipice Fortress
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