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[Feedback] Side Activities


  • XxPoseidonxXXxPoseidonxX
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    I would like more harmony tabs in music composition. I did not like how it stopped at I; I wished it could go at least to Z.

    I was not sure how to create an ensemble... An esemble composition option where we could dictate what melody+harmonies to each instrument and so on might be nice.

    Also for solo players, the options to add a pet or npc followers (?) or some system like that to your ensemble would be great. That way you can play large scale compositions entirely by yourself if a willing group of people aren't with you.
  • AjaeAjae
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    I would love to see Otamatone as an instrument in gms2, for #1 it'd be easy to get those sounds in-game. #2 kms2 doesnt have it so it could be gms2 exclusive :D?
    and i feel it would add more diversity to the instruments we have atm, and will have in the future.
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