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[Feedback] Controls Point and Click


  • al4nw31al4nw31
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    Sometimes you're using point and click and switch to arrow keys and it feels like the game still kept your last waypoint that you clicked.

    It's really weird and disorienting when your character suddenly starts walking towards the point you clicked 10 seconds ago.

    Moving using arrow keys should cancel your last waypoint.
  • BottyBotty
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    I primarily used this mode as I am used to this type of mode from any game ever and classic or controller are out of the question for me...which made it all the more frustrating how clunky and buggy this mode is.

    Whenever I tried to take a taxi somewhere my character would randomly start walking after picking my destination which then cancelled the calling of a taxi. I would often have to redo this up to 3 times before the taxi actually came.

    Another thing I personally had an issue with is on Fire Dragon for example...when you have to utilize the holes in the ground to dodge his laser beam. My character would often go into the hole, I let go of LMB but for whatever reason she would then collide with the wall and on her own jump out of the hole and get me killed. This was really really frustrating.

    It would also be nice to be able to change the direction my character is facing using the mouse without having to take a step or holding down an ability key while adjusting.
  • iamflipiamflip
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    edited 6:49PM August 7, 2018
    Already mentioned this before in another thread, so I'll just copy paste it here...

    I loved having the option to have mouse & keyboard controls moreso using the keyboard or controller solely, and here I was thinking it would be like how it is with games such as Torchlight or Diablo. Sadly, it wasn't quite how I expected since you can't lock onto mobs, thus having you prone to attack in the wrong directions pretty often. It was also very buggy whenever my character was in the southern edges of the map as attempting to click on a spot at such positions had me clicking the "ceiling" of the map instead and my character going the wrong way. I hope this bug can be fixed on the official release.

    As others also mentioned, it's not quite precise and there does seem to be a bit of delay between the click and when your character starts moving. It's also not very intuitive to use when trying to reorient yourself to cast actions in the right direction either.
  • SumeSume
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    i didnt get used to it. it was way to difficult for me, regarding that the click option doesnt work that well. i clicked to a location and moved to a totally different direction.

    i prefered using the gamepad.
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