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[Feedback] Controls Classic


  • foodbythedozenfoodbythedozen
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    The controls were easy to use, however I have had control responsiveness problems; i.e when I pressed the key for "jump", there would be a lag in the action and my character wouldn't respond quickly. I have tried switching keyboards, and using new gaming keyboards (with a proper gaming computer) and I still have this problem. Also came across difficulties with climbing ladders and orienting my character properly to reach/hold on to ladders.
  • VPencilVPencil
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    First of all, I do like the classic controls. It makes gameplay loads easier not to have to switch to my mouse a ton, unless I'm dealing with my inventory, which is fine. However, there are some issues I have with the allocation of the quick slots. I will never be able to use the '6, 7, and 8' efficiently. Since my fingers are hovering near my main attack keys (A and S being what I mainly use) it's a large jump to get over there. This would be solved, in my opinion, if there wasn't two jump options and two basic attack options. I feel as though I could better use the X and C keys for skills since I personally use ALT for jump and when I rarely, rarely use my basic non-skill attack, I'll use CTRL. Now, I know some people don't like to use the CTRL or ALT keys, so maybe it is better suited for users to be able to select whether or not they want CTRL/ALT duo or X/C. Of course, much, much later I figured out the hot keys, which was a nice thought, but wrestling with not not fun, and I still like to be able to see all of my attacks on my GUI.

    Personally, I would like 1-5, QWERTY, and ASDFG (and maybe even XC) to all be key slots, since they are my left hand keys. Late game when I have a ton of skills to use, I would like to make use of them instead of kicking some to curb. (Which, I do understand that there are some I will ditch due to upgrades, but still.)

    Also, and I don't know if this classifies as a control problem, but I was never able to run and jump at the same time in the NW/upleft direction, while I was able to an any other direction. It's a highly annoying glitch, especially in dungeons or even during minigames.
  • MogettaMogetta
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    Having played MS1 the classic controls feels very natural even on the 3d environment. Just wish you could bind Keys in any way you want like in MS1.
  • midnightjmidnightj
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    Can we see what controls are where? Like I want to see where all the controls are like in maplestory and adjust it around to where I know which keys are empty instead of scrolling around looking for an empty one.
  • PixidosePixidose
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    Classic all the way. As an old mapler on the original, I have gonna used to the keybinds. Originally I didn't really like how it was set slightly different from what I was used to but I eventually it grows on me.

    The controls are a bit fidgety, walls that weren't visible weren't climbable, since we had a set camera angle it was a bit difficult to maneuver to destinations (for me), flying was a total mess and you couldn't really judge where you would land, but at less I understood what direction I was going. It really just takes a bit of getting used to it.

    I wish we had more control over our flying mounts through, so we can land without having to put away our mounts in mid air just to meet our imperial doom to the ground.
  • Aslan132Aslan132
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    Vixie wrote: »
    I'd like to request the ability to keybind basic attack (or something else) to either left or right click. It's what I'm used to in other games and I'm having a rough time adjusting to anything else. My classic controls are basically no more, I kinda turned them into mouse + WASD, because I didn't like my character walking off every time I accidentally click on the ground. ^^'

    I came here to say basically the same thing. If I am already using WASD (or even arrows) for movement, the last thing I want is for my mouse click to run me someplace completely different. Point and click movement needs to be completely separate from Keyboard movements, and I should be able to rebind mouse buttons to anything I want, including basic attack or even jumping, or camera controls.

    At the very least, we need to be able to disable mouse movement, so when we are using WASD, a mouse click wont move us someplace we dont want to go.
  • SmashSenpaiSmashSenpai
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    Classic controls are fine, if not the only tolerable way to play. But I have to say, remapping keys is absolutely HORRID. MS1 had it right. One button to view your controls, click and drag them to sensible locations. The button on the top left that lets you view your default controls is useless and should be replaced with the old MS1 method of binding menus and skill slots to keys. Allow us to stack menus on keys too. I would love if opening my inventory had the option of also opening my character window, SINCE I HAVE TO DO IT EVERY TIME I GET A NEW THROWING STAR OR DAGGER. You're better off turning daggers and throwing stars into two-handed weapons, because that's what they effectively are right now but with extra inconvenience.
  • OneMapleLeafOneMapleLeaf
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    The controls are nice except there are times when I can't teleport while walking in a certain direction as a wizard.
  • vertigoalexvertigoalex
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    I would like to be able to put my hotkeys almost anywhere, the same way it was in MS1. Honestly, it was quite hard to dodge a lot of attacks sometimes due to skills being extremely limited in terms of where you can put them. Please make the whole keyboard accessible!
  • SumeSume
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    i liked the classic controls. no problem at all with that . but i prefered to play with gamepad
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