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    The prices seem pretty fair in the Meret shop, though I do have one thing about the Design shop: I would lower the tax percentage placed on UGC, as 30% takes deducts a bit too much from earnings (I don't really see the point to it), considering it costs 400 merets to create just one item. In addition, some people who make their own work spend a lot of time on making particular outfits and from what I saw from CBT2, the set prices are quite low -- typically 400 merets (basically any price cheaper than the Premium shop equipment) just so people can buy them. I made my own UGC dress priced at 400 merets and managed to sell 3 (only got 280 merets each).
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    change the tax on when some one sells a UGC items, 30% is way to greedy of you guys. Especially when they need to pay for the template, and then they pay to list it in the shop. To then have 30% cut off even more, man that's way to over the top. Even auctions in real life only take 10%.
    Also the 7 day wait time to get merits you made is way to long. I know there may need to be some sort of wait time but 7 days is to much. 2 to 3 days would be way better. would love 2 days hell maybe even 1 days.

    another thing is if their is a way to make selling full UGC outfits together in the shop a thing. since in the beta you needed to list every piece individually and then they would be separated. And when previewing a piece of the out fit you could never preview it together since as soon as you clicked on the other outfit piece it would remove the privies one you had selected. So you never get to see how it all looks together.
    I made a outfit set and had to name them "name" outfit set 1 of 5" so that people know when they are looking at the shirt section of UGC that its part of a set, so they should go look at the other parts if they want to see the full thing. It would also be great if the price would be discounted when selling full UGC outfit sets to make it easier to sell. Since selling a 5 peace set would be around 12$ to $13 or so for someone to buy. And the templates we have are not that good to begin with . It takes allot of work to make those templates look good. So people are putting allot of time and effort into making some good stuff.
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    Lootboxes / Gacha
    As far as Lootboxes/Gacha cosmetics are concerned in the future, I'd be relieved if this game followed a route similar to Overwatch, in the sense that there is a way to pick and purchase individual items from a Lootbox/Gacha for a higher price than buying an individual key. This way those who want to gamble can still gamble, and those who only want one or two items out of a wide spread of undesired items can obtain them easily.

    I would much prefer any sort of Lootbox/Gacha being a "if you get lucky you might get something you like cheap" VS "roll till you lose all your merets and still don't have what you want."

    Special Hairstyles
    I watched a streamer roll hairstyles a total of 8 times. They got the same poop cone hairstyle 6 times, another hairstyle they didn't want 2 times, didn't see a single other hairstyle from the spread of 8 total hairstyles and didn't have enough vouchers after the fact to buy the hairstyle they wanted. Yikes.

    I think something needs to be done about the system. Either drastically reducing the price to roll a hairstyle (seeing as the worst hairstyle of the pick seems to have an insanely high percentage), reducing the tickets required big time or just having the hairstyles for sale separately for a slightly raised price.

    Displaying the chance you have of obtaining the different available hairstyles would be a friendly addition too, whether that be percentages or the same rarity colours as other gear and cosmetics.

    All in all.
    I'd love if this game didn't turn into a cosmetics casino. If you're gonna add gambling at least make it optional. Please?
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