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[Feedback] Server Stability


  • AlzackAlzack
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    Server's stability raport from Stettin in Poland. Difference between West Coast (260-330ms) and East Coast (170-230ms) was noticeable during Mushking Royale and overall gameplay while EU server offered quite stable and smooth experience (50-90ms @ 60 FPS) on fields under normal circumstances. Lag spikes and FPS drops from 60 to 12-20 appeared in towns filled with massive amount of name tags, profile photos and visual effects, also I noticed latency issues inside Shadow Altar Adventure Dungeon.

    The more hours I played (mainly active long-session gameplay for more than 4 hours), the worse overall experience was - massive FPS drops, memory leaks and lag spikes while peforming single actions like saving UGC templates, gathering, using furnishing mode at house or crafting massive amount of items. Monster Invasion event was a big lagfest and that hasn't changed since CBT 1 despite me having a well-built PC with good network connection to cater to the most new games. I experienced massive FPS drops from 60 to 0.7 - 4 (ping reached 490ms), memory leaks, game crashes due to either poor game optimization or network infrastructure to hold events for massive amount of Maplers with so many effects intact. Setting options to reveal only my damage and hide other players during boss fights didn't help much when variety of effects and screen filled with name tags were popping up everywhere. Hiding UI during boss fight raised FPS up to 12 so I could control my character a bit.

    I think it should be top priority for Nexon to provide as fluent gameplay to everyone as possible, or at least consider incorporating options to hide any visual effects and name tags of other players. I hope that game optimisation and network infrastructure to hold events are going to be much better experience upon official launch.
    Kind regards!
  • SumeSume
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    edited 7:03AM August 11, 2018
    EU server

    no issues at all !
  • CubeNoobCubeNoob
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    -NA West
    -No Lag Issues
    -I was always almost put in channels beyond 1

    I think we want to try and keep West/East together, I do hear that our dungeon queue has that feat. but it may make the game more lively with 2 servers merged.
    Please try to keep both of them together =)!
  • IinkIink
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    If NA West and NA East can't be merged due to technical reasons, fair enough.
    But at the very least allow characters to hop back and forth between NA West and NA East as they choose, without having to make a new character.
    Segregating friendships is detrimental.
  • SusieSusie
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    edited 7:38AM August 13, 2018
    As for server stability of NA East (the server I've played in), it was great and I had no problems. My only issue is, just as many have stated, is the fact that there's a great division among people because of the major division of WEST and EAST. Many games just have ONE NA server but this is personally the first time I've been situated in a split NA server.
    I'm not saying the NA East server is bad -- I absolutely LOVE the speed and stability (worst I had was 150 fps in terms of regular game play. Bosses/Events are slightly higher; I reside in the heart of New York City) and I'd prefer that 300 times over the west (mine went up to 800-900 fps...) since I live in the east. However, I believe that bringing up to a compromised location (as in, the middle of the country) would be the best solution for those who undergo a bad experience solely because of ping/latency.

    Overall, having one stable server in a location that can be compromised, is pretty ideal, in my opinion.
  • FishzFishz
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    edited 12:00PM August 13, 2018
    I am from the East coast, and playing in the East server was quite the joyride. No lag, and low ping. It was definitely better than being on the West server, but as a guild leader who houses people from both west and east is a serious concern. If there is a way to compromise both servers into 1 server, giving everyone equal footing, that would probably be for the better. It is really painful to watch people split or make sacrifices of their own ping just to be with others. I would rather not see my guild split apart for such reasons.
  • AjaeAjae
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    edited 4:56AM August 14, 2018
    As a Canadian on the east side, 8 hours from NYC. i had about 100~120 ping, which kind of sucks compared to what others in usa east were getting. Which were ranging between 15~150. If i have 100 ping in official, i will just use mudfish to lower my ping. Being on the east side id be plenty happy to have about 40~60 ping, since i get that on most NA servers for other games.

    Edit: But i also forgot to mention that having higher ping in pvp, is terrible since it seems like people teleport, or the skills you aim should land, but they miss. E.g would be me at 120 ping and someone at 20 ping.... a 100 ping difference in pvp, becomes quite big. im not sure where the main server is when it comes to east, but it'd be nice if the main servers for both coasts were said, so i can ^ use mudfish and have better ping by being more "closer" and more accurate on where to set the town as on mudfish.

    Also for examples on ping, Check the subthread for cbt2 feedback > PVP, Gintama has good gifs of how ping affects pvp
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