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[Feedback] Overall Impressions


  • SiriondalSiriondal
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    Maybe some might disagree with me but I prefer to have more guides. Optional ofcourse. Pretty much having a small guide, doesn't have to be like the current ones with big playthroughs. I wouldn't be able to tell you all the topics that need guides but even many of the small things can be very confusing. The game has so much to do and sometimes you have no idea what you are doing or if it's even possible.
    This is just my opinion, I love having a lot of things to read up on and to know everything before starting something. Whether that is raids, exploring, side quests, mob grinding, exploring or afk fishing.
    Ofcourse just to be more confusing, there is also some fun about figuring it all out on our own ;)
  • SeasiderSeasider
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    The game was so fun for the time I had it over CBT2!

    Two suggestions I had that didn't really seem to fit anywhere else would be:
    > A hotkey to toggle the visibility of other players, their pets, names and abilities. Instead of having to go into options every time you want to turn off other players.
    > The ability to lock UI in place, it's a little annoying when my dps meters, fps/ping and other features keep moving position every time I switch character or boot the game.

    Just some little quality of life things to save some time!
  • CoffeeSenpaiCoffeeSenpai
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    The game ran smoothly for the most part. I didn't run into any bugs that i could notice. The progression felt smooth, and the classes where fun. the only thing i wish i had was different settings for each character. Like when i log into my archer i liked hearing her voice lines, but when i played on my priest i preferred to mute her voice lines. i would constantly have to jump between the settings which was annoying but not to bad. Pet taming went smooth. fishing felt more tedious with the very slow progression. i felt like auto fishing was the only viable option, and only while i was away. i feel like this game does however need more endgame content. more dungeons, more quest lines for each class (no real variety in story or conclusions in beta). but all that could be added at a later date. the overall performance of the game was very solid in my experience. i do not know if it was a bug but i could not rotate my hair or move it in any direction (only problem i had).
  • TenshiBladeTenshiBlade
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    I really liked the game! I realized that I will know the whole plot of the game before the real release so I just stuck to mini games which I really loved them! I hope we get some free merets in game. I have to say that killing some mobs was very tiring because they had a lot of health and did a lot of damage though. Over all I really like the game and I cant wait to play it again.
  • BeardlessLeprechaunBeardlessLeprechaun
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    The issue that I had was that, whenever I walked diagonally with any other keys except W+D (forward+right) I couldn't jump, unless I stopped first.
  • ThendriksThendriks
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    The issue that I had was that, whenever I walked diagonally with any other keys except W+D (forward+right) I couldn't jump, unless I stopped first.

    Could be an issue with your keyboard. -> this link will not work if clicked

    TL;DR -> Some keyboards have flawed multiple key input/matrix setup.
  • TiredBaguetteTiredBaguette
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    The game was pretty good. Though the mobs were a bit too op.
  • MoopMoopMoopMoop
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    I loved both MS2 betas, the social aspects are all there and the gameplay is fun. Playing the second time through however, I noticed some things that made me pretty unhappy with the bossing aspect of the game. The "Fight-fair" thing for hard bosses, raids and world bosses made killing them when you had surpassed their level really tedious. I get making world bosses a little harder to kill since it gives everyone a chance to join in but taking 15 minutes to kill a world boss that's 20 levels lower than me feels awful and makes me think that upgrading my gear has no reason. This is the same for the hard adventure bosses like Rog and Fire lizard dude. Upgrading my gear felt pointless after a few upgrades because my damage got capped super fast. It also made it that something that should feel easy after all this hard work was as hard as ever.

    Suggestion: SEVERELY decrease how much fight-fair affects damage. It shouldn't cap my damage at ~300 when i can hit 10k hit. I'd understand if it decreased my by a percent so that even if i upgrade my armor I still hit slightly more on the boss, makes it more satisfying. Also, world bosses that aren't on ch1, should not have fight fair, so that ch 1 still has it and everyone can participate, but if there is no one to kill the ch 1 boss, the people that need it for a daily quest can kill it in less than 15 min...
  • GhettoSageGhettoSage
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    As of today with >500 trophies >3300 gs >5 prestige, I'm loving the game and it's going in the right direction. I can definitively say its not pay to win but its play to win. The more you play the more you win, which is fair.

    Character Customization: 10/10 Rationale: Outfits and cosmetics have countless possibilities in fashion and facial expressions.
    Storyline: 6/10 Rationale: Voice acting on the male heavy gunner needs a rework because it's terrible with it's harsh, unappealing, and annoying speaking lines, especially the default 'A' shooting onomatopoeia. More voice lines for the main characters for the main storyline would be highly appreciated (i.e. Katvan, Madria, Lennon etc). Since voice lines have been incorporated in the first place, might as well go all out (TES Skyrim status). It gets boring, so it's hard to follow at times.
    Combat: 9/10 Rationale: Original, fun, skill based, dodging mechanics, aesthetic skill animations, the complete package, however as a wizard, playing against a priest was extremely difficult because of the interrupt ability in the priest's skill arsenal. all other matchups were relatively fair
    Gear acquisition: 7/10 Rationale: a little too fast considering the top pvp player in the US West server (Yana) has nearly completed the end game gear in nearly 2 weeks. although it is understood that beta testers had merit and gear enhancement advantages, there must be a strict weekly cap of obtaining these gear enhancing mats to make it fair for the casual players who are limited to playing a few hours a day. this way those who are ahead can do other daily activities such as mushking royale or arena, therefore having an even player spread on these other game modes which is at times lacking in players which may result in unfair arena matchmaking.
    Arena Mushking Royale: 9/10: fair ranking system, fun mode, can be difficult for noobies, rewards for playing should be a little better to entice players to join

    TL;DR - good game go play
  • pholtospholtos
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    By day 4 of the second closed beta, I had come to the realization that almost none of the bugs that I and others had noticed had really been fixed (I'm sure there are some that aren't present anymore, mind you.), and that along with coming to the consensus that this was literally the first closed beta but with more people being let in, I stopped playing. I lost interest. The game just felt... fractured and messed up in spots. I've already mentioned my issues with the current game multiple times during both closed betas, and at this point I'm not sure what to think. What guarantee is there that ANYTHING will be changed/fixed by the time the game goes into open beta or full release?
    Will the team be releasing updates on what has been fixed/changed at some point in the future? Or will we be left in the dark, with only the possibility that many a thing that has been noticed will be changed for the better?
    This concerns me and has lowered my desire to play once the game gets to full release.

    Edit: I did appreciate the additions in side quests and extra boss dudes though. Nice difference there, but the core issues I had still remained.
  • BeardlessLeprechaunBeardlessLeprechaun
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    Can I play on the NA server and still have the same ping as I do on Europe servers? (I'm from Europe)
  • MorninggMorningg
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    I believe what’s missing from the storyline quest are the voice acting. I would appreciate the storyline more than what it is. Reading is boring, listen to someone tell a story is more fun and modern.


    Everything else is gold!
  • al4nw31al4nw31
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    The game feels amazing overall. I've played many MMORPG's over the years, and Nexon has really hit a home run with this one. It takes in a lot of good elements, and once more content gets pushed into the game (more interesting side quests, more depth in fishing, alchemy, etc. and second tier classes), it should become one of the best games of this decade.

    The game, as far as I can say, doesn't feel bad for F2P players, and the cap for people who are willing to pay for content is a good mixture of cosmetics and small quality of life advantages that can all mostly be obtained by simply grinding more.

    I hope that Nexon does not take too much future content into the paywall, as I truly believe that this game will be one of the last fresh breaths in the dying MMORPG world.

    It's really good that it doesn't try to be a WoW clone . It also doesn't run into any of the big pitfalls that developers run into when developing a sequel to their original smash hit. It's different enough that it injects a breath of fresh air into an older game with a modern combat system, yet it manages to capture the essence of the older game with its art and quirky characters.

    It's not perfect, but when you take a look at the flaws of other games, MapleStory 2 doesn't have the killer flaw that plagues dozens of other games. It has cohesive gameplay, fast-paced boss fights, interesting side activities, and a decent community.

    The music definitely should be more nostalgic, and the servers could be more polished, but there is no silver dart for this game.

    Thank you Nexon.
  • StalePopTartsStalePopTarts
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    I couldn't help but notice a difference with the cash shop air mounts. It felt as if the eagle was the best overall since it was the least clunky when trying to ascend up a stair case. Not sure it that issue could be smoothed out among all the mounts but when trying out others like: paper airplane, drone, and snowflake; those felt like every step I was getting stuck on. If the mounts could be looked into for quality of life improvements, that would be much appreciated.

    Also on a side note, why were some mounts trade able across your account and some bound upon purchase?
  • 5hellFish5hellFish
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    i enjoyed ms2 a lot but i feel like it could have had more content when it comes to crafting and mining etc it was too easy to find crafting items
    it would be more rewarding if it was like ff11 where we had to venture out and hunt mobs that drop specific crafting item so we can craft and increase our crafting level. leveling was to easy i enjoy grinding
  • BakaAnikiBakaAniki
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    CBT2 didn't fix any of the problems we desperately wanted to be changed in CBT1, it just added more content. And some of that content is just completely useless and a waste of space and effort.

    I said it before and I say it again. The Epic Quest needs to go. For me it is the root of most of the major problems in the game. I still don't know why you keep pushing it down our throats. The least you can do if you still want to keep it is to nerf the exp and removed skill and stat points from them...

    - It's way too fast. Hitting max level in 1 to 2 days (4 to 5 if playing casually) is a complete joke. To be honest, the endgame in MS2 is pretty lackluster. It becomes repetitive and boring really fast so why rush the players to hit max level and skip some good content that we never get to experience because we just level up so fast? After we get to level 50 we basically just straight up crash into a wall because there's not much to do. Sure, there's PVP which is not everyone's cup of tea. Sure, there's pet taming which in my opinion should be in mid game or in between early and end game, and the only reason it's available at level 50 is just a poor excuse just to fill the lacking endgame content. At level 50 we run the same dungeons over and over again just to boost our gearscore and run harder dungeons and finally run raids which is fine, I guess, but what is not fine is that we get to that stage so quickly that we get bored easilly and call it quits by the second week or even earlier. At first glance the game seems like it packs a lot of content but in reality we don't because all that other content is completely useless and a waste of time because we're just going to stick to what's better or most efficient for us. A good reason to make leveling a little bit longer is to enjoy all the content we missed, didn't get to see or experience because we level too damn fast. I'm not saying that it should take months or even years. I think a sweet spot is 1 full week or a little bit more for the hardcore players that refuse to leave their basements and more or less 2 weeks for the casual players. This way we don't just level up by talking to an NPC, during this period of time we get to do world quests, exploration, classic mob grinding while enjoying the view from all the beautiful maps the game offers, run all the dungeons that were obsolete thanks to the epic quest, play mini games, try fishing, housing, music, etc. We actually get to do so much stuff besides skipping all the content the developers worked so hard for! During this actual journey of leveling up our characters we get to meet people which we usually ignore because we were too focused on finishing the epic quest. Once we hit max level all there's to do is the lackluster endgame content, gearing up and take it easy from there until the next update.

    But of course y'all still be shoving the Epic Quest down our throats so instead, why don't you just delete all the useless content and stop wasting our precious memory space?

    World Quests
    - It's a good addition to the game. It makes the world less empty since we get to interact with different NPCs throughout the world and during our journey but they're completely useless. The exp rate is so crap that it just feel like a waste of time doing them, it's more efficient to play music or fish to fill the awkward gap. Remove the Epic Quest and add more World Quests and boost the exp rate.

    Epic Quest
    - Ahh, the root of all evil. I'll say it as much I as need to, THIS. NEEDS. TO. GO. I can't believe after all the complaints about the Epic Quest in our feedbacks you're still pushing it. The story is awful, it's too damn boring, it's completely broken, it just feels like a chore to do them and worse of all is because it rewards you with skill and stat points it automatically makes it mandatory to complete. There's no real enjoyment doing this questline and it definitely don't incentivate players to make alternative characters to play different classes. Give me a good reason you cannot give up on the Epic Quest, I bet you can't. You want story in your game? sure, give every class a story divided in mini arcs that lasts 3 levels every 5 or 10 levels or so, and of course don't make it mandatory by giving away skill and stat points (this is important). This way you get your lore thing and it doesn't bother the player if they don't want to or are not interested in doing them. It's a different story for every class so it's good for those who enjoy playing for the story. It's a win-win. Forcing your players into one thing is not the way to do it.

    Maple Island and Beginner Class
    - I don't know why you guys ditched this. I think this was the perfect way to throw us into the game and get to know the basics. Instead of throwing us into the story and being the hero from the get go we had the option of being a commoner to becoming the hero and start our journey and story at level 10. I hope I'm not the only one that feels this way.

    - Well, just telling you that as soon as we spawn in Lith Harbor and complete our first 3-5 quests from the Epic Questline and get instantly transported to Tria skipping valuable low level content, you should know where I'm going with this. The exploration goals are a good thing, don't get me wrong. But the fact that we have to go back all the way to the low level areas at level freaking 50 to complete those exploration goals is ridiculous. It really kills the progressive feel and triggers my nonexistent OCD. Thanks to the Epic Quest more than 80% of the world is unexplored and become useless just because you're overleveled and there's nothing to do there except to just complete the exploration goal. Most of the maps and hunting grounds in MS2 are huge and absolutely beautiful yet we don't get to enjoy them. All that hard work your developers put into making those maps as beautiful as they are end up being wasted because of the Epic Quest.

    - Why is there a gear for every level? Why do we have to change gear every time we level up? And to make it worse, we level so fast that changing and upgrading our gear becomes bothersome. The fact that some gear have practically the same skin/texture/model doesn't help at all. Like seriously, I think upgrading our gear every 5 levels is a sweet spot. Also, why is the gear given by the Epic Quest better than the ones we get from dungeons (sub-level50 of course)?

    - Most of them are completely obsolete and that's thanks to the Epic Quest. The exp and rewards are crap, there's no reason to complete them besides the ones we need for the Epic Quest. Again, the Epic Quest needs to go and the exp and rewards for dungeons should be boosted instead. The difficulty level should be different depending if you're doing it solo or in a party. Partying should be incentivated by giving more exp, meso and just better rewards in general.

    Hard Adventure Dungeons
    - I feel like hard adventure dungeons should be at least 5 to 6 man party. There are some classes that are neglected and have a hard time getting into a party because all spots are taken by the must have classes in a party.

    - The exp and meso should be boosted and should be considered as an option for leveling up. Party play should be incentivated with biisted expa and meso.

    I don't know what else to say... There's so much wrong with this game that can be fixed by removing the Epic Quest but Nexon just doesn't want to let it go.
  • AmatsubaneAmatsubane
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    remove weekly dungeons, other than that, there weren't any other MAJOR problems I've encountered. The only other problem I can think of, is that you could return 10 man dungeons for hard dungeons. I was a zerk main, and didn't really felt wanted in FD or Rog (mostly Rog, every party was always 2/4 or 3/4 looking for a priest and/or knight). After a party has a knight or priest, most people immediately ask for RDPS such as archers or assassins. If you bring back 10 man dungeon, and make the bosses hit harder and tougher, I feel like it would be more enjoyable and not as hard to find a party to dungeon with, especially for classes like a thief. Also, fishing took forever even with auto fishing, so it would be nice if you could reduce the amount needed to get to the next, because I know I will basically need to spend merits to get to max when release comes out, its just not worth it doing it without auto fishing. (Also fix rng in dungeons XD, I keep getting other classes loot and I spent 40 runs on FD and was still missing a belt and cape). Despite all of this, the game was extremely fun, and I didn't expect to be this bored and sad when beta ended.
  • xIzayoixIzayoi
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    Overall impressions of Maplestory 2 Closed Beta 2, I loved the PvE and combat system, However I feel as though the weapons/equipment you've obtain, don't really have any sort of value and the housing system, I feel as though there should be tweaks or fixes for building in your private residency because I lag a lot or my frames drop whenever placing any sort of blocks. For Bossing I feel as though there should be a party locator/ party searcher (not sure what it's exactly called) for those who don't have enough members for a certain raid or just those who want to play with other players. Another use of the combat system for PvE would be in Mushking Royale, I didn't really like the fact that it had a bomberman perspective, I would love to see mushking royale with the original perspective of playing maplestory 2. Another thing I would like to see is Free Market (if there was then I wasn't able to spot it), another implemented system from maplestory 1 would be amazing. Thank for giving me the chance to play this closed beta and hope the best for Maplestory 2!
  • KoumorinKoumorin
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    There are a couple of minor issues I would like to talk about regarding Maplestory 2. I'm not sure what to classify these under so I'm just posting it here. First of all, it would be nice if there was an option to mute idle saying your character makes. It's a bit annoying to keep hearing my character talking every 30 seconds when I'm working on my music sheets. It would also be nice after you unlock a dye or another customizable option it would tell you in the chat log. It goes by a bit too quick so it's sometimes hard to know what I just unlocked. Some cinematic scene texts also go by way too fast and it can be hard to follow. That's the only issues I can really think of at the moment. Overall this beta was a pleasant experience and I'm so grateful for all the hard work you guys put into it and I'm so glad I got to be a part of it. I've been waiting for this game for four years now so I'm sure you can imagine how excited I am for the official release. I wish you guys luck!
  • LittleDarkNecoLittleDarkNeco
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    Hey Everyone.. i know I'm a little late with this feedback but some crap happened like always :P

    I wish to start by saying i have thoroughly enjoyed myself in both CBT1 and CBT2 and i see the game going in the right direction.
    I do have a few little nit picks like everyone that i think would help the over all game

    first up some map issues we where unable to get to map Wailing mine/ Magma trail with out using the Walkie-Talkies.
    also i think there are some issues with the snow maps. frozencrest / Snowscarf / Frostpeak Mountain / Crystalfrost wall / Igloo Hill i lost the video to make sure but a few of the maps you warp to don't match up to the order on the world map. there is also a snow hidden map that links the snow maps over to Ludition Carnival or ludi Arcade i cant remember witch and I'm not sure if this is meant to be a thing or not

    as for a few nit picks that could be a good option for people to have
    1) A way to have all your Alts have the same name (like a account name so people know you even on a alt).
    2) A way to make all Trophies account bound (like in the character creation screen) to help collectors who wish to get them all so they can play alts.
    3)In the equipment inventory screen when hovering over gear have a easy way to tell what one is equipped rather then just a little bit of text (example the equipped item window is a slightly different colour.
    4)I know the Meret shop is a money maker and i do plan on using it a bit however i hope that some things might change, one being if you buy a emote it could be account bound and not just locked to one character, i do believe locked gear works but emotes feel like they should be a account thing (like in the CBT1 we received a CBT1 emote for the CBT2 but it was only on the first character made and that feels a little off.
    5)In the guild roles tab i think there should be a option to turn on for being able to kick members (even if its locked to co-owner since if the leader is offline there is no way to remove someone if needed).
    6) world trophy quests / epic trophy quests... have random npc that send you on fetch quests also have some hidden maps that people have to find/ items need to be found and once things are collected you open up a epic quest that you need to use them items on (it could help the community talk about the game and all work on solving it tougher (have it as a hard and long quest for people to work out so its some long term trophy goals.
    7) the quest leveling has worked out better with the world quests but i still think mobs should give you a little more xp since they feel pointless to kill

    i know some of the nit picks are big asks hey no harm in seeing if there is a chance :)
    Anyways the game is really enjoyable and i cant wait for releases
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