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[Feedback] Overall Impressions


  • benlégendbenlégend
    Maplestory 2 Rep: 200
    Posts: 3

    hello I can test beta 1 and May 2, the problem of beta 2 know that in raid at 10 there is no automatic search for the coup I want it to corid and that the raid has 4 that passes 10. It was a pleasure for me to play and also in the raid after 3 deaths that can not be missed with merit thank you ^^
  • ChillBearChillBear
    Maplestory 2 Rep: 5,690
    Posts: 292
    edited 1:38AM August 2, 2018
    I added a number of points to my original feedback post since I've had more time in this CBT: http://forums.maplestory2.nexon.net/discussion/35102/feedback-overall-impressions/p5

    There is NO purpose to have made so many maps redundant with content skipping over them so quickly or giving direct access by menus (Beauty Street, Black Market, Dungeon Party Finder, etc).
    There is NO purpose for indirectly forcing players to make alt characters in order to continue progression; many players want to focus on progression on a single character.
    There is NO purpose that PVP gear rewards which provide % piercing are required to clear PVE chaos raids.
    There is NO purpose for enchantment mini-progression to be lost when switching between Peachy and Ophelia.
    There is NO purpose for the fair fight system be so punishing on geared players, making previous content (world bosses, dungeons) feel like a waste of time.
    There is NO purpose that account rewards should be restricted to the first character a player logs in to; this has and will lead to many players mistakenly claiming rewards on the wrong character.
    There is NO purpose for GMs to be so reluctant to help players in recovering rewards that have been mistakenly distributed to the wrong character.
  • deidaraheideidarahei
    Maplestory 2 Rep: 930
    Posts: 13
    add a button to mute other player's mounts
  • DrinkTeaDrinkTea
    Maplestory 2 Rep: 910
    Posts: 21
    edited 6:43PM August 2, 2018
    I've spread my nitpicks and issues throughout the forums, but I honestly had a lot of fun in Closed Beta 2, from PvE to socializing, I've enjoyed myself the whole time through regardless of my many gripes. There is a great base for this game to succeed, and right now, it lies on how well you can improve off the feedback we give you. I can't wait to play the other classes and play with friends and a close-knit guild. I really am excited. Just please listed and improve what the players want and don't fall back into the issues of Maplestory. This is a new game and a new adventure that I want to stay with as long as possible. Please adjust accordingly. Thank you (if you did) for reading and considering my, and many other's posts.

    EDIT: I didn't know where exactly to put his, but not being able to climb the back of blocks is annoying and the map menu can get very laggy, so maybe a lower res option for that? Thanks
  • paipanloverpaipanlover
    Maplestory 2 Rep: 2,660
    Posts: 125
    I still want Maple Island back. Like Korea started MS2 ~3 years ago. Beginner to lvl 10-> first job -> future second job. Thats the only maple way for me.

    I want a more slow game, where you should explore the world and level up along the way. Now its just follow the main story, without exploring the huge world, no party quests and not even a little bit grinding, and you are lvl 50. Why are there other maps if no one uses them. Ever. I, as a true hermit, will be the only one wandering around in all the 100 left alone maps.
  • PhantomGirlPhantomGirl
    Maplestory 2 Rep: 500
    Posts: 4
    I had such an enjoyable time participating in CB2! This game is extremely fun and there was so much to see an do. I wanted to take my time and experience everything. The second week I got extremely ill with the flu and slept most of that week away and feel like I really missed out on a lot, but in the end I still had fun and experienced enough to know that this is exactly my kind of game. There are a few things that just want to comment on.
    1. I love the sense of community that this game creates. Need help with a map boss? Send out a message with a channel and map and you will have a handful of people come right away to help you out. I love that you also do not have to be in a party with all of those players for that to work.
    2. I like how you can create your own chat tabs, I wish there were a way to rename them so if you have more than one they are not all just called new tab (if I remember correctly). I also found that if I were typing in the local area I would hit enter to send my message and then to keep the conversation going I would have to continually click in the chat box, rather than just hitting ESC to leave the conversation when it was done.
    3. I would have loved a way to go back and view some of the content on the tutorials in the maple guide.
    4. I love the mini-games and how the exp earned from them grew with your character.
    5. I found some of the bosses to be extremely OP however as I was able to improve my equipment it became easier to solo them.
    6. Potion/herb rewards should be more level or HP/MP based.
    7. Love the character creation screen, customization is great.
    8. I thought about suggesting a move and drag option on the mini-map to view other areas and then I discovered hitting the tab button makes that mini-map bigger and you can see the whole map. I loved that feature and used it often.
    9. I would have like to have zoom-in option on the main map so you could get closer to view specific towns or places.
    10. The pets are great. What I like most is that you don't need a pet to pick up item drops. I never got to a point where I could test out a pet for combat I hit 50 overnight on the last night and did the pet tutorial the following morning.
    11. When viewing the main map and checking on stars for the map goals I would have liked to have a little icon to view which map I was on at the time to see which quests I could go do.
    12. I loved my flying mounts and used them often, I would like to have a way to control the descend. Often I would miscalculate the land and let go of the mount only to end up falling right off the map.
    13. When you go to the gear shop in towns you can click the box that says hide unusable, I wish that box would stay checked for at least the whole time you are signed in to the game. I would often move towns and go to the gear shop again only to have to recheck that box.

    I am so glad that I was able to participate in CB2. These notes are from my experience and everyone will have a different view on their own experience but overall the game was great and a lot of fun for me. I look forward to being able to enjoy the full game with some of my very good MS1 friends.

    Thank you for reading!
  • LooTazuLooTazu
    Maplestory 2 Rep: 200
    Post: 1
    First impressions on this game is pretty solid. I liked the connection to the servers; and changing channel did not take too long. Maps were expansive and kept the same feel of platforms as the first Maple with some more additions. & dungeon raids and events were more than entertaining.
    A quick summary:

    + Remixed music was amazing
    + Adding a musical feature that can play the older maple songs
    + Large expansive maps
    + Quests were easy to follow and helped explore new areas
    + Impressed heavily with the skills of characters; & looking forward to more
    + Dungeons were creative and boss monsters had different patterns to make the experience even more fun
    + Home creations mixed with character personal skills (crafting or farming etc)
    + Nostalgia in monsters
    + Boss monsters in normal maps

    - Could not seem to jump holding up and left ever
    - Fishing had no real purpose (maybe adding catching fish can create or enchant certain items?)
    - Macro settings capped at 3; which made customization to personal choice very hard
    - Side quests could not compare experience points wise to main quests
    - Normal monsters could not be used as a grinding method; re-spawn time was pretty slow too
    - Level up sound could be improved? more dramatically hype?

    So far though; as a maple fan, I really enjoyed this beta version. Hope it becomes even bigger.
    P.S please follow keep somethings similar to Maplestory Pre Big Bang
  • GosickGosick
    Maplestory 2 Rep: 410
    Posts: 10
    the only problem I wants to address is the fact that you cannot assign key for performance meter, also, you should be able to choose what to display.
    First, performance meter should be able to pause and let you see your stat, this is an issue because attack like fire and poison will be counted even after your 1 min attack test.
    Second, when you accidentally close your performance meter, you have to go through a lot of mess to pull the tab out again which is a pain for me.
    Third, instead of rotating the categories, if you click the "change categories thing" it should pull out another tab that indicate all of the categories, and you can select what to display and what to not, allow you to select more than one categories.
    Fourth, it would be nice if you can click a button and the performance meter will expand, showing everything, including what skills did you used and how much damage you dealt with that skill. It will be very helpful for nerds like me.
  • YzuuYzuu
    Maplestory 2 Rep: 340
    Posts: 8
    This was my first encounter with Maplestory 2 as I did not get into Closed Beta 1 and I just wanted to say I loved it! Everything was absolutely adorable. I think the game makers did an awesome job stepping into the 3D world. Very excited for the official launch of this game!

    The following is just some general feedback I have for the game moving forward:

    First off, one of the things that really jumped out at me was the ability to set different tabs in your chat. This basically allows you for example, to set a tab dedicated to whispers. Because we all know how annoying the spammers are, I just wanted to express my gratitude towards the game makers for including this function.

    There wasn't a section on class balance so I guess I'll put it here. It's already obvious which classes are considered "over-powered" which I will not name in order to avoid needless debate. Hopefully adjustments will be made so we don't end up with a lack of class variety. I did not end up trying all the classes but I think a fair way to compare each class would be at the first dungeon where we need to rescue the princess. Some classes were smooth cruise through the first dungeon whereas others were a bit of a struggle. Unless the difficulty to play certain classes is on purpose, I think this is an important consideration in the final release of Maplestory 2.

    Styling: When changing hairstyles, I was not able to view my character with the current equipped headgear, which made it hard to judge whether it would look good or not. An option to either take off all gears or have them all on similar to original Maplestory would be great!

    Finally, while I was playing with my partner, I found it a bit difficult to locate him on the map. The mini-map we have at the top right corner of the screen is already very cluttered so I would like to suggest maybe a bigger icon or to maybe have the person's profile pic appear on the mini-map so it's must easier to see just from a glance.

    Thank you for the opportunity to participate in Closed Beta. Keep up the great work :)

  • GosickGosick
    Maplestory 2 Rep: 410
    Posts: 10
    Meralux wrote: »
    Optimization: 3/10
    Horrid performance on a 1080TI with a 6700k, I get performance dips when using menus as low as 15fps, solo in the world I can manage a 144 fps just fine, attacking anything lowers it, group dungeons lower it below 60, 10 man dungeons lower it below 30, minigames are just atrocious. This is 2018, no excuse for this anymore.
    for your fps problem, you can hide other characters in the menu if you have fps problem in towns, mingames, dungeons, and *especial in some gm events, that got my fps dropped to 3fps(not gaming laptop)*
  • MissVanjieMissVanjie
    Maplestory 2 Rep: 3,535
    Posts: 274
    edited 11:00AM August 2, 2018
    Okkur so heres my suggestions and stuff i thought about while playinggg :)

    channel population counter
    basically, add a number next to the channels in the drop down menu. This way, you can see how many people are on each channel without having to go to the channel.

    one server for NA
    please lol

    house saving
    maybe you can save a house that you really like, so you can visit it whenever

    this is a big one. please do not have this. INstead of this, i have an idea. either make it free all together, or if youre not going to make it free, then have daily quests that give you global chat tickets. the quests will be random minigames so it wont be a chore.

    more hairstyles in character creation
    add the short dreads or the long dreads hairstyle to character creation, as of now there are no thick hairstyle options.

    night time in queenstown
    the daytime lighting in queenstown kills the vibe of some of the performances, the glowsticks and fireworks will look way better if it could be night time.

    dont gender locked clothes
    please un genderlock some of the customization options. especially something as simple as nailpolish.

    suggestion: radio
    this can be an item in the cash shop, where you can play a song youve downloaded on your computer. that way you can have more fun in your house and not have to listen to your songs played on a piano all day lolol

    more minigames
    they are my favorite part of this game, add more plz

  • LnScanLnScan
    Maplestory 2 Rep: 200
    Posts: 3
    MapleStory 2 - Beta 2 - LANGUAGE: PT-BR
    Bom, sou novo no jogo e gostei muito. Vejo o jogo com um futuro muito promissor, já que ele tem uma abrangência que agradaria aos mais diversos públicos.
    * Apontamentos que eu creio serem válidos *
    - Diminuir a facilidade para evoluir, o jogo possui um mapa riquíssimo, mas se não for devidamente explorado será apenas um mapa grande! acho que vocês poderiam por exemplo: Aumentar o nível para 80 e usar os mapas para que as pessoas evoluam e ao mesmo tempo vão descobrindo os mapas.
    - Com 80 níveis e uma dificuldade legal para evoluir, vocês conquistarão jogadores que gostam de explorar o jogo, matar monstros e etc.
    - Para atender aos jogadores que preferem cosméticos, fazer as casas e tudo mais, eles podem ter acesso mais cedo no jogo. Aí ele não ficaria obrigado a evoluir sendo que ele não prefere isso.
    - As dungeons, gostei! eu estava procurando há um bom tempo um jogo para eu explorar, fazer dungeons, matar bosses e tudo mais. Porém, pode-se dinamizar um pouco assim: Coloque dungeons até o level 100- E as dungeons mantendo-as difíceis. Só que o player, caso ele drope itens e os evolua, conseguirá fazer sozinho as dungeons até o level 70+- e a partir daí entra o jogo em conjunto( partys, clãs, e etc) e como o level máximo seria 80, a partir daí até o lvl 100 as dungeons tem de ser estudadas para que os participantes combinem forças para conseguir passá-las. Desafios assim deixam o jogo ainda mais divertido.
    ** E quando eu digo DIFÍCIL não é colocar 20.000.000 de HP no monstro não! isso eu vejo como um erro. O personagem ficar forte a ponto de bater 50.000... Muitos números exorbitantes na tela, muitas skills sem interrupção. Diminuam os danos e as vidas.
    - os mapas PVP- joguei alguns PVP's e fica aqui mais uma nota sobre DANO e HP. um knight matar outra pessoa de mesmo nível com 1 skill é muito chato chato chato. Há tantas skills que podem ser exploradas e deixar o PVP muito, mas muito mais interessante. Sobre os mapas: minha indicação é -> Retirem os monstros de lá, coloquem nos mapas normais para que as pessoas os explorem enquanto conhecem a variedade de mapas do jogo. Deixem o mapa PVP como está, mas sem monstros, balanceiem os PVPs para ser algo mais demorado e como os mapas são meio escuros ficaria legal assim -> limite de 15 ou 20 players por mapa. O nome, vida etc. não aparecer para os outros players e isso possibilita que os players se escondam nos lugares e esperem alguém passar para dar emboscada, o mapa PVP ficaria como uma área de total alerta, pessoas escondidas, ataques surpresas e tudo mais. Com limite de players para não ficar super lotado e uma bagunça... Acho que assim o mapa PVP ficaria muuuuito legal para explorarmos as infinitas possibilidades...
    -- esses são alguns dos apontamentos. Eu acho que assim o jogo agradaria aos que gostam por as possibilidades de customização de casa, tocar música, pets, subir os andares da dungeons <3 , PVPs, raid, exploração e muito mais.
    Espero ajudar em algo :D
  • LnScanLnScan
    Maplestory 2 Rep: 200
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    MapleStory 2 - Beta 2 - LANGUAGE: EN ( translated by google translate )
    Well, I'm new to the game and I really enjoyed it. I see the game with a very promising future, since it has a scope that would please the most diverse audiences.
    * Notes that I believe are valid *
    - Decrease the ease to evolve, the game has a very rich map, but if it is not properly explored it will be just a big map! I think you could for example: Increase the level to 80 and use the maps so that people evolve and at the same time they are discovering the maps.
    - With 80 levels and a legal difficulty to evolve, you will win players who like to explore the game, kill monsters and so on.
    - To cater to players who prefer cosmetics, make homes and everything else, they may have access earlier in the game. There he would not be forced to evolve being that he does not prefer it.
    - The dungeons, I liked it! I was looking for a good time a game for me to explore, do dungeons, kill bosses and everything. However, you can dynamize a little like this: Put dungeons up to level 100- And the dungeons keep them difficult. However, if the player drops items and evolves, he can only do the dungeons up to level 70 + - and from there enter the game together (partys, clans, etc) and as the maximum level would be 80, the From there until lvl 100 the dungeons have to be studied so that the participants combine forces to pass them. Such challenges make the game even more fun.
    ** And when I say DIFFICULT is not put 20,000,000 HP in the monster no! this I see as a mistake. The character gets strong enough to hit 50,000 ... Many exorbitant numbers on the screen, many skills without interruption. Decrease damage and lives.
    - the PVP maps - I threw some PVP's and here's another note about DANO and HP. a knight kill another person of same level with 1 skill is very boring boring boring. There are so many skills that can be exploited and leave the PVP much, but much more interesting. On the maps: my indication is -> Remove the monsters from there, put them on the normal maps so that people will explore them while they know the variety of maps of the game. Leave the PVP map as it is, but no monsters, balance the PVPs to be something more time consuming and the maps are kind of dark, it would look cool like this -> 15 or 20 players per map limit. The name, life, etc. not appear to other players and this allows players to hide in places and wait for someone to go to ambush, the PVP map would be an area of ​​total alert, hidden people, surprises and more. With limit of players not to get super crowded and a mess ... I think so the PVP map would be soooo cool to explore the infinite possibilities ...
    - these are some of the notes. I think so the game would please those who like the possibilities of home customization, playing music, pets, climbing the floors of <3 dungeons, PVPs, raid, exploration and more.
    I hope to help with something: D
  • MikadoxMikadox
    Maplestory 2 Rep: 200
    Post: 1
    I had such fun with the game over the last two weeks. I loved fishing and even if it was just a tiny little chance, I loved the fact that you could get a pet out of it! I adpred the farming and mining etc. And getting all sorts of trophies. I looooved the costumization part of the game: So much choices in both clothing and hairstyles! Not to be let down by the colorpalet for you hair! One word: amazing. The minigames and Kaygames are relaxing when you want to stop grinding for a while.

    Considering the gameplay graphics: the graphics are heavy but nice if you have a good computer. I never lagged when I was not on a server with a lot of players. For example: When in Tria, a bunch of players are playing their music or waiting and stuff. At that point I do get lagspikes, but it didn't have any negative effect on my overall gameplay.

    But with every upside there are also downsides. I loved the dungeons, but always hit the limited amount of entries. Maybe if you'd up them more, we could enjoy this more.

    Also in battle when I did my Fire Tornado ( Wizard ) but instantly dashed out, there was no animation nor damage of the tornado. It was like it vanished or as if I didn't use it, but I did get the cooldown.

    Also I wish there were more possibilities for multiplayergaming and not only the dungeons. I mean, sure you can party up amd take the same quests, but I would like to see party quests as well ( if that's possible ofcourse )

    I hope my feedback has helped for future understandings.
  • KrowinsKrowins
    Maplestory 2 Rep: 200
    Posts: 2
    Je pense qu'il est préférable d'ajouter le français dans le jeux , même si je pense que cette ajout sera effectif lors de la sortie du jeux , en effet une importante partie de la communauté sont français ^^'
  • LnScanLnScan
    Maplestory 2 Rep: 200
    Posts: 3
    EN ( translated by google translate )
    I think they could implement a guild battle system.
    The 3 best or the winner would stay for 1 week being the "boss" of such city and in it the winning guild would have discounts in the stores, or would receive percentage in the financial movement of the city. Or even could stay for 1 month as "bosses" only on weekends there would be the possibility of trying to take the city of "boss". I think that would be a good fight.

    Acho que poderiam implementar um sistema de batalha de guilds.
    Os 3 melhores ou o vencedor ficaria durante 1 semana sendo o "chefe" de tal cidade e nela a guild vencedora teria descontos nas lojas, ou receberia porcentagem na movimentação financeira da cidade. Ou até poderiam ficar durante 1 mês como "chefes" só que nos finais de semana haveria a possibilidade de tentar tomar a cidade do "chefe". Acho que isso daria uma boa disputa.
  • bakayouthbakayouth
    Maplestory 2 Rep: 200
    Post: 1
    Game was downright addicting to play. However, some characters in the story when reunited with acted as if I had never met them until that point, which definitely broke the immersion. The UI as others have stated could sometimes be too small or other times invasive/cluttered. Other than these minor issues, as long as the game never becomes a pay-to-win based system, I can't imagine an MMO I'd rather spend all of my time playing. Can't wait for the full release!
    Maplestory 2 Rep: 200
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    Would be nice for a way to aquire merets in-game without paying actual money.
  • Thekiller44Thekiller44
    Maplestory 2 Rep: 200
    Post: 1
    dont make it p2p late game and we gucci
  • LiquitechLiquitech
    Maplestory 2 Rep: 100
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    Would be good if we could get merets in someway without having to pay for them, and i really hope you guys don't mess it up and make it a p2w situation like it is in maplestory currently
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