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[Feedback] Overall Impressions


  • KejimaKejima
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    edited 5:51PM August 1, 2018
    no more than 30 dungeons a week and 10 per day is kinda lame really hate games that limit how many dungeons you can run. Other than that the game was great.
  • BearClawBearClaw
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    The game is very well made but also contain some fail from the Korean server . First, i feel like im almost by myself the hold game, there is not a party finder that help you find the party for the main quest, that end up me dieing in the dungeon many times.
  • SuggSugg
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    This game has tons of potential to be competitive and fun for all there needs to be a line drawn on what is acceptable and what is not and publicly stated in the game, the new story line introduced people finding ways to gain exp as fast as possible instead of just playing through the story which I believe was unpleasant. The feel that game may be a bit heavy on the pay-to-win side is disappointing, the servers felt cheap but the overall gameplay was fun, exciting, challenging, and the majority of the community is wonderful.
  • TehL337TehL337
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    It has potential to be a good game for both casual players and serious raid players, I wish you ms2 team well in keeping the game out and let us enjoy ms2 as we enjoyed ms1 back during pre-bigbang.
  • KenyKeny
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    How many founder’s packs will be for sale or is it unlimited?
    Is there a specific date when it’ll be off sale?
  • Vijay2018Vijay2018
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    I liked the look and feel of the game. As mentioned above the cut scenes should be done at your pace. More item drops would be nice. Leveling was a little slow and even the lower level bosses took a lot of damage to kill. I felt my magician should have dealt far more damage. Overall the game was good and hope you all release it soon.
  • PixidosePixidose
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    edited 8:06PM August 1, 2018
    Maplestory has been my first MMO so it has a place in my heart, with maple 2 catering to the new generations just means times have changed and is not necessary bad. I quite enjoy the new Maple myself, everything may be different but I adjust fairly quick to the gaming industry.

    I have already left some of my reviews in other threads and I hope you guys take the time to read it, surely it will get overwhelming because I did. There were a few things that weren't mention that I would like to address.

    I understand that people can advertise to their hearts content when they have the merit to do so, but I think it should be limited to how many hours or how many posts they can make in a single bulletin board. I say bulletin boards and not per day because if people have the money they can do whatever they want, I just think that reserving a whole bulletin board/ posters for like 10 hrs straight leaving other people with dead hours where no a lot of players roam around is a bit unfair.

    My other thought is that maybe if you are close by a chair/ bench it would be lovely to make it interactive with the sitting gesture or a command such as /sit rather than have to position yourself and then sit down, I know in maple original you could sit on benches which auto clip you when you use the sit keybind. Maybe bringing something like this into maple2 might work?

    You know the little icons on the right side bottom corner? instead of hovering on the icon to get the scroll up menu I would rather click it to open the scroll up menu, instead of the first window it offers. What I mean by this is that many times I tried to open the inventory tab by clicking it instead of hovering my mouse, thinking it will just open the scroll bar but instead it takes me straight to my character profile which i didn't need. It can be a bit frustrating. Hovering on the icon just feels a bit weird, I want to physically click it to open the scroll bar tab. If I make any sense.

    I'm sure this only involve the beta but would you guys ever consider giving merits as rewards for certain events? I hope the daily log in will stay a thing, and I hope is just as rewarding as the beta test or even better. Sure the first few days can be generic things but in between reward log in should be something people want, if you guys want people to keep logging in everyday, ya feel?
  • SaekitSaekit
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    I really enjoyed getting to play MS2 closed beta. I made it to level 50 wizard.
    I love the cute gameplay! I didn't think I would like the blockiness, but it works and really grows on you.

    I like how original MS has a bunch of different stories per class and would have liked to see that in MS2. It was weird for my wizard who started with Einos to be unrecognized by him later in the story. I'm assuming it's the same for the other characters as well. Following one story-line is kind of dull IMO.

    As fun as it is bonding with other players during random boss fights, having to spend 30+ minutes to kill a boss is a bit excessive...I think we (me and one other one else was around to help) must have died at least 10 times fighting Toh and Googoo. It's fun when you have a bunch of maplers helping out, but very difficult and exhausting when there's only a couple.

    I liked the life skills, I got into them a bit too late in the beta. I think it's good to have a daily collecting limit, so it's something you feel you should do every day when you log in. The carrot backpack and apple earrings were super cute. A nice improvement from the "professions" of MS, which were super boring.

    Houses were pretty cool. I had all of my ranching and farming in there, but I don't understand why we can't have mining and foraging in there as well. It would be nice to see what house assistants can make before you buy them. I hope there will be housing discount periods since prices won't be as cheap.

    Fishing takes way too long to level up. I gave up on it half way through Beginner II. What's the point in leaving your game on to fish for hours just to level're not even playing the game at that point.

    Events were fun! The dance one was my favorite. I tried the PVP boat one once, but it was confusing and I let my team down since I had no idea how to play it. Racing ones gave me anxiety lol.

    I can't think of any other feedback to give at the moment.
    I'm excited to play MS2 when it's released!
  • BatbloodxBatbloodx
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    Overall, I like a lot of the way things are laid out in the game. I love the character designs, and avatar customization. I like quickly equipping items with the right click, and that gear and outfit are in separate slots, with outfit overlapping. I think the controls are overall pretty smooth, though it would be nice to have more space to hotkey additional things.

  • SlimSombraSlimSombra
    Maplestory 2 Rep: 300
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    The game was overall fun for a first timer mapler. Though I wish you guys would remove the limit amount of plays per song... its really a pain in the back to buy a new music sheet. If not then please lower the price for the music sheets because its a pain in the back to buy more Q.Q

    There's nothing wrong with music is there? Let us have our freedom with music!

  • ItsOjiItsOji
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    My opinion?

    The real question should be how long does nexon want to keep player around?

    The game was way to easy. People hit level 50 in 1-2 days without spending more then 12hrs doing it. Once you hit 50 you can continue to afk for Prestige for the crazy meso reward.

    If i had to change 1 thing about this game, that would increase the level exp needed per level by 20x then what it is. then with every breakthrough example 9,19,29,39 and so on should require 100x more exp as one you hit that next bracket for new skills should be a lot harder to accomplish.

    I don't mind the grindfest atleast you know ill be playing this game still.

    Ull get people that hit 50 in less then 1-2 days then is stuck at 50 till the next level update content and whenever that comes theyll most likely whine and cry about nothing to do because they afk music 1-2 days to hit 50.

  • AukeAuke
    Maplestory 2 Rep: 250
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    Definitely really fun, still wish there was party quests though.
  • anHillaanHilla
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    Overall feedback huh?

    I loved the dedication and passion that the team and the players share.

    The game needs some more fine tunning on the skill damage and atribute status, but its an amazinhg job so far.
    Maybe a more extreme balance towards the common RPG(in terms of atribute and damage distribution) would work well.

    Found the fishing too confusing as I couldnt check my progress on the mastery. 7/10

    Absolutely loved the Instrument system. 9/10

    The housing takes too much time for little rewards, so in my honest opinnion it shouldnt even give rewards. Only the Life-builds allowed.
    While on house if you make a second floor you can´t see properly the floor below, maybe change it to floor map based?

    Making the mounts speed grow with your rank/mastery? would be interesting. And it would eliminate the pay to win side at the same time.

    Tried to ask on twitter for assistance from an staff but didn´t even get a reply. At least answer with the basic yes or no? Considering we are all supporting the development of the game with the founder´s pack, I think we deserve that much at least.

    That leaves my overall rating for this CBT2.
    In my view it was a sucess of sorts, so a 8/10?
    Considering it was a Beta, and some players (myself included) like to enjoy the story, the cutscenes, the scenario.... maybe make all grinding and time consumming actions faster/easier would have been ideal.
  • LightzenLightzen
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    I think the game was pretty fun overall, however, I did seem to lose interest at the very end due to having not much to do because I've hit the level limit. Gear grinding was a bit boring because it was the same thing over and over again but I still kept playing because of how cute the game was haha. I know eventually we will have more levels and skills but until then, it was good to play for at least 2 weeks.
  • anHillaanHilla
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    ThijsB wrote: »
    Vanicle wrote: »
    Not sure if there is an option to change this, and I see the reasoning behind it, but I think it's kind of confusing how the "equipped" gear appears on one side vs another side depending on where it is in your inventory. Personally, I feel like equipped gear should always be on the right side.



    Maybe you guys can make the equipped one slightly different? Maybe with a darker(or brighter) colour.

    I suggest coloring in the item type badge on the top right that's already there.

    Making the equipped window different or simply making the "Equipped" word more catching would help.
  • anHillaanHilla
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    xAngelBeat wrote: »
    Im very pleased with how Beta is, my only gripe is WEEKLY AND DAILY DUNGEON LIMITS! Why would you want to cap your players and keep them from playing the game? The reason KMS2 & CMS2 lost a lot of players was due to the caps. If someone wants to no life the game then they should be able to. Also if someone caps out on Weekly dungeons it removes the ability to help other players or friends who want to party up. It makes zero sense to have this cap system in place.

    I think caps are in place for a reason, but its true if you want to please the "No life grind" side. But what about the "Work all day and barely any time" people?
    Fair play was never a easy feat.
  • anHillaanHilla
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    Croe wrote: »
    The current frequency of weapon drops through the story line makes getting them unrewarding. I think the rate at which you obtain better weapons should be decreased significantly. Often times I receive a weapon which is worse than the current weapon I have or I will receive a better weapon before even using my current weapon. Also, considering most drops from world bosses and dungeons are weapons, these also feel unrewarding.

    Agreed, but its help in the fact that you can recicle/extract then or simply sell then.
    And there is a chance its only while Beta.
  • anHillaanHilla
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    While i´m not sure if this is the place. Its hateful the fact that most times the riddle events happen when I was out. And being soo short lived, I can´t even participate even if I´m able to know it is happening. Making such events at least last a day long would be able to reach out for more people.
  • MKInfiniteMKInfinite
    Maplestory 2 Rep: 640
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    As someone who never played the first Maple Story, this one felt really nice.

    Though I think some of the Plot Related dungeon bosses that were supposed to be either at lower or at the same level we were while tackling that particular task felt more like a chore, some of them had really tiny windows for attack, or had way too much HP (I understand this is done so that we can't just breeze thru the story, but sometimes I felt like doing something else instead of doing the story)

    Speaking of plot related stuff, I also felt discouraged from continuing because the healing items you get up until level 30-35 (give or take, I forgot) are still the lil red potion that heal 200 hp, which is nothing when your HP is practically in the thousands and the enemies now hit harder. Maybe changing this would make for a better experience.

    Oh and also, please make the Maple Guide related quest cancellable, as I made a mistake of not properly reading the instructions (entirely my fault), made the stuff required for the task and ended up using them before I triggered the "you can talk to this npc to continue" and I had to go out of my way to collect a really rare drop item to continue with it, and another quest which I thought was bugged because it ended up showing like a normal quest (I thought they appeared in their own little quest window)

    Overall, a pretty good experience, which I hope is made even better with the tweaking of stuff.
    I mean, maybe some of the stuff I said is mostly based around my ineptitude in dealing with Maple Story related stuff, but I still feel like it needs to be said.

    I wish you all luck on making the game better for the playerbase!
  • DemonHunter75DemonHunter75
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    **long paragraph of my first impression of the game**
    For my first time playing Maplestory 2, I had no clue what i was getting myself into when i first ran the game. I expected the game to crash or take forever to load, which have occurred in many of the games I've played (this is probably a result of having an old laptop). But none of that happened, the game loaded in and I proceeded to create a character. I spent at least half an hour personalizing and creating my ideal character, changing the colour of the eyes, hair, and clothing, the possibilities were endless. I finished my character and began the tutorial (once again, I came into the game not knowing a thing), I selected the setting for using the original Maplestory key controls and It quickly briefed me on how to control my character, which I found very easy to understand. Shortly, I was able to adequately control my character, and so my journey as a knight begins. I followed the main story-line (as it was the most logical thing to do, if you're new to a game) and it quickly came to me, that it was quite easy to level up just by doing it. I tried shifting away from the main plot, in-order to do some side-quests and some mobbing. But it came to me that it took way longer to level up, at times I did 5+ quests and still wouldn't have leveled up, where it would of taken me only 3 quests from the main plot to level up. The main plot brought me to many locations, like Kerning City, Henesys, etc. At each location, there were exploration goals, which was a concept that I haven't seen in other MMORPG games, those goals encouraged players to enjoy exploring each and every map, seeking out its' secrets, and rewarding them when they reach a milestone of stars collected. As I neared the max level for closed beta (50), I started to get tired of playing, it didn't seem like there was much to do at that point. It was like a continuous loop of either doing dungeons or mobbing to get prestige rewards. There wasn't really a sense of community other than the fact that you can perform music, fish with other players or play the pop-up mini-games. The one thing I found that brought the community together, were the sudden boss raids event in Henesys and Ellinia (which I would love to see occur more often when the game fully releases), where you had the entire community flock to a specific channel to help fend off the boss.

    Overall, my first impressions on the game are very good, even with an old computer was I able to run it with a decent/comfortable frames per second range, I did come across a few glitches, but it doesn't side-track the main game. I can't wait to play it when it's fully released! :)

    The aspects that I quite enjoyed;
    - Endless possibilities of creating/personalizing your ideal character/lifestyle
    - Easy to understand tutorial
    - Exploration goals
    - Sudden boss raids event (summoned by the GMs)

    The aspects that may need improvement;
    - Game-play is too specifically focused on main story-line as a leveling up tool
    - Side-quests and mobbing gives too little EXP
    - Health of normal mobs
    - Things to do in when you reach the max level
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