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[Feedback] Overall Impressions


  • MeestahJahnMeestahJahn
    Maplestory 2 Rep: 100
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    Not sure where to put this, but please remove fair fight debuff. It makes gear progression obsolete, especially when you want to help your friends through older content as well as clearing your dailies.
    For example in MS1, as you got stronger, the faster it was to clear bosses. With the daily dungeon (and weekly raid) grind becoming the obvious end game activity, i should be able to clear the content faster when I get stronger.
    If for some reason you want to fight the dungeon as it was intended, have an option in the dungeon menu to toggle the "fair fight". In addition, if you wanted to make it competitive for clear times' sake, have the run with "fair fight" toggled count towards the ranking.

    At the end of the day, my point is that I think the "fair fight" debuff will be detrimental to the health of the game in the long run.
  • MrognagarMrognagar
    Maplestory 2 Rep: 380
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    I really enjoy the game.
  • FanGirlingFanGirling
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    As a whole I felt that the beta was well done and almost ready to launch.
    My only complaints would have to be with the main story line, utilization of dungeons and mob grinding (or lack of mob grinding).
    The main story line feels way to long and drawn out (I.E. running back and forth to the same two NPC's repeatedly).
    Moving onto the dungeons. I feel that this s really strong feature and they are fun. However, I think there needs to be more incentive to party up to do these dungeons. During the Beta I don't think I partied up with anyone until I hit level 50 when a party is necessary to complete the dungeons.
    If you made the dungeons either a little harder/longer, I feel partying up would be quite a bit more popular and create a more solid community environment.
    Moving onto my final gripe would have to be that grinding mobs is literally impossible. The amount of exp you get from mobs is depressing low. I know grinding mobs isn't for everyone, but there a definitely a lot of people that really enjoy doing this and implementing this feature to the game would definitely make a lot of people happy in my opinion.
    I absolutely love the game and can't wait to see what it evolves into!
    Keep up the great work.
  • rainsonatarainsonata
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    I had my doubts when I first signed up for the game. I wasn't impressed by the block aesthetic when I saw the screenshots for it in Korea 2 years ago, but playing the closed beta changed my mind. The gameplay is fun, if not a little harder than what I'm used to on MS1, but the colorful environment and ability to customize everything from your characters to your house made it a fun experience to discover Mapleworld again.

    The skills are limited from what I expected by the time I hit lv 30, but I hope we'll be getting more skills in the future for more skill combinations in gameplay. What we have in the closed beta is efficient enough for the dungeons and monsters. I didn't experience a lot of lag on my end (NA West), but there were occasions where my computer would freeze for a few seconds in the middle of a fight (those moments are rare and spread out). If you plan on keeping the servers spread out for avoiding lag, I rather you call them by different server names for NA instead of splitting them by region so people can continue to play with their friends.

    I would prefer if the crafting rewards would be applicable to gameplay (so maybe we can craft a useful accessory or a weapon we can sell in the market) or make something besides the items that boost level gain for crafting. Crafting an item to improve crafting can only motivate a person for so long because what do players accomplish once they hit the cap level for crafting?

    I mentioned a little bit about housing in the first paragraph, so I would like to tough on that topic again. I think it's great one has access to many things they can use to decorate their house, even customizing blocks if they wished with the only limit to money required to expand their house. However, I'm concern on how Nexon will address the limit of land properties once the game is opened to the public. As the public land is first come first serve, it would be difficult for new players to afford and buy public land even when players before can no longer pay the rent for it. Is this something we should be worried about in the future?

    Overall, this game was a positive experience for me and taught me to enjoy Maplestory again. It gave me the same feeling of excitement I had when I first played MS1. I look forward to seeing the official release and playing with everyone else!
  • satomiBladesatomiBlade
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    I agree that the fight fair debuff should be revised as it was kind of annoying having to deal with that after having acquired stronger equips.

    One thing that's really noticeable is the lack of buddy chat in the UI. I would strongly suggest bringing that back as having it missing removes a major social aspect of the original game.

    Also, for the UI, it's a bit too small and things are difficult to read at times. I would enlarge the text slightly and make the icons for NPCs, etc larger on the map because it can be challenging to view these things.
  • MogettaMogetta
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    Overall the game is really good.
    Didn't find any problems with the skills and figthing mosters and bosses was really fun.
    The party games are awesome! (even without completing Ludibrium Escape once... still fun xD)
    Spending time fishing and playing music is great too

    Things that could change or be removed:
    - Remove exp from placing blocks in house: even though blocks won't be free in released version, I think making your house is already fun enough and is worth spending mesos with no exp gain.
    - Make house walls transparente when the character gets behind them like happens on certain maps. it's really sad when you make a beautful outer wall and then have to destroy it becouse you can't see the inside of your house. (or was it a bug in my house?)
    - Make world quests more rewarding: The epic quest storyline is great, but after you make 3-4 characters leveling them up only by the epic quest storyline will be too repetitive.
    - More Items and Equips available only through life skills: can even make it harder to level life skills so players don't get good items too easily if that's the case
  • Sugar_chefSugar_chef
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    Maplestory 2 2nd Beta Testing it was amazing to play Sad i have to grind again.
  • iamflipiamflip
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    edited 12:33PM August 1, 2018
    So much to discuss about this beta. For one... this month was just a terrible time to have a CB thanks to ongoing events in MapleStory as well as a few games being out this month that I had to try out. Having my free time being split like this was agony, but I did my best to enjoy what time I had for this beta. Haha.

    For one that really enjoys reading up (and streaming) stories and lore, I found it extremely disappointing that major story dialogues had no pauses inbetween lines, and the dialogue just sped up too fast for me to read anything. At some point, I just stopped bothering to voice act those lines and disregard the story all together. The epic story quests are the most important part of MS2, but with the story itself being sped up like an afterthought, the epic quests become a little empty of meaning, you know?

    I loved having the option to have mouse & keyboard controls moreso using the keyboard or controller solely, and here I was thinking it would be like how it is with games such as Torchlight or Diablo. Sadly, it wasn't quite how I expected since you can't lock onto mobs, thus having you prone to attack in the wrong directions pretty often. It was also very buggy whenever my character was in the southern edges of the map as attempting to click on a spot at such positions had me clicking the "ceiling" of the map instead and my character going the wrong way. I hope this bug can be fixed on the official release.

    This is gonna be an unpopular opinion, but those house teleporters... they kinda seem OP to have them go into any area you've already visited. It's way too good of a feature to have. Having teleporters warping you around the house is fine, but maybe it would be nice to have separate town teleporters that requires some high decoration requirement and cost quite a bit of merets.

    Despite these major criticisms, I knew this game was gonna be fun to play. The atmosphere is nice and bubbly, and there is a lot to do to keep yourself entertained (in short bursts). From what I gather from the story, it looks really interesting (and sometimes stupidly silly). I sadly did not have enough time to play out everything and all of the classes, but I hope that I'll get to do that once the Founder's Head Start kicks in. I hope that you guys will really refine the game some more and will look forward to the official release.

    (I probably should submit that bug somewhere, huh?)

    TL;DR: Please add pauses into story dialogues, fix the mouse movement bug that happens on southern edges of the map, map teleports are OP, wish I had more time to do more stuff.
  • SquishiSquishi
    Maplestory 2 Rep: 300
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    Overall I actually really enjoyed the game.

    The music system was awesome. I probably enjoyed that most of all.

    Combat was exciting. I only wish that instead of capping exp gain super hard on prestige levels Based on exp. gained daily, there was just a less strict consistent gain. I would make it more based on how much effort you put in to achieve something rather than how often you log in and take easy experience. Then if I wanted to spend my little free time grinding hardcore to catch up to everyone I wouldn't be so limited as to having to force time in my day to hop on and grab that daily
    exp so that I don't slowly fall down the ladder over time.

    Also the on the matter of shields,
    I'm not sure if it was a bug or how it was suppose work, but the gear score for shields doesn't get added to your gear score.
    During the beta I didn't know this and at the time invested my money into a shield from the black market to quickly get the score required for harder dungeons only to be broke and at square one.

    This next thing could be either because I'm beyond dumb but,
    the life skill enchants come with multiple options for weapons such as main handed, one-handed, and two-handed.
    They didn't list in the life skill menu which weapons that applied to therefore, as a knight using a one-handed long sword I used my first bit of saved materials on a one-handed enchant. Made sense to me. As it would turn out one-handed is only daggers and throwing weapons.
    Maybe make it a bit more clear on the life skill menu for us more "special" people, haha.

    Other than that, I was much more pleased with how this game is looking than I thought I would be.
    Can't wait for the official release.
  • FiendFiend
    Maplestory 2 Rep: 595
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    -I share the same 4K screen tiny font issue even at max Ui scale but after 2 weeks I’m comfortable with it either way.

    -My first impressions were just decent.
    The combat felt very disconnected between me and the enemy like my attack animations didn’t feel like they were connecting with something... but over time I got used to this and started enjoying my fights more.

    -I would love more variety in the skill trees as far as distinct paths instead of feeling like I have to take a little of everything but understand that skill balance is a huge game changer so I’m also ok with it as is, just feels limited.

    -A lot of shops- like the gear shop- feel kinda dead to me once I found out what to do in the game.


    I have fallen in love with this game!

    I wanted to get those points out of the way first... I’m super hooked and can’t wait for official release! Love the social focus, in general I’ve felt so down to earth and chill. I can’t tell you how much time I spent just chatting while swinging in a rocking chair or helping build someone’s home or my own or listening to music etc. it’s refreshing to feel relaxed and chill in an mmo while still having so much to sink time in and collect.

    Pvp is one area I wish was a bit different though. I would appreciate a pvp gear set to grind for that had player dmg/def stats to feel like it wasn’t just raider’s free win mode. I’m going to raid myself- I just like achievable balance with pvp for everyone.

    Thanks so much for the 2 weeks of fun and learning, besides the memory leak issue after hours of play or a lot of building the game ran well enough for me.

    Love it and can’t wait for release!!
  • Sterling_AislingSterling_Aisling
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    Bug/Glitches: Sometimes... the bosses would somehow recover bits of their health when I solo dive in a dungeon, and only in Dungeons for some reason. It happened twice. Fixed it by logging out and back in.

    Mobs/NPCs: Brilliant work on the mobs a bit. We get to have a bit more of a reward, and didn't change some parts of it (which I'm fully glad since I love a good challenge). Fantastic work on the NPCs, there were a lot more than in CBT 1. And gotta hand it to ya, great work on getting VAs to voice act for many of the NPCs (Most of them). Please do tell them that they did a outstanding job, and to take care of themselves (that also means you guys as well, no excuses).

    MainQuests/SideQuests: Nothing too much has changed on the Main Quests, aside some VAs, and a few changes here and there. Superb work on the side quests. I didn't do too many, but it was smashing! I love to have a reason to explore a little bit more, and having a bit more fun than in CBT 1 when I finally finished all of the main quests!

    Concerns/Suggestions: I have no concerns or anything about the game. But... I may re-edit this later on since I'm pretty busy.

    Help this helped out, keep up the wonderful work! And remember, please put your health above everything else. Until next time, take care~! ^^
  • BonanzaBonanza
    Maplestory 2 Rep: 400
    Posts: 5
    Only few people do dungeons (especially low level dungeon), so it is hard to gather more than 2 - 3 people in one play. Furthermore, it is hard to gather people for boss raid. As this game gets older and older, it'll be hard for newbs to settle in the game. Wellp which is obvious for all games.
  • JamilliaJamillia
    Maplestory 2 Rep: 300
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    I don't know if this has been mentioned before, but perhaps include the 'add account to friends list' option when adding a specific character as a friend, like seen in MapleStory. This is probably a quality-of-life feature, but I feel annoyed at having to add each individual character my friend makes on each one of my characters.
  • DLyonDLyon
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    I think it was overall a pretty decent Beta Test. The game seems a bit laggy at times, you should try to improve the resources being used. Maybe getting a 64bits version of the game would help a lot. Other than that, nothing on the overall side, I'll post my thoughts on other specific topics.
  • ImutoneImutone
    Maplestory 2 Rep: 2,120
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    Had some strange bugs that I could not replicate by demand, like textures not loading or the screen being static. The 32-bit client is still a problem. Other than that, I had fun! There are other issues that I will go into more detail about in their own sections. Very easy to socialize with others and a decent amount of content outside of dungeons/raids.
  • AthiussAthiuss
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    edited 4:05PM August 1, 2018
    My first beta experience in Maplestory 2 was great.
  • NubbyCakezNubbyCakez
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    edited 4:01PM August 1, 2018
    MS2 is way different than MS 1 but that's okay, its a different style that is great. my personal feedback is in messy unorganized bullet points.
    -in terms of the main mission, the cutscenes/mission dialogue got dull at first and very soon i found myself skipping it entirely, the characters seems stale and action is very "frame based" but I think the main feedback is to have the cutscenes with an option to move faster
    - In terms of the gameplay, very different than MS1 but I feel if one keeps comparing it to MS1 they will have disappointment, but that is easier said than done because I myself find it hard to fully NOT do that as you will see in the feedback below.
    -In terms of music, superiorly good BUT, BUT. the music ends way too soon and takes way too long to play again leaving me with the "silence" of the background environment noise like wind, water and monster attack sound effects. Also, the music does NOT feel unique because many times exploring around the mapleworld the same music would be applied to different sections very far from each other such as Ludi fantasia and some map in around the ellinia region. I didnt feel like i was really "in" X or Y map because the same music would be played in another different region. it like hearing ellinia music being played at deep ludi in maplestory 1, good analogy made I hope. Also the same music played in boss fights especially during the main epic quest storyline got bland very fast, there was no real unique music if its the same for most boss fights as you progress through the storyline.
    -in terms of the classes and such, I can accept there being no job advancements but hopefully there is a system developed to have something similar to a job advancement? Also there seems to not be enough skills/passives to feel like im growing a lot, Gaining only 1 SP per level and not having not where near as much skills as MS1 does have a negative effect in my opinion, but its not THAT bad. Like I said before, differently style game, just not as great as MS1.
    -In terms of leveling in, Unless It was said in beta news, the exp gain is immensely easy AND realistically speaking there is NO way one will level faster actually grinding maps rather than doing the main story line (Spam click NPC dialogue to gain XX% exp) OR fishing/farm//performance or my favorite editing my house and spam placing/deleting a block to gain 0.xx% exp in seconds, Seriously I leveled up in less than 7 minutes from like lev 46 to 47 doing that method, only proves my point in NOT grinding maps or paying attention to monsters and just doing the main quest and/or previously mentioned above).
    -In terms of social aspects, it is one of the if not the best systems out there especially with the customization items one can create!!
    I feel like if there is some customized "editing" of the game compared to MS 2 in Korea (Correct me if im wrong, which I hear is very unpopular and is a "dead game") than it will have a very strong comeback and outperformance of it in Korea!! I hope feedback is taken well and I am looking forward to making MS2 my new go-to game!!

    Btw this post loses some credibility because of this horrendous picture of Joddy. Please no Joddy.
  • jvnonjvnon
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    From closed beta 2, I used the opportunity to play as much classes I could. I was able to get berserker and gunner to 50. I got knight and assassin to 40+. The lifesteal skill felt clunky and sometimes would not go through. I wished gunner had better animation in rotating various skills but its probably better to just the first two skills you own for more dps. Assassin was what I expected to kite a lot or else get hit by everything. I would hope the keyboard + mouse control would be more MOBA like so I could kite easier it did not feel right. Knight was the most fun class I played out of the rest. I felt better sitting and tanking a hit and then immediately attacking again from the same spot better than giving up more time dodging and re-positioning again to attack. I thought I could do this initially with berserker but his lifesteal was too unreliable especially with mobile bosses. Knight had the best style for me to play this game. This may change if the controls were smoother with mouse and keyboard for ranged classes. This is from my experience in solo PVE leveling. I realize all this changes in raids or dungeons with a full party but I'd rather take the playtime to learn which classes I would play in launch. I wished classes were updated to its Korean counterpart but I just accept that american releases go through their updates separately for some reason.
  • SayleneSaylene
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    edited 4:15PM August 1, 2018
    *this is based on what i experienced. what i mention might not be the same for others.*
    maplestory 2, the upcoming sequel to a remarkable classic. as ive spent my time during the closed beta i found it very enjoyable and fun. it wasnt too difficult nor was it too easy and im glad that the game is totally suitable for someone who doesnt want to spend money on the game.

    the controls can get a bit clunky and that the game can get rough on 4k displays but I still had a fun experience exploring what the game has to offer during this closed beta. some items in the meret market i consider to be questionably priced and i would like it better if there were more non-player-made items to buy as well as more templates to use for the community market. i would also like to mention that the friends i have on one account dont get carried over to other characters so i would have to go through the pain of individually adding them again on each character. i then would like to address that the dashing mechanic can get frustrating at times as when i clearly dodged an enemy attack i still recieve damage.

    on the bright side, the massive amount of content thats in the game makes up for my minor moments of frustration as i still enjoyed playing it very much. I'm sad that i wasnt able to go through everything but what i did do i had fun doing it. Exploration was fun, the battles we're challenging and engaging, the story so far got me hooked, the wide array of customization options was amazing, and the community i played with was amazing. I can't wait for either the next closed beta or the full release of the game.
  • TheUltimateRikuTheUltimateRiku
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    I like it, I don't love it.
    The original CBT felt far more fun and refreshing, this one feels harder for the wrong reasons and overall a less enjoyable experience.
    Especially not with the addition of this stupid "Fair Fight" debuff applied to higher GS players on dungeons and world bosses.
    Considering it is impossible for groups to farm lower level bosses through every channel, with them despawning in 5 minutes, as well as no one high level willing to give up their rewards on lower rank dungeons, and would only do them to perhaps help newer players when they have no reward entries left.
    It just makes bosses tedious. None of them are a challenge, they're just annoying, and being able to get stronger to kill them quicker is how RPG's have worked since day one.
    If it stays in, then me, and I assume many others, won't care to stick around longer than a month at best.
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