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[Feedback] Overall Impressions


  • GrimmreaperGrimmreaper
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    edited 10:25PM July 29, 2018
    My impressions are very good, but I have some suggestions.

    -Make the leveling like CBT 1, this is not a game that you will only have one character.
    -Remove the exp gain from put something in your house, we already have music to get exp.
    -Maybe remove the double HP from the Hard adventure and Chaos Raid, if this is something in this CBT or will have on OBT too.

    Thats it's my impressions for this cbt :)
  • RicenchickenRicenchicken
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    My impressions are very good, but I have some suggestions.

    -Make the leveling like CBT 1, this is not a game that you will only have one character.
    -Remove the exp gain from put something in your house, we already have music to get exp.
    -Maybe remove the double HP from the Hard adventure and Chaos Raid, if this is something in this CBT or will have on OBT too.

    Thats it's my impressions for this cbt :)

    exp gain from houses only works in CBT2 so well because everything is free. Come launch it will cost mesos to place stuff.

    10-15% decrease on stats for CDEV so a larger # of players can clear it to even the playing field would be nice
  • ThijsBThijsB
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    Budubu wrote: »
    I REALLY miss the old maple story 1 Buddy chat and just chat system overall. Sure I can add friends but having to whisper each one is really annoying.

    You can already do this. On top of the chat section is something like "group", here you can have a personal chat like MS1
  • EternalxEternalx
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    CDEV is way too hard!!!
  • LyriLyri
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    As a pretty hardcore player with over 120(non-afk) hours and a +12 rog weapon with over 4k gs who attempted the cdev raid, the end of my experience became stale very quickly after I did my 30 weekly runs...

    I still had a lot of things I could do:
    1. Life skills - They took up a good amount of time but the only useful reward I got from them was prestige experience because prestige levels could give me a few more ap. The items available to craft are pretty much useless, especially the equipment items. By the time you get to a life skill level where you are able to craft some decent equipment -- blue savagery necklaces -- you've already run Balrog multiple times and unless you're extremely unlucky, already have a purple savagery necklace. It feels extremely shallow to level towards another consumable that will increase your life skill xp rate slightly--especially since you then feel obliged to use them and min-max the system with the cooldown timers to get the maximum experience...all for...nothing but a few trophies and some outfits. I will say however that the ranching rain boots were absolutely adorable.
    2. Daily missions - I pretty much only did these because they gave me some more onyx and then I rushed through them using house portals to teleport quickly.
    3. Fishing - It was kind of cool to run around to different areas to get different fish but it wasn't really exciting.
    4. Trophy hunting - fun to do in groups of people to get x amount of mini-world-boss kills, still pretty fun solo.
    5. Remodel my house - Possibly my favorite side-feature of the game was the house system. I additionally appreciate the ability to program switches and things but the diagram language used is absolutely terrible--allowing only 3 items to be triggered per condition makes for an absolutely disgusting mess of code, though maybe outside of beta it wont matter so much where we might not be able to afford so much in our houses...but it's still silly and I'd rather have an option to type in basic script that only allow loops, gotos, triggers and such. Scripting aside, building my "house" or whatever I wanted to build was a great experience, save for how much laggier the game got as I placed and removed items. Even just editing a portal location, using the portal, coming back, editing it to another location, would slow down my house so much that I would restart the game.
    6. Dungeons - Even though I got absolutely nothing, save for 3000 merits and 50k xp or so, I could still run dungeons and help out others. It was fun but lower level dungeons I almost refused to touch because the scaling felt so terrible to play. If my damage is going to be severely reduced, I would actually prefer my defense and hp to be reduced equally so I can actually feel like I'm playing instead of being an untouchable god that can only pat monsters on the head until they die. I had ZERO incentive to help players not at my equipment level because I received no rewards and even though I did 10-20 extra runs to help others at no personal gain, I would have run a lot more if I got literally anything useful as a reward...maybe a few onyx? ;w;
    7. Dark Descent - A pretty cool 30 level dungeon that I progressed in as I upgraded my equipment. I enjoyed learning the levels and how to play around the different enemies. With my current gear, I sort of stopped doing damage at level 24 and decided to die to the boss at level 25 and I thoroughly enjoyed the entire experience. I WAS a little sad that the gear I could buy couldn't be enchanted, but that's ok--it was quite strong.
    8. Arcade - The arcade minigames were actually fun.
    9. Explore world maps - I had a lot of fun exploring and doing side quests and getting stars. Gold chests were quite elusive...though somehow less elusive than regular chests?? After finding quite a few gold chests, the style of hiding them became more apparent and it became twice as fun to find them...except they aren't always there and channel hopping when you're searching for fun feels a little weird.
    10. World bosses - they were interesting but again, just like scaled down dungeons, fighting the lower level ones was rather boring. The higher level ones took about the same time to kill and my health bar actually went down so they were more fun.
    11. Other stuff, making friends, discussing builds/gameplay/etc.

    Even though there was so much to do, all I really wanted to do was dungeons and hard content. I like a challenge and I like learning new mechanics...which is kind of sad actually because there is so much in this game but I didn't really have a reason to do them. Life skills gave me nothing useful...but the reindeer were adorable. Fishing might get me a few thousand mesos out of the millions I need. Playing music is fun solely because I can import pieces and songs. ...
    At the point where I am at, I need to grind more dungeons for more onyx to fail enchants until I land enough to be able to beat the raid.
    My options for grinding are very limited: since I can only do dungeons and receive rewards 3 days out of 7, I do daily missions for a little bit of onyx per day and experience the rest of the game and basically not grind anything at all.
    My options for soloing dungeons(hard content) are pretty limited: Balrog is far too time consuming because my class can not kill the adds in a reasonable amount of time and the cdev raid has a time limit set on it so I can't solo that either. I did appreciate however, that FD was soloable and I soloed it on my first run ever. It was extremely satisfying and some of the most fun I had--a close second to doing Balrog with my goto team. With my gear now though, soloing Pyrros would be far too easy and not at all a challenge.

    In general, leveling to 50 was a completely solo experience besides figuring out how to use the dungeon finder(which is actually confusing the first time you use it and then still weird later) and I didn't have to interact with a single player. It was really not a social experience at all and I was rather lucky that I grinded rather hard because I got into a very active guild later on.

    A few things that bothered me:
    Abilities that auto-targeted or locked on became almost infuriating at times. The priest's dash ability is able to not dash at all if an ally is close to you because it will lock onto them--this is absolutely unacceptable for dungeons where there are situations where you can only dodge in one direction at times...which 50% of the time is in the direction of a teammate. This means your only hope is to spam dodge twice(if you even have enough stamina saved at the moment) and pray that your teammate dashed so that your second dash would actually go somewhere...and THEN if you actually got out with two dashes, suddenly you had 0 stamina where you should have had enough for another dash--absolutely unacceptable in a dungeon where there are situations where there are two attacks you may have to dash out of in a row.
    I have pretty much the same complaint about the priest Angel Ray which locks onto allies or enemies. I like to use this as a long-range skillshot to snipe heal allies...and it will easily lock onto something and miss.
    I basically just want a toggle option for auto-target abilities so that they actually go where I am aiming/moving rather than locking onto things...or for the auto-targeting to be removed.
    Hit boxes/skill size indicators were incorrect in some scenarios. As an example, Balrog's cone aoe seems to hit in a fat rectangle, some of which actually hits behind him. Additionally, enemy skills that affect blocks on the floor sometimes seem to hit you when you are completely on the adjacent block; sometimes even when you are nearly off said adjacent block and onto another block...which feels absolutely terrible if this floor aoe is a one hit ko and you were very nearly an entire block away from the cells affected.
    Ping. I'm living in west, playing on west, having east coast level ping.
    Frames. Where are my frames? 10-15% gpu usage is nice and all but where are my frames.
    Turning on HDR and Distortion causes VERY frequent and unplayable Balrog anyway, not sure about other dungeons because I turned them back off immediately. With them on I still had under 20% gpu usage on a gtx 970. But I will say that it looked absolutely beautiful and I would very much like to be able to enable these.

    Other things:
    In a very active guild after week of contribution all we were able to get was a small damage boost. The guild quests because we got together to do them and that was about it. It didn't really feel like there was anything to do with the guild or the guild house.
    Helping low leveled players felt bad because of the whole scaling thing as well as getting no dungeon rewards.
    Reviving with merits. I'm not sure this should even be a thing. If you die too many times you should have to stop, think about why you failed, and go try again. The whole merit thing is ridiculous.
    For user generated content, transparency would be nice...but I'm pretty sure I know why it was disabled for clothing.
    In the ranching life skill, the bulls and the cows were both named cows.
    The ranking leaderboards seemed to update for certain people in my guild several hours before they updated for me even if I restarted the game.

    Some things that were wonderful:
    Getting a bunch of free merits so that I could customize my character with multiple outfits.
    Learning the game, planning skill builds, testing effectiveness of different buffs, running dungeons with people.
    Exploring, building a home, using free templates to add signs and banners, making data sheets and figuring out how the game rounded damage and heals.
    Not sleeping, making new friends, grinding content while I was getting rewards.
    Equipment not breaking when an enchant failed...thank you. Though this wouldn't be so necessary if there were no dungeon limits.

    My closing thoughts are that I had a ton of fun but the dungeon limits, damage scaling, not very useful for life(or anything, really) life skills, frames, hit boxes, and auto-targeting where big issues for me.

    s/o to my guildies in Kawaii on nawest <3
  • DraigelDraigel
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    1 - Remove the weekly limitation from all Normal and Hard dungeons. Only Chaos Raid need this limitation.

    2 - increase the daily limit for normal and Hard dungeons to 20 or 30 or remove completely

    3 - Damage meter for groups of 4 or less

    4 - Remove revive by merets.
  • MapleLeaveMapleLeave
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    I would say that the gears from fire dragon and other weapons should be tradeable and be sellable so that people can trade items or sell them. There should also be cut scenes from the main story since it can be boring and I think the storyline still needs some improvement. I think there should be different kind of games for weekly rotation besides dance, trivia and others since it can get boring after a while. Overall I think the Beta was fun but there should be more improvements and should add striker, soul binder, and rune blade when the official comes out(my opinion)
  • PabPab
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    My biggest problem with this cbt2 was the "fair fight" buff, just why ??
    You can upgrade your epic gear to +10 but you will do the same damage as if your ear was green +0 in lower dungeons & world boss, and even on pyros the fire dragon you will do the same damage as someone with an epic gear at +0, just what is the point of making your weapon optimal & your stuff if it dosen't change anything for 95% of the game. I would understand it a bit if it's about the world boss to not see a party clean all the boss just when they spawn but with 20+ channel it's not that easy to do and for the dungeons and other stuff it's just boring. If it stays like this I don't see the point of farming for gears & armors if it doesn't change your dps.
  • AlylioAlylio
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    *Will continue to update this post, this is just a rough draft for now*

    - Cash shop:
    Honestly surprised, expected this to be overpriced and full of things that would give benefits to players that spend money, however this was not the case.
    Only bad aspect is that Dual Wielding classes have to spend more money in order to get both weapon "skins" (1K for 2 daggers, 500 for one bow.) Would like to see this changed to either 1K for a bow, or 250 for each dagger.

    - Housing:
    Interesting concept and well implemented.

    - Hard Dungeons:
    Fire Drake: While the first couple of runs could be a challenge, it really becomes quite a bore after. Would like to see changes to Fard. Prefer making his animations faster and buffing him damage somewhat.
    Balrog: Enjoyable dungeon that can continue to proof a challenge even after surpassing the required GS. Would like to request a way for melee's to be able to damage adds, though.

    Adventure dungeons: The required AD's throughout my leveling progress were enjoyable, but I would still like to see them being put to use after reaching the max. level.
    Suggestion: There are a ton of unused dungeons in CBT2, that you were not required to clear for the Main Quest. You could tie these to World Quests, and make them available once the player has completed the World Quests tied to them. You could also give them Unique rewards to incentivize running them.
    You could also change the level requirement to 50, and make them drop unique epic weapons for the classes that are unable to get them from the current Adventure dungeons, think Thief, Assassin, Berserker, Knight.

    - Chaos Raid:
    A huge pain getting a party of 10 together, so my experience is somewhat limited. I do think the dungeon is fair, and can be somewhat of a challenge to newer players(AKA me in CBT2), however it's overall easier than Balrog, the only challenge seems to be actually getting the required items to clear it.

    - Leveling: I personally do not like the way leveling is done. You get to max level way too fast, skipping all dungeons that are not required doing for the Main Quest, and just run Hard Dungeons and Craids for the rest of the game. If the game would actually release in it's current state people would get to max level within 2 days, and rush through all available content within 2 weeks.
    You have a lot of unused content: The Entire Mapleworld, World Quests, Adventure Dungeons. Please use them.\
    Make World Quests needed for leveling by increasing the EXP/Mesos they give, by removing the housing EXP, and by decreasing the EXP from the Main Quest by 80/90%. I would personally also like it if they would be tied to: Adventure dungeons, Fishing, Enchanting, Gathering, Crafting, etc. This would make the game a lot more social and also make use of the currently unused content present in the Maple World.

    Needs improvement:
    World Quests: Complete garbage, would like to see them reduced and number and turned into something that actually adds something to the player experience, think: Skill points, unlocking additional content(dungeons, etc), AP, Unique rewards(Costumes, Hairstyles).

    Life skills: Just completely useless in it's current state. I could make suggestions/go into detail here, but other people have already done so, and probably done it better than I would.

    World map: There is simply nothing to do besides Dungeons and the Main Quest, mainly because Life skills are just so useless, which takes away from the "adventure" feel. You just get teleported from one place to another.

    *Will continue to update this post, this is just a rough draft for now*
  • KendachiKendachi
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    First, I would like to thank Nexon for the opportunity to play Maple Story 2 during its second closed beta test. Secondly, with closed beta 2 ending soon, I wanted to leave my thoughts on the game that I've played so far.

    Suggestions to change in the future

    - Boss fights seem to scale irregularly with parties of mixed levels. Higher level players don't seem to do more damage to lower level bosses when partying with lower level party members.

    - Guild subleaders do not have the option to kick or manage members. This option would be nice to have.

    - When a new character is created by a guild member on the same account, the new character is not a member of the guild and has to be added as a new member. It would be great if the account itself could be added to the guild and not characters themselves.

    Overall Experience

    Overall great experience with the game. The minigames are a welcome break from the grind of the story and class grinding. The skill tree seems to offer diverse styles of play with different classes and the merit system brings a fun way to spice up your character and enjoy the game in a new light. There weren't many bugs I've encountered during my sessions, however, some suggestions would be to allow the experience to be more accessible outside of grinding monsters.

    I enjoy the casual gameplay of Maple Story 2 and hope to feel like I can pick up the game where I left off and still enjoy the content that is offered. If monster grinding would be the main source of experience, then I'd feel that players would feel left behind and lose interest eventually. Thank you again Nexon for allowing me to play the closed beta this time around, looking forward to how the game unfolds in the future.
  • KamimunKamimun
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    Fun game but the chat and resolution needs improvement.

    Wasnt able to choose different screen (Using multiple monitors)

    The chat clears itself whenever i do anything like cc, go to a diff map, or even send messages.

    Skills and items, equipment, and UI are all very nice.

    I know its beta, but i coiuldnt find ways to bind keys, like emotes and stuff.

    Overall very excited for release. LOVE to User Generated Content!
  • kawingshekkawingshek
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    In comparisson to CBT1, it felt less lively, but that's probably because this is a 2nd CBT that comes with wipe.
    Lost a lot of motivation for players as the events ingame were adjusted and confused most players of what will be earned and stay for release. "Please pet my slime" became a meme, B4 dungeons was never utilized but for race against time which still won't make it to release and that made a lot of "troll" moves where people only entered and never used their key.

    Nothing much changed from CBT1 when it comes to progression, a huge shock I guess when they introduced untradable for all the shiny items. And then realizing that they have a marketing plan with Trader's Ribbon that will be available in Cash shop probably if you really wanted to trade gear you found for other classes.

    • Pretty good dismantle/shard system for self progression, made the black market a bit empty though.
    • Old bugs still remains after CBT1, and even more bugs such as portals missing to connected maps.
    • Majority of dungeons that weren't in the Epic Quest and pretty much all normal dungeons were forgotten once you needed daily limit for the hard dungeon to progress. i.e Gold Tower Elevator, Muros Studio etc.
    • The housing change was great with the camera now, good job on that.
    • You still need to make an easier way for Thief, Assassin, Berserker to gear up at lv 50 because there are no dungeons that grants them Epic armor/weapon unlike the other 4 dungeons to reach 1700 gear score for The Fire Dragon. (You can obviously bypass this with a simple method)
  • KatakonKatakon
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    I only got to lv47 and here's my feedback overall

    1. Mini-games were a great asset, especially the OX Quiz. You get to socialize with people and have fun whether you win or lose.
    2. The ability to compose your own music is a great for those who wish to let others (or yourself) hear tunes.
    3. Having life skills available for those want to do things other than a typical MMO (kill monsters, level up, and get better equipment)
    4. Creating your house. The idea of creativity and letting peoples imagination run wild (almost).
    5. Customize your own outfit?? That's awesome!
    6. Mushking Royale was fun, and it doesn't feel like a major part of the time (which is good because that's not what MS2 is about)
    7. Having exploring goals. This gives people things to do, and lets them see more of the world.
    8. Like how much I can get from the world map.

    1. My friend brought this up earlier, but thought it was weird that the LB hotkeys (controller) were displayed on the right side of the screen instead of the left.
    2. I think once I max fishing, I wouldn't need to fish anymore? Would be it better to let me catch fish for cooking? (Just a random thought, but not sure if it will break the game).
    3. I hope taming pets won't come until lv50. I'd like to be able to tame pets at a lower level is possible.
    4. Party Summon Scroll. I'm surprised this is a cash item. Path of Exile would let you use Portal Scrolls for cheap. There's no need for this to be a cash item and you could make profit in other areas. (like custom designs of housing and outfits. That's already pretty amazing)
    5. One of the exploration goals that told me to get Soak in the Hot Springs. That was waaay too long. I have to swim. If i just didn't move in the springs, it wouldn't count.
    6. MushKing Royale should have party or at least Duo. I wonder if you plan on doing a 'Season' type thing where if you reach certain elo, you'll get rewards like other elo based games (league of legends).
    7. The racing mini-game and the labyrinth will probably be the most boring for me, unless there is more of an incentive to be ahead of my competitors and more ways to mess with them. Also, those mini-games will probably require different maps compared to the others.
    8. The story quest sometimes scroll through quite quickly so I can't read everything. If there's an option for me to 'Tap to advance ', I'd like that.
    9. The 'Exit Home' button for Housing should be a different color. It actually took me awhile to figure out how to leave my home XD.
    10. I think the drop rates for equipment should be lower during release.
    11. I don't know if 'Display Image' around the map should be cash
    12. I think increasing the amount of stuff we can pick up from mining/farming, but reducing the exp gain. Just because the exploration goals. Either that or reduce the exploration goals for those particular. It is annoying to wait another day just to complete those specific goals.
    13. I can tell when a boss spawns on the map, but not mini-bosses. I would like their information as well.
    14. I couldn't figure out how to check my fishing mastery at first. I didn't realize there were icons at the top of my screen. Can you also add Fishing to the icons on the bottom?
    15. I don't know how much work this is, but having events every so often will help keep the interest up.
    16. Should also update your own stuff in the cash shop every so often.
    17. During main quest, when there's a button to 'Enter Dungeon', I don't like how it only sends myself to the dungeon even when I'm in a party. There needs to be an option where I can also invite my party members. (Example, I asked my guild mate to help me with the main quest and we partied. I clicked on the button 'Enter Dungeon' but only I was in. I had to leave, and then open the Dungeon Party Finder thing just to bring my guildmate in)

    I hope this is helpful when planning out for the release :)
  • foodbythedozenfoodbythedozen
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    despite being a a seasoned player of maplestory one, learning the basic mechanics of this game (i.e how to leave a party, how to form a party, how to whisper, where the mailbox was, how houses worked, how to turn on routing for a quest when it disables, where the fish album was, where the keyboard settings were, etc) was difficult. i imagine it may be extremely frustrating for new players to figure all of these things out (they might not even know these features exist). a more detailed tutorial in the beginning on how to play the game, explanation of all the mechanics/icons/buttons would extremely helpful.

    some binocular survey scenes were slower than others, some never completed the panning out. an option to fast forward the talking scenes so we don't have to wait around for the npcs to read all the words we have already read would save a lot of time (some of us want to see/read these scenes, but they just take so long to play out). one of the last quests (lvl. 49?) where you had to get items for the witch to send you where katvan/lennon are, one of the monsters never spawned for me, i had to wait 2 hours (continually logging in/out, and reloading that map) for the monster to spawn.
  • XolriumXolrium
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    It was a very lovely game, fun and with great music and distractions. Although what irritated me was that the UI was a real chore to learn. It wasn't inituitive at all which in my eyes will scare away a lot of more casual players.
  • MechGenosMechGenos
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    The game was Supper fun. i didn't have much time to play it but i will be playing it some more when available. Thank you for allowing me to participate in such a fun beta!
  • CathcartCathcart
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    so far the game looks great, every scenario is beautiful and the music is awesome. Maplestory 2 is far easier to understand and get into, the story line and voices are well made. I hope the special classes get released along with the official game.
  • KenyKeny
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    In my opinion, viewing other players profiles and guilds should be an option without having to find their names in chat.
    There should be like a / command where we can view guilds and people’s profiles :u
  • KuromiKuromi
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    Overall, I'm in LOVE with Maplestory 2! I had so much fun fishing and playing music and even making my own clothes. I can spend countless hours on just one character and I'm always having fun. I really loved farming in my own little house!! I can't wait for official release!
  • PoofcatPoofcat
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    I played in the first CB and it seems like there were some things that didn't get fixed yet. Here's just some general suggestions, though:

    - Allowing a speed up/skip individual sentences button in cutscenes
    - The daily crafting limits seem a bit low
    - I'd like to see more useful items in the crafting list
    - Bug: Main chat tab wipes every time you go through a load screen, other tabs keep history

    - Dodging in this game is SUPER annoying. I (Wizard) kept getting hit after I would teleport away because my character was still registering as being at my previous location if the final few frames of the animation hadn't completed. Updating dodges and dashes to have a short invincibility in the middle of them until the dash completes, or registering our character as being at the location we will land at, would make those moves feel SO much less clunky.
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