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[EVENT] Tria's Tournament of Champions


  • SerfrostSerfrost
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    edited 7:44AM July 20, 2018
    I participated but didn't get the rewards, a few others have reported the same in one of the Bug Reports / General Discussion.
  • CylilCylil
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    I completely missed out on this event.

    For future events like these, they should be posted on the official MS2 discord as well. :/
    Seems they did, but I didn't see it. A bit bummed out, but ah well.
  • EnearonEnearon
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    I did the event and for some reason i don't receive any reward. Contacted support and they say they cant do nothing. Okay, ill missed the event because some kind of bug with my account~ Whatever is, same happened in Road to CBT~ :( Maybe in launch i receive all in one

    It was fun event but Priest lose :(