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Congratulations to the new Moderators!


  • NyuraNyura
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    Congratulations to everybody who made it!

    Even Nexon wasn't mad enough to not pick @MarkM so we can feel a bit more at ease that not all of their screws are loose yet :0

    For the rest, interesting choices all around, and Detrivance seems to be the unexpected choice for many folks here.

    That's probably because he was one of those people who didn't put effort into becoming a more active part of the forum community outside his VFM application. I know who Detrivance is, but I only know that because I recall thinking that he'd make a good Discord mod, however uncertain about a forum one, seeing as his approach to things fits Discord environments far more than a forum environment.

    Regardless of anything, do your best everyone, no matter what anybody thinks, it's your time to show who and how you are by actions and no longer just words. :0
  • kawingshekkawingshek
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  • AlzackAlzack
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    We have a strong team, forum and Discord channel will be in good hands and hopefully you find enough time to enjoy the game as much as you'll get to sweap the area with moderator's broom. Congratulations to all chosen candidates. :)
  • NunaNuna
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    Wooo congrats!
  • JacobieJacobie
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    Congrats everyone :).
  • TseneTsene
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    Well looks good to me! I think I was very happy or generally happy with these applicants. I didn't have the time to go through all apps, or at times didn't feel like there was much to say to some appliers.

    Keep us in line and the forums clean ^^ !
  • CzareCzare
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    glory to the hall monitors