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[NEWS] Closed Beta 2 Arrives on July 18th!


  • tsemilytsemily
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    i can't wait i just hope i'm able to enter anyway after getting a email about being able to join the next beta since i wasn't picked for the first beta i'm just excited for it and i will play it like there's no tomorrow
  • GlirotusGlirotus
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    Sweet soon I might be able to do my check-list of things I want to do in MS2. I want to try out all of the other classes and the new things. =D
  • DanDKDanDK
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    Phantomx79 wrote: »
    On the issue of Founder Packs, why are they going to be "limited"? I hate having a time crunch to get my hands on founder packs in games. Why not let everyone that want's to purchase one do so? I'm super hyped for this game and would hate to miss out on a pack.


    @Phantomx79 this has been explained in the new pack reveal now in case you missed it, the only difference is that limited edition includes a beta key and therefore they can't make too many of them. Ordinary packs will be unlimited.
  • YoungFoxMarieYoungFoxMarie
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    Will those who had acces to the CBT1 automaticly be in the CBT2?
  • kawingshekkawingshek
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    edited 9:18AM July 5, 2018
    Will those who had acces to the CBT1 automaticly be in the CBT2?


    I've replied in the other section of forum where you asked the same question but I guess it doesn't hurt to share this to everyone else reading on this section.

    You'll receive an e-mail for it.


    You were also notified in the status page to be selected for any future betas.

  • SnoopFroggSnoopFrogg
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  • RurumoRurumo
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    I can't wait to get back in. The world is just so fun and peaceful, it makes you want to just hang out there.
  • LightSnowLightSnow
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    Hope the best for everyone and Fingers Crossed for the 9th and 16th