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Improvements to side-content

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Most of my threads have been about how to make the side-content worth playing and participating in over simply just hitting the daily dungeon limit and logging out. This one is going to be about making the activities themselves a bit more fun or rewarding to make them worth doing just on their own.

Treasure Hunting

Every field map in the game has an assortment of chests on it. Wooden Chests are usually just sitting out in the open, Golden Chests are sometimes hidden behind terrain, destructible objects or teleporters. They spawn randomly and generally aren't difficult to grab and don't really give you anything good for the effort you put in. My solution here is to copy something from another game, not in it's entirety but as a concept. The Runescape Treasure Trails.

Treasure Trails were one of the few fun things to do in that game. If you don't know what a Treasure Trail is, simply put, it's a treasure hunt. You find a clue, follow it and it can either lead to another clue or the treasure. Each clue you do increases the rewards at the end but you never know when the treasure will pop up. The clues consist of vague looking maps, co-ordinates you need to find and dig at, riddles to solve or actual puzzles you need to complete. I feel like Maplestory 2 has enough content and activities that a system like this could work quite well. But I'll propose a few changes to how hunting chests works.

So first thing, the chests themselves. I think they should be tiered. Wood chests for Tier 1, Metal Strongboxes for Tier 2 and the Golden Chests for Tier 3. As well as a separate thing for the Shadowlands chests. The tiers would represent the complexity of the clues, how many clues you need to complete and what rewards you would get at the end. The chests would be the starting point for a treasure hunt, you find the chest and then it follows you around. Once a chest is activated you can't use mounts or climb walls, so you'll have to get everywhere on foot. Each chest would have a number of keyholes as well as come with a number of clues as to how to find said keys. Once you solved all the clues and got all the keys, the chest opens and gives you mad loot. In the shadowlands, if you die, another player can take your chest and the current key progress and steal the stuff for themselves.

The rewards, as with my other threads, would be entirely up to Nexon as I don't know really, anything about the future progression or monetisation of the game. But the idea would still mostly remain the same regardless.

Music Playing

For the most part, the music making part of this is very technical. I don't dislike that, but it means most people won't be creating their own music with this system and just playing stuff other people create. This isn't even remotely interactive as an activity, as you literally just sit there and watch your character mindlessly wail on their instruments as midi music pours out. My idea for this is twofold:

The first part would be to create a centralised place for people to get their music from, both player created stuff and official music. This could be an in-game music store or something. People create the music, put it in the store then when people buy it they get mesos, kind of like royalties but not really. They could bundle tracks if they're part of a set, you could filter them by instrument or name, etc.

The second part is the difficult part, but using the music language code, generate a four path beatmap for a DDR style mini-game (or any other simple input rhythm game, like Guitar Hero, Audiosurf, Gitaroo Man, etc.). The end result is a simple rhythm game for people to play along to the music. Have the music in the store keep track of the high scores for each song, maybe rank them by popularity on the scoreboard and offer some boosted rewards for getting good scores. Even have co-op or versus stuff for multiplayer music playing.

Obviously it would be optional to do, but I think something like this could make music rewarding for those that don't have a musical bone in their bodies and still want to enjoy the midi tracks without basically going AFK, or people that just like rhythm games.


I mostly find this to be a very uninteractive activity. Even without the AFK pass it feels like something that should just be AFK and the button mashing is just a formality. I think the easiest way to fix this would be to make the fishing spots more active.

The water tiles would change over time as you're fishing and this would change the properties of the potential fish you could catch in a fishing spot.
For example, say you see a big fish with it's fin protruding out of the surface of the water, that means you have the opportunity to catch large sized fish there, or if the surface and underwater have gold sparkles radiating off them, you could catch gold fish, perhaps a large school of fish jumping out of the water for increased chance to catch fish and faster catch rate, as well as maybe a boot floating to the surface for an item spot. These could stack with any bait or rod effects as well so sitting doing and doing the mini-game would be a bit more worth it over just AFKing.

Maybe including things like sea monsters you could fish up or treasure chests for treasure hunting as well, just to get some other content into the mix.


This one is a fairly simple one, similar to the fishing one, but having a simple interactivity is better than having none, which is kind of how it is right now.

Step one: Add a mini-game to the gathering. Have it so that when you press the gather button, a bar appears similar to the fishing one, but you have to press the gather button again in the zone to pass gathering and it gets smaller as you harvest more. If you're harvesting multiple nods at once, have multiple points you have to hit on the bar. If you land multiple harvests without missing you get bonuses.

Stop two: Have certain gathering spots shine if they haven't been harvested for a while, giving out better rewards for harvesting them.

Step three: Remove the really weird consumable crafting items that boost gathering gains and instead add tools for each gathering profession. So Picks for mining, Gloves for Foraging, Basket for Farming and Feedstock for Ranching. They give scaling EXP bonuses and bonus items per harvest for each jump in quality and have a limited amount of uses before breaking, so you'd have to constantly be crafting them to keep getting good exp. But you don't have a weird, useless 8 second duration consumable with a five minute cooldown this way.

Also, adding open world harvesting options for ranching and farming and at home options for foraging and mining would be nice. Having a limit of two gathering professions for your home and just letting you pick the nodes would be nice. Adding some pros and cons to home and world gathering as well so there's reasons to do both or mix and match.


Jump Quest houses were a big thing in the CBT, so I was hoping that there would be some kind of official support for this sort of content. Perhaps if you marked your house as a JQ houses and you could complete the JQ, you would be able to get the game give out a prize for those that visited your houses and completed the Jump Quest. Like a Kay Coin and some EXP/Mesos or something. Set a daily limit for the number of rewards you could grab per day and it would be fine. Have a seperate category for them in the housing leaderboards and maybe even curate them to put into a rotation for the half hourly mini-games, so you didn't have to create new maps


I like the mini-games here, but they don't give out much of a reward. I was thinking since it's an arcade, the mini-games could give out tickets, which you could take to an NPC to trade for arcade-like prizes. Big plush toys, exclusive pets and cosmetics, etc. You get more tickets for playing better and can only get the tickets once per day for each game, but as more games are added you'll be able to get more tickets per day.

Anyway that's the thread. I'm tired. And remember, no reading.


  • DanDKDanDK
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    All lovely suggestions this time around and I completely agree with everything. That being said, many of the side activities in their current state are stale enough that almost any layer of complexity would be a welcome improvement. I especially like the Music suggestion with adding a rhythmic minigame, and the concept might even be expanded to puzzles for other purposes (for example, reaching a certain score with a certain .. score (pun not intended) would unlock something for a (party) quest). It'd also be nice to have a store for artists though I don't think this will work since a lot of MML music is just copied from different internet sources and it'd be near impossible to credit the real people doing the work rather than whoever hits the right timing in pasting other people's work. Currently people can trade sheets manually and that should be fine.

    Treasure Hunting, Fishing, Gathering and Arcade are all elements that are so bland at the moment that all your suggestions would be great improvements as well. They are also well fleshed out and again I strongly hope that Nexon will at least read some of these ideas at some point and actually use them for something.

    Player created quests whether through dungeons, housing or other components are a great way to prolong game longevity by having users designing large amounts of content, and I really hope we'll see more of this in any shape or form at some point.

  • smileycatsmileycat
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    I agree with most of your suggestions that they would be nice to have. Especially the music sharing really lacks a central hub, if they could make a store kind of thing that will be great!
  • DrakooonDrakooon
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    Treasure Hunting
    Ahh good old treasure hunting from Runescape. I like it. I always did that. The difference is the rng in Runescape is more hellish lol. But yeah the rewards were good if you got good items.

    Music definitely needs improvements... I am willing to put time into music stuff.. p:

    Ah good ol' Runescape fishing style. I like it.

    There could be a worldly fishing spot that randomly pops up for everyone to fish in (the seamonster appears). Everyone fishes for amazing fishing activity and interaction for awesome fishing fun p:

    ---Drakooon on mobile
  • Always_HidAlways_Hid
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    i honestly love your in depth suggestion threads.

    these are all great suggestions, i agree that the side content definitely needs a little work to make it more fun/interactive. i LOVE your treasure hunting idea, i love scavenger hunt type things and this would be so fun for me.

    for music, it would be nice to have a central place to buy/trade music but not sure how they would get around the copy write/plagiarism issues that inevitably come with things like this.

    fishing is BORING as it sits now, i think making it a bit more interactive by changing the water/fishing pools would be a good way to add to it. but i think the biggest issue i had was that there is no immediate payoff like there is for the other life skills. i think we should be able to keep everything we catch, not just the gold rated/special fish. the normal stuff we catch could be used for cooking, the progressively harder to catch fish being cooked at higher levels giving us better buffs/regen.

    gathering is ok as it is now, but i agree and think its so odd that ores/herbs have to be farmed in different cities but animals and crops can be done in your house. i think it would be nice to be able to travel around for all the professions. i know a lot of people may not like that but if we're already travelling around for ores and herbs why not put the other stuff around too. for getting the blocks in your house, i think it may be nice that for animals/crops/ores/herbs you have to visit them on certain maps before being able to grow them in your house. like we have to go harvest them somewhere before we can keep them. also.. i really didn't like the weird buff items that we crafted. they had odd time limits and just ended up taking up space as i kept forgetting to use them (and when i did use them they didn't seem to make much of a difference anyway).

    for housing, my biggest thing is why did they take that dungeon creation thing out of the game? it looked amazing and it would have been so much fun to create dungeons/jump quests for people to go through. and of course, we would be able to set rewards for completion. i hope they implement it some time in the future at least.

    arcade games were also ok, but i agree it seems people need more of an incentive to play them. titles/cosmetic items as prizes would be nice to win.