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Forums Avatar Update


  • MitsuneMitsune
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    I'm late to the party but THANK you for the hair stylist. She's lit af<3
  • TuruncuTuruncu
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    Can we use our own photo as avatar in the future?
  • NegumikoNegumiko
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    Turuncu wrote: »
    Can we use our own photo as avatar in the future?

    maybe but don't expect anything to happen. when mabinogi got new forums very similar looking to the MS2 forums we were promised custom avatars in the future. it has been 2 years since then and still no custom avatars. the same thing may happen here.
  • KindredxKnighterKindredxKnighter
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  • MaloyMaloy
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    edited 9:27AM December 10, 2018
    EDIT: I do feel that I was rude to complain about the removal of avatars that was mentioned in the first post.

    I do appreciate the Studded Leather outfit being used for the Thief though.