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[Skill Build 1 Arrow Storm]

[Skill Build 2 Eagle Claw]
*Quick Note: The second skill build picture is missing 2 skill points. I would put them in Eagle Claw to max it.

-This guide was written about PvP in the global version.
This is my main setup. The core build consists of Evasion Arrow, Ice Arrow, and Bow Swing. The rest of the skills can but be mixed and matched. There are two variations I had. The first build ran Arrow Rain which was nice for melee class punishment. The second ran Eagle Claw to get the dmg dot on the target. I preferred the first because you could use it to block off paths, pressure a ranged character, and unlike Eagle Claw you didn't have to worry about missing the target.

The first 3 skills of the skill tree I found not needed. Arrow Stream can be used if you need sp to regen, but I didn't have this issue. Arrow Barrage can be a good skill, but I prefer Ice Arrow over it, so the skill points can be put elsewhere. They both fan out arrows and Arrow Barrage does more dmg, but Ice Arrow has the ability to cripple the movement of an enemy and freeze the target with enough stacks (2 seconds long) (which is core to the dmg combo). All at the cost of almost half the sp of Arrow Barrage. Both Arrow Barrage and Rapid Shot are not needed besides to get Arrow Storm if you choose that route. With Arrow Storm I chose to max it for max punishment.

Screwdriver Shot and Precision Shot I wouldn't even touch. Too long to setup and cast plus no guaranteed hit makes it too risky and not worth the cost. The same can go for Sharp Eyes that you would have to invest so many points into it to get a good effect where you wont have time to really benefit unlike in PvE. The Pre-requisite for Sharp Eyes is a passive called Conditioning. I really like this skill, but I don't think its that beneficial in PvP. You get a 1-10% buff for movement. A 1-6.4% buff for dmg. The dmg doesn't really shine to make me want to dump points into it. The movement part of it isn't really needed as it won't make or break a PvP fight. (Fun tip: the passive movement increase still applies in Crazy Runners minigame.) Eagle's Majesty you can just skip too. Its a sp management skill for PvE imo.

For the other two passives in the build. Agile Archer and Bronze Eagle. Even if you don't go the Eagle Claw route I would suggest putting 1 point into Bronze Eagle for the nice 4.4% dex increase. Agile Archer is like Conditioning, but with Armor Pen instead of damage and Avoidance instead of movement speed. You need atleast 3 points in it to get Bow Swing, but I prefer to just max it.

Now for the good stuff. How to play the build. Use Ice Arrow to build stacks on your opponent. When he/she gets frozen, hit them with Bow Swing (does bonus dmg on frozen targets). Use Arrow Storm/Eagle Claw as the situation seems fit. You will use Eagle Glide and Evasive Salvo to move around. Practice using your dash skills as you can be severally punished if you miss count your ep in a fight. You can do a total of 3 Salvos or 1 Glide and 1 Salvo. The second can be used in conjunction with Bow Swing to get in and out or to place a Arrow Storm.

For your stats. I recommend just putting everything into HP. Archers are kinda squishy and more hp allows to trade a hit or there. You'll be surprised with how much longer you can survive.

For those who want to know. I had a 80% win-ratio with this build. Also, don't use this in PvE. I mean you can if you want, it just puts out way less dps than a standard turret build.

TL/DR: Max HP. Ice Arrow. Kite. Have fun.

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    Arrow Barrage does more dmg, but Ice Arrow

    Well Ice Arrow can do more damage because in melee range you can hit all 3 shots. Though you don't want to be standing in melee.
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    You're definitely on the right track. Ice Arrow and Bow Swing are key elements of a good PvP build, whether you're going up against heavy-hitting melee opponents or fast-moving ranged opponents.

    I would, however, make an argument against relying on Bow Swing for damage and instead reserving it for defensive maneuvers. If your target is stunned for two seconds, you can get more damage off with other abilities. I will say that if the enemy is within 3m, definitely use Bow Swing, because why not? But if they're at a distance, and you would need to walk up to them just to get the hit off, you're better off pelting them from afar and keeping Bow Swing for when they advance after the freeze wears off. If you're going up against an Archer or a Heavy Gunner, you may find they stay so far away that, without Eagle Glide, you might not even be able to run up and hit them with Bow Swing before the stun wears off.

    You mentioned not touching Screwdriver Shot because of how difficult it is to hit without a setup, which is true, but Ice Arrow's two-second stun is the perfect setup, especially if you have even just a single point in Precision Shooter. Even a single point in Screwdriver Shot and Precision Shooter will deal comparable damage to a max-level Bow Swing with the bonus ice damage.

    Based on the evidence we have, Agile Archer is the best passive buff that Archers have, and considering how much defense other players have, it's a really valuable asset in PvP. It's no accident that Ice Arrow, Agile Archer, and Bow Swing are all in the same branch of the skill tree; they're the big PvP skills.

    I need to double check to make sure that the fire damage from Rapid Shot doesn't cancel the freeze of Ice Arrow, but I believe it doesn't. Either way, I would recommend using that for damage while your opponent is stunned, assuming that Screwdriver Shot, Eagle Claw, and Arrow Storm are all unavailable.

    Speaking of Arrow Storm, I strongly recommend putting at least one point in it. Even if you deal very little damage with it, it's an extremely effective deterrent, and most players, especially those with melee classes, are not likely to harass you while it's active. Just popping the skill off cooldown can give you some much-needed breathing room, especially if Bow Swing is on cooldown.

    Additionally, if you're lucky enough to freeze someone inside of Arrow Storm, you're going to rack up some serious damage. The best PvP Archers will be able to freeze their enemy within 3m of them, pop Arrow Storm, and continue to deal damage with Rapid Shot, Arrow Stream, or Ice Arrow, counting down the two seconds of the freeze. Then, right before the freeze wears off, hit the enemy with Bow Swing, sending them across the stage, and immediately hit them with Eagle Claw, instantly putting a 45% slow on them. Then it's straight back to Ice Arrow, keeping that crowd control up almost constantly. This is the reason they can potentially dominate all Beserkers and Knights.

    In an ideal situation, a good Archer can save Bow Swing for the last second of the freeze, and then keep the opponent permanently slowed outside of the freeze. Against melee opponents, you should always be hoping to freeze them under an Arrow Storm.

    EDIT: I strongly discourage maxing Evasive Salvo. You only get 7% more damage per level, and you're not going to be using it as frequently or as aggressively as any other skill. You can get that much DPS from any of the passive buffs.

    Also, I'll just mention that the level cap will almost certainly be between 65 and 99, and probably one extreme or the other, so your build isn't limited to just the points you can get from 1-50, nor the additional bonus points from trophies, prestige, and quests.
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    Disclaimer: I have never done PvP and everything I say is based on theory and my impression of PvP.

    I would like to add that there is no point in adding any more points into arrow barrage than is necessary to unlock skills. Even when you are right in front of your target, arrow barrage hits only once. On the other hand, ice arrow in melee range(I have managed on the guild training dummy up to 1m away) can hit all 3 arrows on the same target, and will even apply 3 stacks of slow if it happens. As such, ice arrow is stronger than arrow barrage regardless, and between glide, salvo and bow swing there is no reason to need arrow barrage to escape(also you probably can run further in the time it takes to use it thrice). Ice arrow, however, only scales at 4% damage per hit per level, and the slow doesn't seem to increase, so I'm not too sure about maxing it. You can also walk between ice arrows by holding your movement keys while spamming ice arrow, thus chasing people is much easier.

    I noticed you did not add conditioning. I feel that conditioning is better than agile archer in PvP because while agile archer gives more damage and evasion, conditioning gives only slightly less damage while increasing movement speed which helps for kiting and stuff, as opposed to evasion which requires you to get "hit" in order for it to be useful. As such, I would prefer adding any extra sp into conditioning as opposed to agile archer. The 10% movement speed at max conditioning allows you to move 1 more square for every 10 squares your opponent moves, and makes it incredibly difficult for opponents to chase/hit you, when coupled with ice arrow. For example, it also allows you to have 88% movement speed when hit with 2 ice spears from wizards, which means if you dash through the ice spear into melee range and land a x3 ice arrow while they hit their 2nd ice spear, both of you will have the same movement speed, and you freeze faster in melee range so the wizard will have to run away. Also if you are hit by 1 ice spear while running away, you will have 99% movement speed which makes it way easier to run away.

    As for eagle claw, I am not too sure about it. On paper, it is a good skill, but how often are you able to crit your enemy to proc bronze eagle, especially if people have crit evasion? Additionally it requires 7 bronze eagle which is pretty much a waste of 6 sp since bronze eagle scales poorly. And most importantly, people might just choose to kite and avoid you for 15 seconds while your eagle is up, which reduces your chances of actually landing a claw. However, the slow is really good and the total damage including the DoT is rather insane, especially if you choose to max it.

    Arrow storm is a great skill even at level 1. It can be used as a zoning tool, since your opponent doesn't know what level it is and thus shouldn't be risking walking into it(it does like 1320% dmg over 5 seconds at max level). As such, if you run through your arrow storm they need to dash twice to get around and catch up with you, which puts you at an advantage in terms of stamina. If you stand inside your arrow storm melee opponents will have to stand inside to hit you, and you can easily just ice arrow into evasive salvo when they do so, making them stuck in there unless they dash. After you evade you can spam ice arrow from a distance. If they dash to you just bow swing them back into the arrow storm and continue slowing them. In this way you can probably land at least half the hits which is at least 15 chances to crit on top of the 40% chance of your evasive salvo, which will then proc bronze eagle for eagle claw should you choose to invest into it.

    Screwdriver shot with precision shooter seems decent, but requires 8 rapid shot. Rapid shot will not remove the effects of ice arrow, so it is quite a good skill for damage. First of all, in terms of damage lvl 1 screwdriver shot with lvl 1 precision beats lvl 8 bow swing(the level bow swing would have been at if we did not invest into enhanced screwdriver) on frozen enemies. Enhanced screwdriver also scales much better with levels. As such, it may be preferable for damage output. Notice this assumes you don't get to spam bow swing on a frozen enemy every time it is off cooldown. In fact you shouldn't be having someone in your face every 6 seconds if you kite properly with ice arrow. Also screwdriver shot's hitbox is larger than it seems, so it's not actually difficult to land a shot unless the opponent dashes, in which case you win in stamina.

    Precision shooter increases attack speed. I think this speeds up your animations thus causing you to be stuck in place for less time, and so that evasive salvo won't cancel your skill. This is especially useful for screwdriver shot and its long windup time.

    Rapid fire is nice for finishing people off or just punshing people for running straight at you when they are slowed, which might justify raising it to 8 for screwdriver shot. I'm not sure about PvP but in PvE rapid shot follows your target so they can't even run circles around you.

    For combos I'm envisioning the following:

    7~9 stacks ice arrow -> dash to melee -> arrow storm and immediately ice arrow -> screwdriver + evasive salvo(needs good timing to avoid cancelling screwdriver) -> rapid shot if low/still frozen -> eagle claw if available -> rapid shot until opponent dodges. If opponent dashes to you use ice arrow and bow swing

    opponent is in front of you -> arrow storm + ice arrow + evasive salvo -> rapid shot until opponent dodges

    opponent is in front of you -> arrow storm + ice arrow + evasive salvo -> rapid shot until opponent dashes to you -> bow swing him back into arrow storm -> eagle claw(if available)/ice arrow/rapid shot until he dodges

    melee opponent running at you -> arrow storm(stand inside) -> ice shot him if he stays inside arrow storm, rapid shot if he is outside.

    running away: arrow storm -> run through arrow storm -> if opponent goes around arrow storm just run in the opposite direction.

    wizard trying to ice spear you -> dash through the spear into melee range then quickly ice arrow. Proceed to hunt the wizard down with ice arrow (ice spear slow runs out first so the wizard is at a disadvantage even when running)
  • RaznRazn
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    Pretty sure Arrow Barrage staggers (just like the Priest aoe spam). And anyone who's fought a priest knows how annoying it is to get constantly interrupted.
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    Ice Arrow sucks. Im top 2 pvp on my server and I can easily win agaist top 1, but he plays 24/7 and I don't. For pvp you wanna max Arrow Barrage as your main sorce of damage, Arrow Storm as your zoning ability and Evasive Salvo as your get away AND damage skill. You wanna spam Arrow Barrage as much as possible and after the 3rd hit you should use Evasive Salvo to get away and do damage. As agaist ranged classes, walk and jump until melee and do the same.