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Support Skill issues

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Did anyone else notice the support skills for the Knight are pretty underwhelming? They don't seem to have enough of an affect to make it worth having in a party. Also the Bulwark (knights will) ability says it lasts for 3 seconds but only stayed on the field for less than 1 second it seemed.

What did you guys think?


  • VillaniVillani
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    I'm wondering in what sense 6,4% constant damage buff - as well as 12% every 18 seconds - is underwhelming? Knight is specifically wanted in parties due to these buffs.
    Bulwark will also stay on the ground for the whole duration, unless you cancel it yourself (by moving or using a skill, most inputs will cancel the skill).
  • AzureFlame98AzureFlame98
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    Exactly. These are unique party wide damage increases that stack with other damage increases. Assuming you are positioning yourself correctly and hitting the majority/all of your group with Warhorn is a very good group DPS increase combined with Shield Throw. Bulwark and Defender of the Faith does require a wee bit of coordination from your group and awareness of what attacks the boss is doing on your end to really see shine. Though I do think it could use a bit of a range increase.