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Fishing and the pointless music

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Fishing can give epic gear, why is it so much better than raid gear? I don't understand why Nexon is promoting their players to AFK fish or sit for hours not playing their game for end game items. Please nerf this, In comparison Music gives nothing? how comes fishing gives so many benefits but music doesn't?


  • MaesMaes
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    Music is fun, so that's really the motive there. Also it's a good way to AFK level.

    Fishing should definitely be re balanced , but it is the CBT after all, hopefully this kind of stuff will be worked out on release. It may have even been intentional to let people gain access to easily obtainable gear quickly and test out bosses, ofc I don't know any more then anyone else.

    I do like the idea of fishing rewarding decent gear though. Maybe something on par to Dungeon gear to get you into raids, albeit much less common.
  • LaukkahLaukkah
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    Music gives you the peace that fishing could never give you, to work hard on a piece of music and perfect it and then you play it for people and you make them happy, is that not a greater reward than gear?
  • JetUppercutJetUppercut
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    I think Music giving buffs like Mabinogi used to would be a good idea. I don't think the fishing gear will be as relevant later on but people having a reason to play music other than for the sake of playing music would be cool.
  • BluclueBluclue
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    Music brings people together. Its not part of the game as a exp-grind-achievement. Its a social networking device.
  • WoopWoop
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    Aren't the OP fishing equips limited to the event magnets? If so, then it's not really a concern for the official release.
  • LuniiLunii
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    Woop wrote: »
    Aren't the OP fishing equips limited to the event magnets? If so, then it's not really a concern for the official release.

    Yeah. Fishing equips was an event which they hopefully use sparingly during release.
  • SherriSherri
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    I think the fishing exp should be nerfed, along with the gear giving magnet thing.
    Music however, is not pointless. Even if it didn't give exp (which I don't think it should), I'd still do it. Why? Because it let's people be creative.
    This same system is in another game, Mabinogi, and people use it all the time, not just for buffs but for socializing.
    People make their favorite songs and play music with others.