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Story grinding vs mob grinding

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as we all know by now that maplestory 2 story feel nice and feel alot more active than ms1 story which is actually a double edge sword atm since its very linear. tho there are many players who enjoy a good story like myself and it can be a good baseline to help any new player, however i could tell that the purely linear gameplay isnt hitting home base for everyone. what is missing is the option for players to run past the story questing and start mobbing like crazy for the grind. so far i could only think of a few suggestions that ill number down to maybe give some players options to how they wanna path their lvling.
1. increase spawn/number rates of mobs or increase of exp given to a rate that fairly gives amount of exp = to amount that can be earned by questing in a = amount of time
2. have multiple areas gain a mini hidden areas thatll have the so called mobs/exp increase (yes i kno same as 1) but these are areas that players have to seek out and isnt shown directly on the map
3. combat mini games (not pvp or arcade) where ppl can repeatedly do over and over just grinding out mobs in these modes just like the defense mission that we get to do there should be something similar whether it be defense, escort, survival, or something special have either in all the dungeons lvls or each part of the map will have these special missions that u can activate and keep repeating (probly dint think this one thru but it popped randomly in my head)
  1. what do you guys all think should we be able to skip questing and go grind on our own?6 votes
    1. no, questing is good and is already fine
       17% (1 vote)
    2. yes, would like the option to off grind from story mode
       83% (5 votes)
    3. different opinion on the topic let me hear what you guys wanna put :)
       0% (0 votes)


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    I mean there is really no point that story should necessarily be faster than grinding. I think quests should be slightly faster overall and give average equipment, while grinding should be slightly slower but have the potential to give you better rewards for exploring and spending time on RNG. And adding some non-obvious hidden areas would be good too (there are actually a few good ones already, so expanding much more on that idea would be nice).
    Basically everything you choose to do should be a reasonable alternative to questing (and grinding).