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Down below are the 2 skill tree's i used. IF you have questions about it. Feel free to ask.

- Free free to remove points in med kit and add in stun bomb for more DPS if you can reliably get in close to get max DPS.

- Feel free to remove 4 points from stun & electric passive with 1 point only and max satelite as well.


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    Your PVE skillbuild is a mess. 1 point in Lock on? 5 points in gatling fire? weird 1 point allocations overall. Electric blasts passive is not worth it with the skillpoints we have at level 50. 4 points in rocket launcher...? 7 points in homing missiles? What exactly is the goal here? Have as many pointless skills to rotate as possible? You ALWAS max bullet spray. It's your filler skill. I can't even begin to explain everything wrong with this build.
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    Literally copy paste of another comment I made on another post lol:

    I'm actually just guesstimating here idk exactly how fast HGs DPS for all his attacks is.

    At lvl 4 in both skills, electric blast with blast charge kit deals 173%+65%x3=368% (the extra damage from upgrading blast charge kit doesn't show in the ability damage on your hotkey bar) 1~ second of every 4~ is reloading. Rest of every 1~ second is damage output.
    1104% every 4 seconds. (It's probably more like 3/4 a second but i'm too lazy to do fractions but do note that 3 different skills increase the damage of this so it's for sure better than gatling fire later.)

    At lvl 4 electric blast by itself deals 551%x3=1653% every 19~ seconds 3~ of which are charging up.
    1653% burst. or 551% burst

    At lvl 4 bullet spray deals 48%x4=192% every half second~.
    1536% every 4 seconds

    At lvl 4 gatling fire deals 56%x3=168%
    not even worth mentioning
    but 240% at max remember this for later.

    With a lvl 50 level cap using the entire left side of the skill tree and ignoring electric blast is better honestly. Getting gatling fire to max is 240% damage for mobbing and you need to get the 15% for bullet spray anyway so that makes it 300% every 1 second~ (don't forget reloading too) it's a bad skill but that ties or beats blast charge kit at lvl 4 anyway which is about how far you could get it up unless you didn't use medkit which what kind of monster are you if you don't. :P

    Bullet spray is HGs main form of DPS on bosses. It's not even worth using electric blast without blast charge kit because bullet spray will deal more damage than it because you need to stop using bullet spray to use electric blast then start using bullet spray after, which costs a second, which in that time bullet spray would've nearly tied it's damage. Technically you could find a time to use electric blast on a boss and increase your dps but not by that much esp since 4>3 when it comes to crits and you have to use skill points from other skills that also matter LIKE MEDKIT.

    At lvl 65 putting into electric blast/kit is better than gatling fire for mobbing by quite a margin.

    At lvl 99 blast charge kit actually deals more DPS than bullet spray with that entire line maxed out and the extra 30%s on all the damage I'm pretty sure (my math says 1464% every 4 seconds at lvl 4 but my math is dumb). And only at lvl 99 will it be worth putting skill points in the 3rd column because you can't get more than 2 lines maxed out and you need to max out skills for them to be worth using over the other maxed out skills.

    So each level cap HGs gameplay will feel quite a bit different. I think this is what the devs intended.

    side note:
    (bullet spray and gatling fire's names should be switched that's actually a mistranslation lmao)
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    the build was maiinly to focus on maximizing it's dps rotation but i'm very new to HG as i only picked it up during CBT n not KMS. so any input would be nice haha. Its been working fine so far so i never thought of doing big changes to it like you guys are mentioning so far since i always did roughly 18-20mill with shiny wep and then it went up drastically when i obtained the Spiral wep. so it should be much higher than 18-20M marker if i applied it with the way ur stating?
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    side note:
    (bullet spray and gatling fire's names should be switched that's actually a mistranslation lmao)

    When you bring that up, it suddenly makes more sense lol