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Overall impression of the class

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Don't play the class.

Everything it has, another class can do better.

The only thing I see with this class is you can fight anything but will take forever, but dont get me wrong, the class is fun to play. It has unique skills with different effects and requires skill to execute everything properly. Aka the shield.

Some points to point out:
DPS - Really? No, does not matter if a skill is level 1 or 10, the difference is so small it is hilarious.
Raids - Seriously? With Priests range of heal it does not reach melee classes because they obviously want to stay away from the boss and stay with all the other ranged classes.
Shield usage - Does not block everything and you still take tons of damage with it on.
Defence - With the same gear as everyone else, you have slightly more because of the shield.
Shield skills - I'll protect you once every 2 minutes (A priest can protect you by healing once)
Perfect Block - Its based on RNG so why do we have as shield?

All damaging skills technically hit the same when calculating cast time, amount of hits and overall damage.
You have one that hits faster, but less damage.
You have one that hits more, but less hits.
You have something that hits a lot, but long wind up.
Conclusion: In a matter of 10-20 seconds, no matter what skill you hold down, you will end up hitting the same with any of the skills.

A priest is better at tanking honestly, unless they die in one hit which is most likely not gonna happen.

Now lastly, I have not tried PVP, but for the love of god, I really hope it shines there.

The class seems to be a bit too technical when it comes to a game like this. All you actually need is DPS. Ranged classes do this perfectly fine without being in danger or spending majority of their time chasing their targets.

Changes I would like to see:
- Aggro system? Otherwise I dont see a reason to drag a knight along for anything
- When you lose faith in the shield because it significantly reduces your damage output and replaces it with health potions which you can use mid animation.

Cannot think straight anymore so I'll stop this here.


  • FreddFredd
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    Knights are way too strong in PVP, unkillable, way too tanky. Same goes for Berserker.
  • BToastyBToasty
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    Agree with the post before me. Knights are incredibly strong (borderline overpowered, tbh) in PvP. Probably also the reason why the 1st, 2nd and 4th place is currently held by a knight.
  • Ogar0Ogar0
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    Theres a reason certain games balance pvp and pve separately.
    But still, playing knight feels like you dont have that much impact over your performance, sure, you can sometimes block big attack, but thats about it
  • TOMahawk_SchirfTOMahawk_Schirf
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    My complaint with the Knight is in its skills. He's spin to win. You think beserker is bad? HA! Bare with me for a moment.

    At the start of the game you choose between being able to upgrade 1 of 2 skills, there is literally no reason, not to get the spin attack, it does more damage, in a larger zone then the other option. I heard someone argue that the spin costs spirit, but it's 12, even when holding down the key you naturally generate as much as it costs, so it's effectively free.

    Same with the upgraded abilities, sunder looks cool, but has no practical use when the spin to win typhoon once again does more damage and in a larger area...

    This makes the class very boring to play because there is no thought involved, you hit your buffs key, them hold your spin key. And gg, you're a Knight.
  • Ogar0Ogar0
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    Yeah, my second complaint is that skills have either good impact and veeeery long cooldown, (not to mention we get 2 invulnerability shields)
    or very small impact like war horn
    The defensive buff is well balanced i think, good damage reduciton and uptime and you can notice it. But warhorn is barely noticed in raids.
    Id also wish there was ability attack like a heavy hitting single target shield slam on cooldown, that applied the reduced defense debuff.
    Instead make shield toss something else. Its fun ability concept but the way its placed in skill tree makes it so you either sacrifice a LOT of own potential damage, for 5% group damage buff.

    Id rather see it more of a passive thing, like arms warriors in wow had physical damage buff for entire raid, just by going through their optimal rotation (i dont say rotation style thing would be good in this game tho)
    So, you bring a class to raid, and you get tangible benefit from it, instead of taking one more heavy gunner, that would murder dps charts instead of being almost dead weight outside of using defensive ability once in a while.

    Hope trees change before release, otherwise i will roll some other class than knight
  • AzureFlame98AzureFlame98
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    Yeah you arent going to do much damage on Knight and fundamentally it has flaws through its Perfect Guard system. Currently Knight in a decent skill tree can Bolster its own offense by 20~30% total not counting Shield Toss or gear specific passives since that isnt a static damage increase and is variable based on the enemy.
    Using the Knight's Shield Mastery Passive with the Invulnerability skills which can have cooldowns reduced immensely you can have your Counter buff up pretty regularly, specially with Shield Booster that has a chance to proc on just being hit and gives even more bonus damage and damage resistance. The Invulnerability skills Bulwark and Defender of the Faith which are actually just increasing perfect block chance to 100% is also great in ORGANIZED Raids because the group can just stack on the Knight for something and keep DPSing the Boss instead of moving since a lot of attacks later do more damage than what the Priest can heal off.

    Next up what the Knight lacks in personal DPS it makes up for by increasing your entire groups DPS by a significant margin. There is a reason why throughout KMS2's entire life cycle there was ALWAYS at least 1 Knight in every group. Knight Brings unique damage increases that stack with others in the form of Warhorn which if you've been leveling it gives 10%+ Damage to your ENTIRE RAID assuming you positioned yourself properly to hit your allies with it and the Shield Toss which Lowers a boss' defense value which can give a larger damage increase than stated based on the boss' defense value.
    These are also percentage based increases which scale as our own attack stats get higher and higher as we level and then spread that out across 9 other people and you have a faster raid clear than if that Knight was replaced by a Berserker, Assassin, or Heavy Gunner etc.

    As for Rotation its kinda up in the air. from my own testing on bosses solo ive found Typhoon Slash mixed in with Divine Strike and Shield Booster and if either of those are on Cooldown replace them with Shield Toss, Tornado Strike, or some of your buff skills. Its a very flexible job in what it can choose to do at a moments notice. Still pretty Spinny though unless you want to give up a lot to invest in Stinging Flurry which isnt that much better for what you lose.
    Althrough these Spin2Win Moves are VERY POTENT at Mob control as they have very strong suction effects and INTERRUPT ENEMY ACTIONS and keep them away from your other allies allowing them to have peace of mind while DPSing.

    There are still several improvements to the job that could be made like increasing the reliability of your Perfect Guard at least during Iron Wall more than it already is allowing you to have better uptime on Counter that doesnt involve using Cooldowns.
  • Ogar0Ogar0
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    i dont care about my personal damage if i can bring utility to raid.
    But casting 10% damage buff on cd isnt peak of appealing game design to be honest.

    Also i would like some more single target damage ability for soloing content, and like you said, getting the sting attack requires so much points to spend just to unlock it, you lose shield toss / invulnerability cd / warhorn

    Pick your poison.
    Ive found its good to have that Cross cut maxed with typhoon, that way your single target damage isnt absolutely atrocious and you ahve something to attack with when your spirit is empty. Once theres more than 2 targets typhoon blows sting out of the water i believe, altough i dont have math to back this claims up
  • AzureFlame98AzureFlame98
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    I gotta agree with you there. The standard rotation for the Class isnt all that engaging or exciting with a lot of the more active elements taken out when they redesigned Knight during the Restart Patch.
    At the same time several jobs seem to have this issue like Berserker for example or Heavy Gunner with its set it and forget it DoT skills and the issue is only exacerbated by the fact you dont get access to a lot of skills in the first place.
  • kawingshekkawingshek
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    A bit late into the discussion regarding Knights during CBT.

    It is a closed beta after all and we haven't seen majority of the raids and mechanics. Some mitigation is always a bonus as you can't always rely on pulling in more priests to the group. Always got to keep in mind the usage for a knight for raids in the future and I believe 1 knight and 1 priest will always be mandatory for content in the future.

    I haven't seen a single Knight use any of the invicible skills during raid(Or not available during CBT) for the group as they are probably thinking about their damage, if there are, I apologize in advance as I can't see much of the flame breath on my face as i'm melting slowly.
    You're a knight, You have unique skills tied to your class that can provide buffs and debuffs to aid your raid group.

    When you play with an organized group you'lll notice that they are relying on the knights to use their skill for the raid at a specific moment, to prevent a debuff and to prevent from being knock backed.

    Highlights: 5:17 (Mitigation for party), 7:44 (Kb/debuff prevention).

  • mmviimmvii
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    TrungTH wrote: »
    Changes I would like to see:
    - Aggro system? Otherwise I dont see a reason to drag a knight along for anything

    Yeah that definately sounds like a thing to look at for future contents.