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Draw the person above you!


  • LaurieMoonLaurieMoon
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    @yummei It's just a bitta fun :(
  • ctfyctfy
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    LaurieMoon wrote: »
    @yummei It's just a bitta fun :(

    I don't think its particularly fun for people who are doing art trades but you're here leeching other people's art. Especially when the last 8 posts you've made in the past 5 months have solely been in this thread just to fish for them. Just consider other people's fun.
  • GhoullessGhoulless
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    LaurieMoon wrote: »
    Let's revive this draw-a-thon!!

    @Rowlette Here is a poorly drawn Einos, I actually have no drawing skills whatsoever

    If anyone is up to the challenge here is my character for them to draw next!

    I hope you like it! Just a bit of fun :D

    Someone else can start the thread in my stead <3
  • MinniMinni
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    edited 5:23AM August 6, 2019
    Hi! :D is anyone interested to start a new "Draw the person above you!"-Thread just for Artists(maybe we can share our Art-Pages like Deviantart in the first Post)? :3 Something like "Maple-Art-Trade"