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What stats do you guys go for

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I'm just wondering... what stats do we mainly focus on ?
Crit rate, Crit damage, Luck (obviously), attack speed, armor pen, etc etc.
What do you guys go for ? Does crit rate matter if we're putting all stats into luck anyway ?
Thank you in advance


  • PyroRabbitPyroRabbit
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    Lv 30 so far put all my stats into LUK (maybe 2 points into str).
    You can reset your stats and do what you want with them later.

    Critical rate is good, but it isn't THAT great, I'd rather go for crit damage. Thieves are already one of the fastest classes if you play it right and manage to combo properly.

    I don't think I've died once yet, takes some getting used to though. Its not a very wanted class because its such a close combat class, but if you know what you're doing, Thieves are dope.

    LUCK, Crit damage, and speed.
    Can change that later on, keep some of your most useful items, (put in storage) end enchance once open beta is around, stuff you dont need NPC it, repeat. = meso.
  • xGenuinexGenuine
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    Ahh okay, i'm doing it all wrong then, I have been getting critical rate. And it sucks that we don't know when 40% is haha.
    I'll try crit damage next time. Anyone else have opinions ?
  • KewkkyKewkky
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    I did a lot of testing in the guild house against the training dummies, and I agree with PyroRabbit on his stat priorities. Critical Rate sounds good, but the difference in DPT between that and LUCK was large.
  • GreenSoup2HoTGreenSoup2HoT
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    I suggest putting all your attribute points into Critical Rate. Lots of value if you roll any crit damage in the early stages.
  • SugarspoonSugarspoon
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    Luck all the way.
  • SentineIsSentineIs
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    Doing dps testing, crit rate seems to give you the highest cap on dps but its really variable. Sometimes I get spikes of 10k dps over my average, and other times i'm 10k below.

    On sheet, crit rate gives more attack per point, but it seems the game values crit damage and rate A LOT as equipping items with those stats skyrockets your sheet attack compared to other stats. I'm still unconvinced that higher sheet attack means actually higher attack.
  • UinixUinix
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    I personally went with crit rate, but I generally have good RNG so I can pull off making up for the damage missing from the lower luck stats with the amount of damage in crits. My dps usually averaged around 70k with luck only and 68k-85k with 38% crit (all attributes in crit) with the guild house dummies.
  • GokiburiGokiburi
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    There's very little damage difference between Luck and Crit.
    Luck gives slightly more damage and significantly less crit chance.
    Crit gives slightly less damage and significantly more crit chance.

    Crit build is only good if you can manage to find gear that gives a good amount of crit damage. Crit damage is really what makes the Crit build good. If you don't want to spend time finding 2x crit on every gear piece that you can possibly get it on then you go Luck. With Luck you get better minimum damage. Your gear will just be very standard with 2x piercing which is very easy to find.

    Skill Build: (Any skills that I don't mention aren't needed.)

    Lv 3 Double Slash (The damage per level is pretty insignificant along with the % chance for Cunning.)
    Lv 6 Poison Edge (Optional to max)
    Lv 10 Poison Vial
    Lv 10 Surprise Attack
    Rutheless Guile Max until 60
    Lv 1 Cunning (No point leveling this skill beyond 1 as the other 2 skills are a waste for this build.)
    Lv 2 Kick (Damage is already good. Only need it for Vicious Cuts.)
    Lv 2 Mind Breaker (for the 5 monster dash and Vicious Cuts.)
    Vicious Cuts (Slowly max this skill as you level up when you have free skill points. If you don't have enough points to level important abilities just lower this ability down as much as you need to.)
    Lv 2 Quickstep (Useless but you need it for Meso Guard.)
    Meso Guard max until lv 60 (You don't use this too much, but it helps from time to time.)

    (I've only semi-tested this build. Not too sure if this is the best build for Luck.)
    Lv 1 Double Slash (Only use it for spirit restore.)
    Lv 1 Poison Edge (Don't ever use unless you just to put on poison stacks with Cunning for some odd reason.)
    Lv 10 Cunning (Max only for cool down because you'll need it up more often.)
    Lv 10 Blade Dance (This over VC because if you're gonna use VC you might as well play Crit.)
    Retaliation Max until 60
    Lv 2 Quickstep (Again pointless skill.)
    Meso Guard Max until 60
    Lv 2 Kick (Same as before.)
    Lv 2 Mind Breaker (Same as before.)
    Lv 3 Vicious Cuts (Explained already.)
    Lv 10 Haste
  • WallSeriesWallSeries
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    138% crit dmg, 63 crit rate
    63 ap to luck, 0 to crit rate
    just double slash, i deal about 1.5m per minutes with 8% crit rate

    138% crit dmg, 243 crit rate
    60 ap to crit rate, 3 to luck
    just double slash, I deal about 1.4m per minutes with 24% crit rate

    if u don't have high crit damage, don't bother with crit rate, just go with pure luck, beside most of thief dps come from posion, and crit rate/dmg don't affect the DOT, luck does... unless u have 40% crit rate and 250% crit damage, vicious cuts build is better