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What stats do you guys go for

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I'm just wondering... what stats do we mainly focus on ?
Crit rate, Crit damage, Luck (obviously), attack speed, armor pen, etc etc.
What do you guys go for ? Does crit rate matter if we're putting all stats into luck anyway ?
Thank you in advance


  • PyroRabbitPyroRabbit
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    Lv 30 so far put all my stats into LUK (maybe 2 points into str).
    You can reset your stats and do what you want with them later.

    Critical rate is good, but it isn't THAT great, I'd rather go for crit damage. Thieves are already one of the fastest classes if you play it right and manage to combo properly.

    I don't think I've died once yet, takes some getting used to though. Its not a very wanted class because its such a close combat class, but if you know what you're doing, Thieves are dope.

    LUCK, Crit damage, and speed.
    Can change that later on, keep some of your most useful items, (put in storage) end enchance once open beta is around, stuff you dont need NPC it, repeat. = meso.
  • xGenuinexGenuine
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    Ahh okay, i'm doing it all wrong then, I have been getting critical rate. And it sucks that we don't know when 40% is haha.
    I'll try crit damage next time. Anyone else have opinions ?
  • KewkkyKewkky
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    I did a lot of testing in the guild house against the training dummies, and I agree with PyroRabbit on his stat priorities. Critical Rate sounds good, but the difference in DPT between that and LUCK was large.