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Max Attack Speed

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I'm at 140% att speed right now with haste and souvenir buff. Anyone know the cap/have a better attack speed?

Also if you're running att speed build, have you tested out what skill build grants the most DPS?

I'm gonna post my stats after testing it later.


  • RurumoRurumo
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    Hello. Once I hit 50 I started messing with different builds. Right now I also have a haste build-maxed out haste 9/10 (for now) put 4/10 into combatant, maxed out the first builder skill, and maxed out the buff skill that uses spirit over 1 min to give more att power-I forgot the name, but I maxed out the skill right above haste too, twin something. I use that twin something skill then builder, then twin something when cunning procs (or kick/dash). I also keep poison vial up-just one point in that. So far I like this haste build better than poison, you just hear the "I'm out of mana" voice annoyingly often. I love how often cunning procs with this build. It's hilarious how fast things melt when you have your buffs going.