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SP Issues

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I'm currently level 35 and so far have been running into sp issues. The main issue is remaining at a long enough range for snipe to kick in. I find it especially hard to do in dungeons. Are there any tips for me to keep my resource up? I know Eagle helps somewhat but I feel it is hard to keep up.


  • DrYoshiyahuDrYoshiyahu
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    I generally don't worry about Snipe at all. So much so, that I stopped using Screwdriver Shot altogether. If I'm low on SP, I just swap from Arrow Barrage/Rapid Shot to Arrow Stream whenever I need to regen.

    Arrow Barrage is a very expensive skill, unfortunately. If you want an easier option, as far as resource management goes, try speccing into a Rapid Shot build. It's more oriented towards single-target DPS, but it does still pierce three times.

    Also, make sure Arrow Storm is being used off cooldown. I might be preaching to the choir, but it costs no SP, and if you charge it for a long-range volley, you're going to regen SP that whole time.

    I don't personally recommend building Eagle's Majesty until after level 50, once you've got Arrow Rain, Arrow Barrage/Rapid Shot, and Sharp Eyes all maxed, and even then, I would still max Conditioning first,as well. But if you're still finding SP to be that much of an issue at 37, you can unlock Eagle's Majesty. Unfortunately, you'll never be able to max it in during the CBT (because you need to be level 57) and it's not going to make much of a difference until the higher levels.
  • HarmlessHarmless
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    I have the same issues with SP, and discovered upon playing 4 other classes that this is the only one suffering from it. :/ I love Archer but it makes for frustrating gameplay....

    I find it easier vs Bosses because its easier to keep my distance (bigger platforms), but I run out of juice constantly while fighting random mobs. Which it wasn't such a pain to adventure and explore as an archer. :(
  • WntrWolfxWntrWolfx
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    For mobs, if I lure them to a single spot and use arrow storm. I back out with evasive salvo so I can get enough distance to use screwdriver shot. I can fully charge it by the time arrow storm is down. After that I hold rapid shot until they get close. By that time, arrow storm will be back up, so I rinse and repeat.

    For bosses, I pretty much do the same thing. However, for the fire dragon, if you're spaced correctly, you can use screwdriver shot and still hit him with a non-charged arrow storm.