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I keep checking the Forum..

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To see if they ended up doing another thing to let people into the CBT. No.. no they don't. It's just events for people who did make it in.


  • saipandasaipanda
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    I'm more interested in an OBT or live release
  • ShizzarenShizzaren
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    I do this too, but I don't really expect any news. Guess the hope comes from streamers saying they were trying to get Nexon to give out more keys.
  • BearSenseiBearSensei
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    Yea same not gonna lie Nexon dead could have handled CBT better, they did it very poorly and managed to exclude a big chunk of the community in events. The trailer even says "Everyone together" more like "Everyone separate" . Hopefully there's another CBT so that the excluded people can gain rewards as well
  • DrakooonDrakooon
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    I keep checking too. I feel like everyone deserves a faster official launch if everybody who participated broke the beta road test (by far more than the participation expectation (200k) broke the record for those who are wondering). We reached 455k+! That number continues to grow if and only if this game is being appreciated with more events leading to the official launch. It isn't about retaining these people. It about making events everyone can participate in until official launch.