May 27th is finally upon us. Please feel free to join us on the last day as the servers come down one by one. More details here:
MapleStory 2's servers will be officially closing on May 27th:


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the game is awesome so far except i notice that the translations are a bit off for male and still calling it she* but My main suggestion would be the guild name. 10 letters is too short for some awesome names :( Please make it at least 15-18. PLEASEEEEEE

other than that the graphics are amazing, the story seems fun and leveling is nice.
best feature is that this game supports my 32:9 monitor which not even pubg or other games support yet and that is amazing!
I can play full screen on my 49 inch monitor with no problems :D.
amazing job and I will definitely be playing a lot when game officially comes out!