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First impressions on Archer

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I did not get in the close beta so i was wondering how archer is doing so far in terms of leveling, mobbing, raids and pvp compared to other classes. I am planning to main this class just wanted to know what to expect.


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    Archers have Sharp Eyes, a strong critical chance buff for allies, and also excel in single-target damage. This makes them a key bossing class, although you'll find many other players don't recognise that, and are just as content with an Assassin or Beserker.

    Archers are very squishy, and you may find that you die often. It's not impossible for an Archer to solo all the dungeons, but you'll be much more comfortable with a party about you.

    Archers aren't fantastic in PvP, but the best Archers can hit the top of the leaderboards. This is mainly due to a somewhat steep difficulty curve.

    Speaking of difficulty curves, Archers need to utilize a decent number of abilities, while maintaining a safe distance and avoiding damage. This might sound simple in theory, but it can often be so hard for new Archers to learn how to stay alive, that I know of at least one player that couldn't get through the first fight in the tutorial without dying, because they couldn't keep their distance from the enemies.

    As far as leveling and grinding goes, you're just going to get all your levels from quests until level 50, and after that, most classes are pretty even as far as mobbing potential. Archers do come out slightly ahead thanks to Arrow Storm.

    Archers are the second or third-least popular class, and this means there's not as much competition for their equips compared to a Priests', for example. This may result in cheaper prices for high-level gear.
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    In addition to the very comprehensive information already provided, the current state of the game means that leveling is pointless no matter which class you pick, mobs can be killed easily with any class, and raids are just about spamming skills and dodging a bit (or not and spam potions) until everything dies as well. Unless they change anything in the future, you'll have roughly the same time playing Archer as any other class. I guess their skills are a bit different kinds of flashy than other classes but in combat there's not that much to it. It's true that Sharp Eyes is a party buff but currently it doesn't make any noticeable difference at all.

    For PvP though you might feel an actual difference since it's going to really come down to the skills of the individual players pitted against each other, so for those purposes I think the description should be quite accurate.
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    @DanDK, I think once you've really experienced every class post-level 50, you'll see just how different they all are. Even the most subtle differences make for a very unique experience when compounded with other differences. Assassins and Thieves are better in PvP, Gunners, Beserkers, and Wizards are better in open-world PvE, and Archers, Knights, and Priests are better in raids and dungeons.

    Some classes have crowd control, DoT, self-heals, party heals, close-range, long-range, crits, mobility, self-buffs, party buffs, burst damage, sustained damage, single-target damage, area damage... and some classes don't. Every class also has at least one kind of elemental damage. All of these things might not seem like a big difference on their own, but each of those elements, when put together in different ways, make each class what they are.

    Also, leveling does play a very big part of a class' strengths and weaknesses. Some classes have stronger early-games and some have stronger late-games. Archers, for example, are much stronger in the late-game, not just because that's when party gameplay, where Archers thrive, really becomes the focus, but also because of the high scaling of Screwdriver Shot and the compounding effect of all the passives working together.
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    I have not tried it yet, was in vacation T^T
    But i will try soon!!! :3