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Knights feel underwhelming.

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3 Things
Skills are underwhelming.
Skills Feel Clunky.
No content in CBT that requires tanking mechanics.

I feel like a low budget beserker....

I'm still going to stick with knight because I enjoy pvp.


  • VomittzVomittz
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    I don't know I'm really enjoying my Knight playthrough, plus I've heard it really picks up after level 30. That being said, can't really say you're wrong about anything you say. I think Knights really need an actual aggro'ing skill to be a proper Tank class and therefore useful as a Tank.
  • mmviimmvii
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    Hmm maybe that is something they could change in further patches, if there is no taunt skills or boss/mob aggro.
  • DanDKDanDK
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    Sadly, it's not a class specific thing.
    Currently combat (and gameplay in general) in this game is designed so poorly that everyone feels the same way about their skills and mechanics. Obviously, with no proper tanking or healing required for anything and with everyone having clunky and bland skills to be spammed from start to finish without worrying about exhausting stuff like actual strategy, everyone is bound to feel the same way pretty soon.