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Evade Skill

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edited 7:14AM May 10, 2018 in Heavy Gunner
Is there any way to make this skill activate whenever I double press the jump key like a regular flash jump? It is kind of cumbersome to have a separate key for it and because I'm used to just having to press the jump key twice for flash jump like in MS1.


  • ZifienZifien
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    Highly doubt it as Evade doesn't work like a jump.

    For example in maplestory 1 you could press jump once then using the second press to fly over gaps.
    Evade doesn't work over gaps at all in maplestory2 so technically it isn't a jump and thus there really is very little relation it to being a flash jump like in maplestory1.

    It's more of a maplestory1 skill that dashes you while doing damage (evade does do damage at the initial starting spot), and those usually have their own button.