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To those who said "It's just closed beta, I say.."

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Closed beta Events that carry through to the official release. Anything that can get you extra rewards and stuff is always nice!


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    I'll commit a slight faux pas here and just copy paste a reply I put in a thread a bit ago, mostly because it's exactly relevant to this plus a little extra:

    Honestly the concept of giving any vanity rewards or titles to people lucky enough to get into CBT baffles me. People aren't supposed to be there to fully play the game, yes you can explore and play but you're mostly there to weed out bugs by being part of a large enough sample size group with a diverse set of different PC specs to be able to catch and report bugs, glitches, crashes, typos, and things of that sort. Giving them a reward for simply being drawn by a lottery to make other people feel useless is really sad, especially watching some of these streamers who have been getting bugs or crashes AND THEY DON'T REPORT IT AT ALL! They just complain about it and go on playing with zero input given to the devs or bug forum. It's really disgusting to be honest.

    Closed Betas are meant to be large sample size test beds for finding most of the major issues. Open Betas are meant to be server stress tests and extreme sample size groups to weed out anything that might have slipped through the Closed Beta. And then Release version is meant to be the polished product that gets patched as new errors are discovered. Treating the game like a full release which the streamers already are (which means those not streaming are doing the same too most likely) is really sad.

    Ontop of that this forum doesn't allow for full size DXDIAG info to be included in the forum (even if you spoiler it to not break the webpage). But if you look in the bug report sections, a lot of people aren't even including their versions of Windows, their Video Card Model (NVIDIA, Radeon, GTX 1070, etc....) or their video card driver, or their available system memory (RAM aka 8 gigs, 16 gigs, etc), or their processor type... or even how to replicate the bug / glitch / crash.

    Honestly it's not a sense of entitlement that has people up in arms. It's the exclusive rewards for being picked at random to log into a CBT and the lack of meaningful feedback that is crucial to getting a smooth gaming experience. That is the real issue.
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    Wow, such a fast reply! honestly, considering I didn't get accepted.. I feel like they're just rubbing my face in the dirt just a bit by giving yet more things to the people who were let in to the closed beta purely by chance. Sure it's only 10 people who're testing controller support (for now), but it's people none the less who were allowed into something that others who legitimately wanted to play and test at least somewhat seriously so that the end product has less holes.

    The whole point I started this was to spark the feelings of those who honestly missed out and see their opinions on the idea of a group of random people getting Closed beta events for entirely unique rewards that players who weren't lucky enough to receive RNgeesus' blessing will likely never see.

    So, sorry if it seemed like I was teasing with something I didn't have.
  • ShybzShybz
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    Remember, the closed beta wasn't a pure 'luck of the draw'. It had a guaranteed entry to the first 10,000 to show up to the final task, which lasted for around 10 minutes. No complaining about an unfairness of not getting picked, everyone was given a fair chance to guarantee their entry.

    Unless the aesthetics of the hat(s) really speaks to you, I wouldn't sweat it. With UGC, MS2 is so much more open-ended aesthetically that missing out on a cosmetic or two is a drop in the bucket. There will be far nicer, rarer hats.
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    On my experience, a forum must be separate from in-game. In-game can be draining at times and it's so much more relaxing to discuss the game/state of the game in an organized fashion. This is why I've been using game forums since the early 2000's and haven't really stopped. Its engaging! Some died. But this forums site is functioning better than in-game in certain aspects! (so far. It's only been CBT released).

    But that being said.. @PhazonXenomorph please realize that actual exploits don't get posted mainly on the forums. The forums for cbt suggestions sections is feedback for back and forth. It isn't the actual issue (i.e. involving device hardware specs/network issues/game bugs/etc.). The forums is usually a discussion on how the game actually works. The general/technical support section the the official website is where you would submit tickets about a problem of the game.
    Here's the link explaining it all>>>

    Lastly, the bug report section in this case was originally for the forums. Hence, the sticky thread Saika posted (really amazing post btw).

    Let's wonder when news about official launch is going to happen. I'm guessing it's right after the CBT event...

    ---Drakooon on mobile