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[Feedback] Dungeons and Raids

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Please leave your feedback here regarding "Dungeons and Raids" for the Closed Beta.


  • NXACuddlesNXACuddles
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  • biskobisko
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    Cuddles, I just hit level 50 on my Berserker IGN: Pew. Looking at the equipment spread and requirements. It makes it next to impossible for me as a Berserker to get enough loot for the first raid as it is heavily dependant on your gear score from your weapon.

    But Berserkers don't have a purple weapon to gain from the first dungeons. Both of their weapons are in the raid which I can't get into because I can't get a purple weapon from a dungeon?
  • MadiatorMadiator
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    Cuddles, a Priest and I have hit level 50. We have seem to run into an issue. An issue of not being able to progress. This issue stems from having limited resources, dungeon runs and no meret shop. I suggest you remove the dungeon limitations for the duration of CBT. Because in my honest and humble opinion, this makes no sense. For a limited time, you have a limited amount of runs to progress your max level character. 10 runs in a day to get gear, which is not going to 100% drop for you, 30 runs in a week. This effectively means if you trying to test for optimal stats you will not be able to do it and you are only truly playing 3 out of the 7 days.

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  • TasaroTasaro
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    After 6-7 hours of holding space and following an arrow around I managed to hit level 50 in the closed beta. I was quite excited to start gearing up my character by grinding dungeons and getting ready for the raid.
    But after a mere 50 minutes I hit the 10 dungeon rewards limit. (this was with 45-48 greens)

    Now my character progression is locked till tomorrow, even though I still got a solid 6-8 hours game time till the next daily reset.

    Is the 10 dungeon rewards per day a good idea for the western market?

    I'm not looking forward to be making multiple characters of the same job just so I can funnel gear to my main.
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  • MG42MG42
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    Make leveling harder and remove dungeon limit....
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  • BrowniBrowni
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    Gaining some exp from the monsters in dungeon would be great and give some incentive to actually kill them rather than just rush the raid so you can finish asap.

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  • varietyweebvarietyweeb
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    Level 50, Completed 8/10 dungeons. It needs to be made CLEAR to everyone that you can/how to party up for those low level story missions. Solution: A mini guide on first dungeon showing people how. Late dungeons are rather hard without healer. tune them down like maybe 10%? don't over due it tho as we don't want to walk over the dungeons. Unlock dungeons, running same dungeon over and over to attempt to get raid ready is awful..
  • SendMujSendMuj
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    Ran into an issue on Katramus heights where I got a key from the greenhouses but the game didnt acknowledge it as the right key so it soft locked me, and when I left the dungeon and re-joined it started getting slitchy with non-working ladders and such
  • OGDedicatedOGDedicated
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    Don't limit dungeons to 10 rewards per day, Destiny 2 had way too many limitations and it's what HELPED kill off their community. Grind is important, to have a better sense of progression. Apart from that, the dungeons and raids gameplay is awesome, such as needing a priest / "healer" and having mechanics.
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  • MapleBoyMapleBoy
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    There was one problem that made me so upset (it was the first time I died)! I couldn't assign skill points when I was inside the dungeon, fighting enemies :(
  • CubeNoobCubeNoob
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    Really hard to say, solo dungeons felt like it was JUST RIGHT for solo challenge, might be harder for others who are starting out in the MMO world.
    I have yet to reach level 50 but will add more when I get to it!
    I'm curious if these lvl 50 dungeons require party members, getting groups together for things is what makes it fun!
  • MarisaKirisameMarisaKirisame
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    make the experience and loot better in the dungeons and double the limit or get rid of the limit and keep the experience the same and improve the loot
  • ShiktoShikto
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    daily dungeon entry limits are disgusting
    i almost never do dailies in MMOs, i afk and do other stuff, when i wanna grind up gear i spend a day, two or week and farm like a crazy person then im finished

    dailies r a huge turn off for me in an MMO even if they take only 30min
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  • HarrmsHarrms
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    Daily dungeon limits are horrid :/ Also make the dungeons harder since they are orientated towards a party to tackle and not a solo play.
  • Always_HidAlways_Hid
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    the 2 dungeons i went through yesterday were well done with interesting game mechanics, bosses and achievements. i like how you incorporated dungeons into level progression. but because of this maybe remove the weekly limit for dungeons and raids for cbt as it severely limits the amount of things we will be able to test. i understand why you have a cap (lots of other mmos have raid weekly lockouts) but either raise the limit for us or remove it all together so we can do everything we can. thank you!

    edit: i also encountered some clipping issues during cutscenes where things didn't look lined up correctly and things were out of frame. it kind of took away from the moment.
  • LindelyLindely
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    As of right now, level 50 dungeons' loot table seem unbalanced and is lacking purple equipment for certain classes, which leads to them having a harder time increasing their gear score to meet the raid's requirement. This needs to be revised and balanced-out for all the classes.
  • WooberWoober
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    Can we please remove the Daily dungeon limit?

    Or at least remove the WEEKLY dungeon limit?

    This was ONE of the reasons why DungeonFighterOnline DIED IN NEXON'S HANDS because people would run out of energy to enter more dungeons.
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  • AdeleciaAdelecia
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    The western market dun take too kindly to play limits (Said in a cowboy voice)
    Remove the dungeon limits pls.
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  • SuperJoeySuperJoey
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    Daily dungeon limits are not okay, we want to sink in lots of our time in ms2. It's already putting me off from playing after the first day ?!
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  • NorthboundNorthbound
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    Level 50 dungeons should have normalized difficulty. They drop gear of the same item level, yet Hidden Darkness is much more difficult than Tronix Bunker. In my opinion, the first three should be scaled up to Hidden Darkness' difficulty. Changing the rewards is not sufficient because people will just run the most rewarding one that they can clear (and as it is, they're all easy to clear).

    If there must be a limit for dungeons and raids, please separate the two. As it is, once you start doing raids, you're punished for wasting a reward option on doing a dungeon. With the current system, the game pressures the players into just doing nothing but the highest rewarding content and penalizes them for diversifying their experience.
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