Male or Female Gunner

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Who's planning to play which gender of gunner in CBT?
  1. Gender?50 votes
    1. Male
       34% (17 votes)
    2. Female
       66% (33 votes)


  • JetAloneJetAlone
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    The female voice actor is really good, so I think I'd play a female HG.
  • ToweringPeachToweringPeach
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    Female Gunner. Caught my attention with aesthetic. Caught my heart with Jinx's VA from League of Legends
  • ConsciousConscious
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    i chose male gunner just for the sheer fact that i could dress my character to look like ryo from devilman crybaby AND have a gun to go with it
    also the voice acting is golden
  • WolftenWolften
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    Female Gunner because it fits to the character that i want to make+ Guitar Skin and Jinx Waifu VA